Thursday, 4 October 2007

What a Day??

I have been waiting for a hospital appointment for some time now to find out why I am having a bad tummy for almost a year, somehow I knew comes Ramadan my appointment will arrive, I had to go to hospital on Monday for certain tests but I was told to refrain from eating for at least 24 hours before my appointment and drink plenty of fluids, that was not difficult to do although I did become sick of water as I was supposed to drink at least 3 litres of it!
On Monday I travelled to the hospital on the public transport which is something i rarely do because I usually drive but I knew I had to be sedated so the car stayed at home. I got there in time and was given a hospital gown and taken in, they gave me an injection to sedate me but as I knew from past experiences, I am one of those people that can not be sedated and have to be completely knocked out even if it is for a minor tooth filling, well as I thought the sedation did not work and I had to go through a painful experience that almost lasted for ever! then the Doctor said to me, its almost done, I felt relief just to hear the same Doctor say to me that they can not continue and have to wait for the consultant to come and start the same procedure all over again, blast!!

I was wheeled out into recovery where I had to wait for about 2 hours for the consultant to arrive, eventually I was wheeled back in and met the very bubbly lady consultant, I explained to her about my resistance to sedation to which she told me that unfortunately there was nothing they could do about it as I already had my limit, the same procedure was carried out again and, I thought it would never end, it was so uncomfortable and very painful at times, when eventually it ended, I was told that I needed further investigations as soon as possible and that an Endoscopy was to be arranged, I told the consultant it is fine and to send me an appointment as soon as they can, I just wanted to get out of there so you can imagine my horror when she said oh no sir, you are going to have it now straightaway there is no time to waste, I mentioned that I was in pain and exhausted, that did not work with her and I had to go through it, again with no sedation, now that must have been one of the worst experiences I have ever had, it was so painful and uncomfortable that at times 3 people had to hold me down as I felt I could not breath anymore, 20 minutes later it was all over and I was told that my day there was almost a record as hardly anyone is subjected to so much in just few hours, a record that I did not want to take part in!
I was taken back to recovery and I was awarded with a cup of tea and 2 richtea biscuits :o)
I have taken couple of days off work but still have to go through more tests, cat scan and x rays, inshaAllah Khair.


Happymoi said...

Inshallah alf salama 3aleek anglo.
I really do hope that your health gets better and that you dont have to endure any more pain.

Take good care of yourself. Wish you well!

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you happymoi for the lovely wishes.

my health is not bad, Alhamdulellah, it was just a bad day at hospital that had to be done :o)

Ghazi Gheblawi said...

wish a quick recovery, it must have been a long day for you, but hope it will be worthwhile, take care


dusk till dawn said...

salam anglo-
sorry to read u have to go through all of tests,and uneasy times to, hope all go well inshallah and clear bill of health soon ,take gd care

Benghazi Citizen said...

Inshallah all the results will turn out to be fine...
I hope u won't have to deal with any more pain...
Be well , dear anglo libyan
Benghazi Citizen

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Oh my goodness that sounded torturous. Alhamdullilah, you survived such an ordeal. I pray the results come back negative and you are fine, inshallah.

KhadijaTeri said...

Its good to see you can already write about your experiences and make light of them (somewhat)

I hope you the best of health!

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks Ghazi, I thought about you when I was there :o)

slam dusk till dawn
thanks and Ameen to that

Benghazi citizen, I think i can deal with anything after this weird day, thank you :o)

salam ibeebarbie
inshaAllah Ameen and thanks a lot

sister Khadija
thank you for your concern and wishes :o)

MaySoon said...

InshaAllah labas 3lek, sorry to know that you had to go thru it this way.. wish you quick recovery bro!

Maya said...

En sha Allah labaas,,,I'm sure your test'll turn negative and will feel more healthy no more pain and you gonna get out of this experience and you'll have a fun with Aida at the holiday

Fe aman Allah

Beacon said...

Alhamdolilah 3ala Alsalama A.L.
I hope you are feeling better.
Sorry to hear that you went through a tough time during the endoscope.

maiuna said...

inshallah labas, that must have been so hard, but you made it through.

wish u all the best and inshallah 7'er!

A.Adam said...

inshaAllah Khair. hope you're feeling better now.i don't have the courage to go through all these tests.
wishing you all the healthy days ahead

Libyano said...

Inshallah Labaas
I hope you have a better experience next time :)

DaMoon said...

salamtak alf salama dear anglo-libyan, inshallah hada 7add esawo...gata3tli galbi wallahi, I felt like so ewww, for u

Safia speaks said...

(damnit, why wont my comments arrive?!?! - well, just posting again the uptenth time!)

Salamat, hya AngloL, I too have problems with sedatives so I know what you went thru....hopefully inshallah your stomach is just nervous and everything turns out fine.

Weldemdina said...

alhmdela 3ala salama..inchallah everything would be alright and nothing to worry about, my best wishes.

Ema said...

alhamdulelah 3ala slamtek :)

hope you get well soon

I mean GET WELL :D

MaySoon said...

Hope every thing is alright with you bro?!

enlightened spirit said...

hope u will recover quickly from this bad experience ...
till soon I tut this happens only in our hospitals here in libya

white african said...

subhannallah!!! what an ordeal, well 7amdillah 3al salamah and inshallah tahuran.

i pray that you get the all clear anglo, inshallah tonight is laylat 27 so you will certainly be in my duas.

Gheriani said...

Inshallah la bass alleek, my best wishes and speedy recovery.

BeSHeSHeNtRa... said...

Inshalah Labas ya anglo , wish u will get better soon and every thing will be just fine , take care

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you all for your concern, I am fine,Alhamdulellah but still need few more tests, the ordeal in hospital was not because of their inadequacy, they have a good medical system in the UK.

Many thanks:
enlightened spirit


BuJ said...

Oh AL.. i just read this now.. damatlk al 3afya wo inshalla ma tshoof sharr.. bi alf si77a wo salama.. hope ur feeling better now!

my lil bro had to do endoscopy and after 2 agonising years we found out he had Celiac disease (Gluten-intolerant) and the edoscope bit was really bad.. man.. i am like you.. if u wanna stick something in me you need to knock me out completely or else you'll need 3 guys or more to pin me down. no kidding!

anyway alf salama, i hope ur on the quick way to recovery ya basha :)

Living Away said...

oh my god!! i'm so sorry dear anglo!
i hope the doctors will be able to find out soon what is disturbing you!!
get well soon, please!!
eid mubarak!!

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks buj for your concern :o)

thank you Leandra, hopefully all will be fine

ColOman said...

Anglo.... so did they find out what is causing all this?

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