Monday, 17 September 2007

Wigs & Bowling

Saturday early evening I had sometime to spend with my son Amir and a friend of ours before Iftar, Amir has been asking for a while to go bowling as he has never been before so we decided to do just that, I drove to an area where I know there is a bowling alley, I parked the car and we started walking when suddenly I realised that I was surrounded by wig shops!
There were no less than 5 shops selling wigs and all of them more or less next to each other, they had all sorts of wigs as you can see from the pictures, some fun wigs for parties and many proper wigs, it was so funny just looking at all of them, the widows were staked full of wigs, the one thing I noticed was the lack of male wigs in the windows, I'm not sure if that they didn't sell any or if they only had them inside, I think they probably didn't put any male wigs in the windows because people would laugh, something about male wigs is very funny, the truth they are ridiculous :o)
3 Wigs for £10, now that is very cheap!

After having a good gossip and a good laugh at all these wigs, we got to the bowling alley, booked a lane and hired the shoes and the 3 of us started playing.

For kids playing they do raise the side rails to stop the ball from falling in the gutter (see picture) and it makes it a lot easier for children to play and enjoy. After few goes Amir became so confident that he was imitating other players by holding the ball then taking a stop forward running to the line but then instead of throwing the ball he would come to complete stop, pause for a second then drop the ball on the floor with this all mighty bang that just shook the place, people sitting next to us could not stop laughing, he was very funny and very serious and really trying hard, well at the end of the game Amir had the last laugh, he won the game with a score that was much higher than what we got :oS


a_akak said...

it seems that wigs are big $$$$$$ spinners lol

bowling is always good and a very good way to spend time :)

Fe aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
What a fun time for you and Amir. I assume the wig stores were closed, otherwise we would have expected to see you guys wearing wigs while Perhaps they rent them out just for that purpose---what do you think?

Living Away said...

you are such a wonderful father!

i always thought that wigs are so weird and i never tried it on! i have a "problem" with things that are not natural and wigs are in this category!

Romana said...

looooooooooooooooooool 3ala il wigs....

i would really like to check it! lol not to buy one, but just see how much effort they are putting in the shop!

and how cute Amir is, mashalla :) Rabbi yo7fdah anglo-libyan
and he won! lol, bowling isnot easy! raised bars or none, its not easy, i say that cos i suck at it! lol

Take care :)

Anglo-Libyan said...

yes Ahmed, it seems they are big business in that area anyway :o)
we did have a great time at the bowling, cant wait to go again.

salam ibeebarbie
the wig stores were very open but we were laughing so much standing outside that im sure they would have kicked us out if we tried to get in :o)
these wigs were for sale and i saw few women in the shops.

thank you Leandra, that was kind :o)
years ago my mum used to tell me that she would never put a wig on incase the hair belonged to a dead woman :oS
yes wigs are weird!

well Romana, next time you are here, let me know and i will give you the address, they do have good offers :oD
thank for the comment about Amir and I suck at bowling as well, many times i scored zero lol

Lebeeya said...

3 wigs are pretty cheap for 10 pounds! I wonder what hair is used to make those wigs? Horse hair?

Mashallah 3ala Amur, hes looking so cute. I'm glad he beat you guys :) You must be so proud of him.

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam lebeeya
I have no idea what hair!! maybe dead women hair as my mother said :o)
yes I am proud of Amir, he desrved to win, he took it very seriously.

dusk till dawn said...

salam Anglo-libyan
abt the funny wigs, wooooooooow so cheap ur right, and the reason it was not any men wigs cos alton john bought them all. ha ha,
u seem all enjoyed the game of fun father and son, he is growing up in confidenece, allah protected u all. seyam maqbool.

Safia speaks said...

You would have had a whole lotta mo´ fun if you´d bought three wigs before you went bowling LOL!

white african said...

god those wigs are scary, imagine walking through them on a cold dark night lol.

as for amir mashallah the little dude can bowl, last time i went bowling i fell and my finger got stuck in the ball, yeh i dont think bowling is my area, great fun though

Anglo-Libyan said...

lol @ Elton John :o)
you know dusk till dawn, elton john does not wear a wig, he had hair transplant and a scalp tuckin many years ago, thats why he looks weird.
thanks a lot and same to you

Safia, there was 3 of us, why didnt i think about that?? :o)

salam whiteafrican
i fell once on my knees during the game, so dont let that stop you, it is a lot of fun :o)

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