Wednesday, 17 October 2007

Eid in London

The Libyans celebrated Eid at the Regent Park's mosque as usual on the second day of Eid with the usual fun, bouncy castles and sweets for kids and the usual snacks and drinks for the adults, this year unfortunately I could not go because I was not feeling too well and missed being there as I usually go every year.
There was a surprise visit this year to the event, 2 boys of the tragic Benghazi HIV+ children who's plight is now world famous, turned up there with the father of one of the boys, I wish I was there just so that I could have welcomed them there, another pleasant surprise is that no one freaked out grabbed their kids and ran out of the mosque fearing they will catch something from these 2 brave boys, in fact from what I heard, they were welcomed and spent the evening playing with other kids and enjoying the Eid atmosphere, that did make me proud of the London Libyan community.

Al-Takaful society took care of the event and as usual made the children happy with all the sweets, drinks and presents that were given to them and for that they should thanked but being me I couldn't help but notice that this year the children were all given Ramadan calenders that include a piece of chocolate behind a door for every day of Ramadan which is based on the Christmas calender!
It is Eid, Ramadan is over so why were the kids given these calenders?? don't you think its a bit too late? :o)
no wonder they just opened them up and ate all the chocolates inside.... Eid Mubarak :o)


Weldemdina said...

I was in London last weekend with my son but unfortunately I wasn’t aware about that event otherwise I would gone, instead we end up walking round the centre till he got tried :o) .. That advent calendar I managed to get it last year for my son from Asda which was nice gesture from them to sell islamic goods including halal meat, but this year no sign of that calendar.
Inchalah you get better soon and Eid mubarek and many best greetings.

a_akak said...

i think it was a very noble gesture by the libyan community and for once they showed solidarity towards the guests

We libyans certainly know how to have fun :D and this day just proves it

happy Eid to all Libyans, wherever they are, and i hope you get better soon

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

weldemdina, the libyans all have an Eid party on the second day at the regents park mosque.
Asda in London sold the Ramadan calenders before Ramdan alongside dates, mango juice and other stuff that intersts Muslims.
glad you had a nice day with your son in London.

salam Ahmed, hope you are well
yes we Libyans can be good when we want to :o)

Aladdin of Tripoli said...

Dear Anglo

Happy Eid ( sorry it's late , but whenever i wanna comment in you blog the page just suddenly closes) it's something wrong with my Computer, so i used a different computer now lol) . ...

Eid in Libya wasn't much fun, the same talk, converstaion, routine every year. wish you all the best and regards to your family..

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you dear Aladdin and best wishes to you and your family.
always good to see you here

enlightened spirit said...

that what we Muslims really call Aid's spirit , Allah bless libyans and Muslims every where ...

Benghazi Citizen said...

Hi Anglo-libyan
I was really touched to read how these poor kids were recieved by the libyan community in London..
I hope we-Libyans every where on the planet-will show more of such signs of good spirit and good hearts

Maya said...

Salam ..wishing that your health is going alright now
Its nice surprie made those kids enjoy at least for awhile
I think I saw one of the kids in Al.Jazeraa channel month ago
he was with his father in london for the treatment and talking about the
same tragic story ..that boy was running and playing with his dog and saying (some timesI feel oki but inother times I'm not)
its really sad thing
Thanks alot
fe aman Allah

dusk till dawn said...

hi bro ,
sorry to hear u have not been ur self, how great to see such a happy eid atmosphare great fun for all. its so well heatred to welcome the kids and makes them feel no differnt at all. thats how it should be treated all the times, wish them the best

Anglo-Libyan said...

enlightened spirit

Benghazi citizen


dusk till dawn

thank you for your comments and support.

حنان شلبي said...

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