Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Gypsies & Silent Witness

For many years I have been seeing a gang of Gypsy women and children haunting the main areas of London that are familiar with Arabs and Muslims, particularly the Edgware Road area, I used to joke with my friends how the boy toddler is usually carried by a different woman on different days, most of these women would approach you holding a card written in Arabic & English telling you of their terrible misfortune and abuse as Muslims and that they need help as they are hungry and homeless, of course many people were tricked into believing them as Gypsy women tend to dress in long skirts and were headscarves which makes them look like poor Muslim women.
For a long time people and even the press assumed these were Muslims that are causing trouble, then the police reported on them some years ago on a TV program and warned people (especially Arab tourists) not to give them any money and that they were Gypsies and not Muslims, the police also mentioned the fact that the gypsies rent kids to others to use them for begging and reported how many rich Arab women especially that were here on holiday were giving large amount of money to the gypsies because they believed their stories. Of course now after Bulgaria & Romania joined the EU there is no restriction on entry for people from these countries, thousands have come to London, many are actually decent and hard working, on the other hand thousands of gypsies have arrived as well and now almost outside every mosque in London, you see gypsy women begging and holding these cards that are written in Arabic & English, I do try to warn people that these are liars and are just trying to get their money, I have even been approached by gypsy men & women outside supermarkets trying to flog me pathetic looking jewellery.

On Sunday I was with Amir my son at a market, we saw 3 gypsy women walking towards us, one of them was pushing a pram with a baby in it, suddenly I saw this man running towards them and then grabbing one of the women, she started screaming so loud that people began to come closer probably to help her, the man kept pulling her coat and long skirt, suddenly stolen clothes started to fall down, the other women started to push the man but he was determined and kept on pulling their skirts and collecting more stolen goods, the women then ran off and one of them lost a shoe but she didn't come back for it, the man looked triumphant and happy and walked back to his shop with a big pile of new clothes. Next to me there was an undercover policeman who was on the phone to the police, what I found strange is that he told the police that there was no need to send any force as the shop man took matters in his own hands, I thought the police should have got involved and arrested these women, gypsies are becoming a big problem here, so many are committing crimes and perhaps instead of prosecuting them, they should be deported back, since they have an EU passports now, it will not be easy for them to re-enter the country.
Amir's first reaction was, why are these Muslim women bad? why are they thieves? I explained to him that they are not Muslims and while there are bad people everywhere Muslim or otherwise, these were gypsies and have nothing to do with Muslims, unfortunately many people in this country just assume that they are Muslims.


Few days ago we received at work a letter from the BBC to use our building as a location for filming the new series of Silent Witness which is a good long running BBC series, someone came over and checked the building and even offered to let some of us have a part as an Extra :o)
I thought maybe this is my chance to make it as a big star, maybe I will be discovered by the BBC, maybe ............The boss said NO, so there will be no new anglo-libyan superstar :o(


Safia speaks said...

Ew! What a bummer!

You seemed ready for the big screen, having even done a nosejob and all! (sorry, this had to get out! LOL)

You can try the set of Eastenders, then? Or Dr. Who, if you like to timetravel.
And there is also the upcoming James Bond film; you´d be an exellent villain, and you´ll get to drive fancy cars and keep the Rolex.

We need a Libyan movie star!!!!

Benghazi Citizen said...

It is some story...
Gypsies are real problem..again:NOT ALL OF THEM... but their culter and their misfortune are causing them to do these things..But confusing them with muslims is really disturbing..
Here we suffer many problems since the same phenomenon is spreading...the beggers of un-identified nationality (i'm not sure of they are gypsies)
About ur promising career as a tv star...well,,apparently ur boss couldn't imagine you driving that Bond's car safia suggested...lol
Good luck next time,who knows:)
Benghazi Citizen

dusk till dawn said...

salam anglo-
what a mazing true story,those gypsies using muslims as motive to gain money.do u know gypsies are the most rich peoples u can dream of.they do any thing for money.ur right most of them now comes frm rominia,and Bulgaria.its the new wave action has to be taken to clear them out.
abt u gonna be the new famous actor in silent WItness its one of my favout u will be honored anglo libyan.i hope so.what the kids gonna think?

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
As I was reading this post I was hearing Cher's song Gypies, Tramps and Thieves. :-)

Bummer on your big break in the movie biz. Damn boss for being jealous, but playing off that it would be a disruption for the workers to have to bother with all the filming in stuff. LOL

Maya said...

Its horror story
Amir wasn't afraid from them ?
I saw alot of them inmy last visit to London thats why I hate Edgware Road and London too so packed with Gypsies ! zahmaaa
Is that right you gonna be new famous actor in silent WItness thats really nice

fe aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

Safia, an extra in eastenders, wow that would be good lol
or Dr. Who, I can play a Dalek :o)
I actually know a Libyan guy who playd an extra in few famous movies including Harry Potter and Tomb Raider 2.

never mind benghazi citizen, im actually a bit shy and most likely they would never have picked me up anyway :o)

dusk till dawn, yes I have heard many stories about gypsies riches.
I am not going to be in Silent Witness, the boss said No, remember? :o(

salam ibeebarbie
now Cher's song is playing in my head thanks to you :o)
actually we all knew that the boss would say know, I have seen filming near a relative house and it is very disruptive and involves many people and equipment, anyway I probably would make a bad extra :o)

Maya, Amir was terrified and held my hand tightly, he kept talking about them all day.
No im not going to be in Silent Witness, they have gone somewhere else lol

Tarek Alwan said...

