Tuesday, 21 August 2007

My New Toy

I am sorry for not updating for a while, I had some personal issues that I needed to deal with, I have for the past 2 weeks been unable to update my blog or even read all of my favourite blogs, somehow I just lost the will to do that.
Now things are getting back to normal and I am hoping inshaAllah to continue enjoying the blog world. Thank you for the messages of concern, I really appreciated that.
I have been planning to buy a laptop for donkeys years but never really went ahead with it, as a parent I always thought that my family needs come first, that's until few days ago when I found a reasonably priced laptop with great specifications and I needed something to cheer me up, I went ahead and bought one and I am giving my PC to the kids as their PC is quiet old and slow.
So for few days now I have been trying to figure out Windows Vista and I am getting there, as soon as I got the laptop home, I set it up and personalised it and carried out all the updates which took about 4 hours but the sound was not working, so after trying everything I could I phoned up the support line, I was told to go to recovery and reset the laptop to factory settings! that was annoying and took few hours but Alhamdulellah all was well with my new toy :o)

Here it is!


PH said...

Mabrooook and welcome back alhamdillah 3ala alsalama :).

Do you want to provide us with a link to the computers specs ?

salaam wa tibied bel hana.

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ph

thanks a lot my friend :o)

here is the link:


Tarek Alwan said...

Mabrook for the new laptop and glad that you are back (save &sound).
We all kind of missed your contributions to the Libyan society!!
I am happy that you figured out the new Window Vista, I can tell it’s a great invention I have it on my laptop too, it’s even much more easier that all the previous ones.
Anyway, enjoy your new toy!!

PH said...

Thanks for the link that is a great laptop ( mashaa allah :P ) ... enjoy it and don't let the children near it :P.


Beacon said...

A.L,,,,I am glad you're OK! We missed you man!! Congrats on your new laptop, long you may use it to blog with!

Romana said...

mabrook :) hope u're feeling better :)

Safia speaks said...

Except for the shared video memory your new toy is up to date state of the art. And you are now on the Wow-trolley with the rest of us Vista users.

I know the feeling!

Weldemdina said...

Welcome back, and Mabrook nice picture of you in the background, is that to scare who ever trying to touch the laptop ;o) jk, I am thinking to do the same, get a laptop, as at the moment my son specially in this holiday {{hugging}} the PC when I come back from work I don’t get the chance to use it, but I bet he will do the same with the laptop lol ..anyhow again welcome back

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Truly I hope all is well with you and your family, inshallah. Moreover, I hope you know that if you need anything I would do whatever I could for you and your family.

Congratulations on your new toy--enjoy!

white african said...

welcome back anglo, walahi you where missed, the blogging world is just not the same without you.

hope everything does go back to normal for you :)

congrats on the lap top, may you have many hours and years of enjoyment with it.

dusk till dawn said...

well anglo-libyan its so nice to see u shining and smiling, hope ur new toy will be so attached to u as ur blogs, enjoy it, ur rite kids and family comes first, they must appreciate that alot, iam sure u will fogure it all out soon.

Brave Heart said...

welcome back AL, life without crises is not life. mabrook new laptop,my friend suffers from vista as well

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you Tarek.
yes I am enjoying vista, i think it is the best so far although im still trying to figure out few things but getting there.

ph, dont worry, kids are not allowed near it :o)

thank u beacon, u r kind.

salam romana and thank you

Allah yebarek feek ya Safia
yes, i had some concern about the shared video memory then thought it has 2GB of ram which should be ok, its actually not bad at all :o)

weldemdina, you noticed my picture :o)
yes its there with an evil smile to scare anyone that comes near it.
inshaAllah you get yours soon.

salam ibeebarbie
you are so kind as usual, thank you :o)

whiteafrican, im blushing now :o)
thank you for the kind wishes.

dusk till dawn, the laptop is becoming attached to me alright :o)
thanks my friend.

brave heart, yes we all have our problems, thanks for the wishes

mani said...

hey hey great to see u back anglo :) :) with a new toy too. Inshallah ybarek fe el laptop el jdeed :P

maiuna said...

welcome back!! and mabruk the new TOY, and what a toy it is :P, mashallah!!

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam mani
let me know how things are with you and thank you :o)

thanks maiuna, i hope you get a better one inshaAllah :o)

DaMoon said...

inshallah kheer Anglo-Libyan, mabrook 3leek elnew toy ;) and inshallah ma ebedesh bokel, cuz PC's ted to ebedo bsor3a!!!!

Anglo-Libyan said...

Allah yebarek feek ya damoon :o)

Tarek Alwan said...

Dear Anglo-Libyan,

Please have a look at the link below which I found, it’s an Israeli website making comments about one of your subjects, I find it very interesting one.



Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you Tarek
that was a surpriseand im glad you told me about it :o)

Highlander said...

Mabrouk the laptop Anglo Libyan what a shining welcome post :P I need a new toy as well ....

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks highlander
inshaAllah you get a better toy :o)

BuJ said...

Mabrook el computer!
I'm looking to get a new laptop too! this one is WAY too slow now.. and i'm afraid very soon it will die.. lol