Wednesday, 5 September 2007


The school holiday is over, kids went back to school today, the roads are now back to normal, heavy and congested traffic everywhere.
The past six weeks have been a bless, not much traffic, not too many 4x4 cars driven by mothers doing the school run, actually the traffic has been bad for the last few days as we had a strike by the London Underground Network, this caused chaos all over London as many people tried to use the buses instead which became almost impossible to use, other people resorted to using their cars which caused the traffic to become heavy.
While I sympathise with hard working people such as the people that run the underground system, I cant help feeling that when they do strike they hold the whole city to ransom. One person I heard comment on this on the Radio, he compared the people that organized the strike with the terrorists that blew up trains and buses 2 years ago in London and brought the transport system to a halt, I think he was right, this is a democratic country that gives people the right to strike but it is just wrong for some strikes to take place, the public has nothing to do with this, some years ago the Fire Services had a strike and caused major problems, the government then had to use the army to distinguish fires while Fire men sat in their working place drinking tea and doing nothing, I mean it is common sense, public services should not strike, it is wrong, it makes the public suffer and endangers many lives.
I will not go as far as saying that public service providers should be banned from having a strike, this is a right that was given to them many years ago but they themselves know its wrong and should find other means of protesting.


Tarek Alwan said...

The traffic in London without a double is what you could call a nightmare especially now where the strike is on. I was bit lucky as I use the Jubilee Line which is still operating, but to get to the station and from the station to work I have to use the bus and you can not imagine how many people waiting for the bus, it’s chaos.
By the way I can not afford to use my car as it’s a very pricey to park it any where in central London.
I think Ken Livingstone (the Mayor of London) was right to blast the strike & the Union for its actions. We all need the Tube as we pay very high price to use, if I am not mistaken it’s the most expensive underground in the whole world, and what you see and get is a strike.

a_akak said...

I agree with the strike and more power to the people!!!! as these workers are providing a good service and they know that thus should be rewarded accordingly .... there is nothing called a "public sector" as it is all now private companies that try to max their profit and should pay their staff better so going back to my initial point "power to the people" and i hope they get what the deserve


Suliman said...

Back in the 80's, the US air traffic controllers tried to pull a strike stunt, which is against the law for government unions. Reagan gave them 48 hours, then fired all the ones who failed to show up, which was almost all of them. There was a lesson for all.

Brits just need to elect a government with a backbone, not one that will cater to every home-grown free loader, closet terrorist and imported parasite.

Chatalaine / شاتالاين said...

Naturally I don't live in London and this strike does not affect me at all. But I do think that if a person doesn't like what he is paid or what his benifits are he has a right to leave his job and find another. I am sure there is someone that would be grateful for the job.

*Waving to all my friends around the room*
How have you been? I hope well!

Trabilsia said...

I hate traffic and in some cases wish we'd never had cars or trains cause as is the case you mentioned ends with going on strikes!
The price to pay for keeping up with the times backfalls on us leaving simplicity and humanity a sign of the times .....
Take care dear brother and be patient for there is nothing one can do but hope for the best.

Lost-Libyan said...

hey anglo....whats up? its been a while I know....well tell me about the traffic jam!! its crazy out here in Dubai cant wait till they start running the subway thats still under construction!
well, I also am a fan of Nelly Furtado and I love "Say It Right" ;)
we have alot in common when it comes to the music industry

Safia speaks said...

Sun Tsu says: "in a position of negotiation, if you want the enemy to listen to you, take away from him what he needs most - then he will listen".

As annoying a public traffick strike may be, what alternatives do the employees have, if the employer does not listen to them? I am sure they have tried other ways of negoriation first...

Lebeeya said...

The whole purpose of a strike is to hit it where it hurts. The people want attention, and where would be a better place for that then the underground.

Sorry about the traffic. Its been crazy here as well ever since schools started. There is nothing I hate more than traffic.

dusk till dawn said...

salam anglo.
lately u seem realy like u had enough, well i can guess strike in london specialy the underground is gonna cause a mayhem.this things happend nown and then as a reason i think to put prices up,and the workers are used as scape goats, some body has to ignite the fire, i wish i own a private plane anglo i will fly u cross and bring the smile back on ur face,london traffic is a headache,as they say if u can not beat them join them.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Thank you
Tarek Alwan
Ahmed (welcome back)
Chatalaine (good to see you here again)
dusk till dawn (dont worry, I drive)

for your comments and I apologise for being late :o)

Hibo said...

كل سنة وانته بخير
وسامحني سلم وخي لو ضايقتك او كنت عدائية في بعض ردودي

بلغ امنياتي للعائلة بالصحة

Benghazi Citezen said...

Democracy comes with responsibility attached,,at least that is how it is supposed to be... It's good to know that people some where can extract their r right about the sensitivity of the public services,but how else can they improve their work terms??
A friend of mine in Germany participated i a strike their,but since the striking employees are physicians,they made a prtial strike so that patients are taken care of...He said it was fun,since it was during his first year out of Libya,,
I know a few people who tried to make a strike here,,i will just leave it to ur imagination,,lol
Benghazi Citizen

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