Gypsies are now everywhere, if you are in Edgware Rd, bus or tube you can just see too many of them carrying children, they seem to be not clean and unhygienic , they pretend to look like Muslims and especially when they see a Muslim person, they just say Salamalikoum give some money, many people assume and mistake them for Arabs or Muslims. We sadly can not or are unable to do anything, I believe even the British government can not do any thing.
On the other hand, bad luck for not filming in your workplace.

Mr: Madi said...

(`'•.¸(` '•. ¸ * ¸.•'´)¸.•'´)
«´`.¸.* Eid Mubarek*. ¸.´`»
(¸. •'´(¸.•'´ * `'•.¸)`'•.¸ )

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you Tarek, I believe the EU is stuck not knowing what to do incase they are accused of being racists.

Thanks mr. madi and Eid Mubarak to you too

Gheriani said...

A Happy and Joyous Eid ul fitr for you and your family, AL.

BuJ said...

LOL@Extra AL :)

You'd not only make a super extra, you'd make a super star ya AL !

Nose job eh? ooh i want more details!
Btw, tell the boss to mind his/her own business and do the acting by pulling a sickie .. you know it's this time of year, it's getting colder and the kids bring all these germs from school, so you had to take a few days off :P

Highlander said...

...continuing on the subject of nose job he he he sorry Anglo..

Buj for more details about the famous nosejob see Anglo's archive :P

AngloLibyan my brother wishing you all the best for Eid to you and your family. I missed your post about your health problems but I can tell that a colonoscopy and /or gastroscopy which are what you seem to have undergone are not such simple procedure. Pretty invasive stuff me dare say. Strange how the sedation does not work on you..do you drink a lot of caffeine? smoke ? or take painkillers? Inshallah your results will be well and you get a clean bill of health.

Having said that and moving on to gypsies my experience with them has always been positivie- these are proud people who live by a certain set of rules. They are marginalised in Bulgaria and Romania and many of the European countries. However, poverty is not an excuse to become a thug and hustler ya wagi now they are ruining our reputation and passing themselves as Muslims just because they are also lets admit it 'brown'.

As for your brief stint in a filming career :P I would say you are already a shining star in the Libyan blogosphere so don't worry you might get other chances inshallah maybe even in the Libyan film industry :P

Aisha said...

salam and eid mubarak,
:) I really enjoy reading your posts, very balanced and educated. Living in North America, I have never encountered Gypsies here.
But I remember when I was a child in Italy, Gypsies used to beg on busy roads and go from car to car asking for money, when the traffic lights were red. In Italian I think they call them Zingari.
I'm fascinated by their lifestyle and the way they are often portrayed in film and television. So I got to reading up about them on the net, and they have a very interesting history. Some are actually Muslim! I hope the ones that are begging and stealing are not. You can read up about them on Wikipedia (my fave website).

Maya M said...

Some Bulgarian Gypsies ARE Muslims. To me, this is of little importance. If a healthy adult doesn't try to work and prefers a lifestyle of begging and petty thefts, is this more acceptable if he is a Muslim?
In my city of Sofia and especially in my district, we live side by side with Gypsies - an uneasy coexistence, as both sides say.
I disagree that Gypsies generally are rich. Their "barons" are, but ordinary Gypsies are very poor. Yesterday three local Gypsy girls (aged 7-10) asked from me the equivalence of 0.75 EUR. One of them had socks and shoes, one had only shoes and one had only shebshebs. They had no jackets either, and it was about Celsium 12. I gave the barefoot girls a pair of socks each, my oldest pairs. I wished to give them newer socks, but I was afraid they could single me out and ask things again and again. I am not rich enough to dress all Gypsy children from the district.
My advice: Don't give them money. If it seems to you that some child or woman are really hungry, give them a sandwich. And look after your handbag.
Most Gypsies are of course loving parents (though fairly incompetent). But some begging women do crimes to children they bring along - be it their own or lended children. In Sofia, it isn't unusual to see in a begger's arms a baby who is evidently sedated. Worse, we sometimes see children with disabilities that don't seem to have occurred naturally. This is another reason to abstain from giving to Gypsy beggers. And the police just turn a blind eye, as Anglo has seen.
Bulgarian and Romanian Gypsies were an important reason why "old" European states were reluctant to give free access to nationals of these two countries. It was even inofficially told to our governments "to find a way to keep the Gypsies in". At the same time, the same old Europeans accused the "white" Bulgarians and Romanians in anti-Gypsy racism.
I agree we are racist, but I am furious when people who see Gypsies only on TV accuse me of racism. Now at least they understand that the solution isn't as simple as "give them equal rights and you'll see that they are quite like you".

Anglo-Libyan said...

hi Maya
I was not aware that there are Muslim gypsies in Bulgaria, as you said it does not matter if they are muslims or not, my point is that many gypsies in the UK pretend to be muslims just as a mean of begging for money, even the police here warned people that the gypsies lie about being muslims.
Thank you for clarifying the issue in your country and I am sure that there are good decent gypsies too.
regarding their status in the EU, it does seem like they are causing a headache and im sure some sort of law will be introduced.

Anglo-Libyan said...

yes buj, check sep 2006 archive about my nose :o)

salam Aisha
thanks for the nice words and good to see here, I will check the link :o)

salam highlander
I used to smoke, anyway apparently a minority of people can not be sedated, 2 years ago for a tooth extraction I was sent to a special clinic where i was knocked out completely for the procedure.
thanks for your nice wishes :o)

Manikandan said...

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