Wednesday, 12 September 2007

Muslims Un-Unite & The Stinky Husband!

Here we go again, another year, another Ramadan and the Muslim world is just as un-united as ever, every year we wish that we would all agree on when to start fasting but it never happens.Only Libya and part of Iraq are fasting today, so much for the Libyan centre that announced Ramadan can only start today, although Libya may have got it right few times but it actually really bombed few times as well and made Libyans fast when it was not Ramadan for sure.
Most Muslims start fasting tomorrow yet again there are more countries that would not even do that, Pakistan & India start fasting on Friday! another year with some Muslims celebrating Eid on a different day than the rest, Muslims need to get their act together and just stop complaining about being criticised by others until they do get it right, is it going to happen? inshaAllah it will but probably not in my life time.

Yesterday on a news website I read the following story:

a 37 year old Egyptian women went to court and filled for divorce from her husband because he stank like hell! she pleaded with the judge to grant her divorce after she said she tried for many years to get her husband to wash and clean his teeth to which he just kept refusing. The judge tried to mediate between the couple but the wife refused as she said she gave up on her husband ever being clean, she was granted divorce.

The poor woman must have really had it with that dirty stinky man :o)


Tarek Alwan said...

You are right, I think we, as Muslims, do have an issue with starting & finishing the fasting, I mean basically we should agree on at least one thing which is called Ramadan. As Arab we say that “Arabs agree that they would never agree”
“وأتفق العرب على أن لايتفقوأ" “
This applies here to all Muslims; it’s a sad story but true in the meantime.
With regard to the Egyptian women I agree with her, I think she is entitled to do so, to be clean is one of the main duties Muslims but I am not sure if she was a Muslim.

Brave Heart said...

i think libya is right because they depending on the calculation which is always right.
any way, Rammadn mbrook to and to ur lovely family, and may allih accept our fasts and forgive our sins

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
I suppose as long as humans are inhabiting this earth we'll never agree on anything. =) What a wonderful thought though.

May Allah bless you and your precious family always.

Ramadan Kareem!

A.Adam said...

so Ramadan start tomorrow in UK .
wishing you a blessed Ramadan
Ramadan Mubarak

Safia speaks said...

Ramadan kareem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

hm...maybe the wife should not have cooked so much molokhiya with garlic?


Gheriani said...

Ramadan Moubarek to you and to your family, my sincere greetings and best wishes.

Living Away said...

is there any other reason for the changing of the 1st day of ramadan beside time zone?

poor egyptian woman! you know, we brazilians love to take at least 1 shower a day for the influence of the arabs and the native indigenous in the south america!
when the portugueses arrived in brasil, both the native indigenous and the europeans were in shock because of each other apparency: the indigenous hairless and smelling good and the portugueses hairy and smelly! it was the 1st cultural shock of our history!

ramadan mubarak to you and your family dear anglo!

white african said...

you know i really though that this year things would be different, but alas it seems that a leopard cant change its spots :(

i still have hope for the muslim ummah..

ramadan mubarak anglo, may it be a brilliant ramadan for you and your lovley family :)

Anglo-Libyan said...

you said it Tarek, thank you
yes the woman deserved to get divorce from that man, im not sure if she is Muslim or not.

thank you brave heart and enjoy Ramadan in Libya :o)

salam ibeebarbie
best wishes to you and Amira and everyone else.

yes Akram, we started today
Ramadan Mubarak :o)

Ramadan Mubarak safia
lol @ molokhiya with garlic :o)
that is probably why!

Thank you Gheriani, best wishes to your family.

salam Leandra
the problem is that most countries can not agree on the sighting of the moon which means the beginning of Ramadan, thats why we never seem to fast on the same day, there should be an agreement that when the moon is sighted by a country that is respected then all others should follow.
Ramadan Mubarak and best wishes :o)

yes whiteafrican, i think we all hope for that to happen.
wishing you and your family the best this Ramadan.

DaMoon said...

Salamat Dear Anglo-Libyan,
Ramadan Mubarak 3leek too and da fmaily...and yes as da famous say goes "wa etafaga al3arab 3ala an la yatafigo" so go figure!!!

bahi i am proud of da egyptian now i can thraten DaStars if he doesn't obey jk
take care

BuJ said...

Ramadan Kareem ya haboob!
wishing you and your family a blessed time in this holy month.

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam damoon :o)
hope all is well for both of you and Ramadan Mubarak to both of you and your families.

Dear Buj, Ramadan Kareem to you and the family, missing updates on your blog :o)

Weldemdina said...

Ramadan Mubarek to you and your family and to all Muslims wherever they are.

Anglo-Libyan said...

same best wishes to you and your family ya weldemdina and thank you

Mujahada said...

I totally agree with you about the Ramadan thing! Subhan'Allah! It is a true shame we can't be united.

Insha'Allah I am making a new post about that now.

Wow! Arab shows really do have drama.

Lost-Libyan said...

lol...well done the gyptian lady! and kol sana wenta tayeb ya Anglo :)

Rose Bud said...

If we all agreed, how boring life would be. What would we talk about? If my husband stank, I would definately divorce him and rightly so. lol

Ramadan Kareem to you and your family.

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam mujahida
Ramadan Mubarak to you and your family

same to you lost-libyan :o)

lol @ rose bud :o)
Ramadan Mubarak to all of you

BuJ said...

AL: I miss the updates on my blog too.. but at the moment i fear there's very very little to write about... i suspect after Ramadan the juices will flow again :)

Benghazi Citezen said...

The poor thing,,,Just think a little about it..The man stank to a degree that the judge accepted to grant her divorce....
Benghazi Citizen