Sunday, 23 December 2007

Creepy London

Last night I noticed that London was getting foggy and scary, this morning it looked really foggy and I thought it would clear up soon but as the evening started the fog became a lot more dense that I had to stop my car so that I can take some pictures in the park which looked very creepy, you can almost feel vampires and ghouls are going to jump at you from the fog.

I made this short video as well, very creepy and it brings to mind all the those scary stories and films that used to be made in London where London always appeared foggy, yet in reality it is hardly ever foggy here:



PH said...

That does look scary :P .... were the sounds in the background of the video for real or did you add it ?


Anglo-Libyan said...

ph, it me screaming in the background :o)
joking! I added the sound effects

BuJ said...

this is foul mish ma32oool!!!

so freaky!
we had big time fog here in wales too.. it became stronger as the day progressed.. so obviously the sun was not strong enough to evaporate the fog.. mind you we get a lot of fog in cardiff and i love it.

the sounds are really freaky.. i am hearing it as i type this.

glad to see you're putting your xmas weekend to good use, hehehe

i had to goto work this sunday so i just enjoyed the view of the fog from the office window!

have a good day mr AL :)

Maya M said...

Judging from the photos, I think the mist makes the landscape beautiful.
However, I guess this is little comfort for those breathing it.

Anonymous said...

Talking about creepy Charles Dickens era in London.

Movie was worth seeing but JUNO was better

DaMoon said...

felem ro3b rasmi! wow...funny how ppl seem to carry on with normal life style, "biking, walking da dogs"....if it happened in libya ppl will be stuck to sjada o sb7a saying it's youm elgiyama jk
thanks for sharing

MaySoon said...

OOOOOOO... especially the first picture the tree looks like someone with open arms coming to get you... spppooky hehe

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you buj afandi :o)
I am back at work today after having a week off but will be off tomorrow and boxing day only, enjoy your break.

hi Maya, it did look beautiful at night with the fog glowing, breathing it is another matter but it was not too bad as it was not pollution this time, have a good Christmas.

salam anon (music lover?) I like Charles Dickens books and the movies too, have a good one :o)

damoon, I doubt you would walk in the park alone without screaming :o)
it was amazing to look at and people as you said just carry on!

Maysoon, that tree is freaky, thats why I stopped to film it :o)

3abtash said...

the pix are amazing. i remember the days when the fog came down in Vancouver, it did feel like we were in a horror movie, but it felt reallly
neways have a great new year.
btw my name is pronounced عبطش

its a nickname a friend gave me, and for reason it
take care

Anonymous said...

Hi Anglo, As for your Eid post, I was wondering, where were the women! No sign of any female there! Were they lost in the fog! Eaten up by a monster!

I just cant understand how could you spend Eid with such people! where is the family spirit? where is your wife? shouldnt she be part of this? all as a family? Galilk Eid!

Anglo-Libyan said...

same wishes to you too ya عبطش :o)

salam anon,
im guessing you are libyan from the word galik.
if you look in the pics you can actually see women in the kids play area, there was 3 rooms, one for men, one for women and one mixed for kids where men and women can gather, and since you are libyan you know it would not be appropriate for me to take pictures of women and post them here so I dont see your point??
what did you want? it was held in a mosque after all!!

dusk till dawn said...

salam anglo-ly
thats was realy scary and the way u did the movie its just u, u like to cheer peoples up,u said vampires and ghouls can appear any times, woooooooooooow but iam sure they will run away frm u wt the voices u make ha ha,
its realy well taken pics, it got cosy mist,and a fresh air in it to, here we had the same dence fog, and freezing fog to, hardly u can see any thing,
i think ur becoming a movie maker,u got the touch,
thanx for sharing them

PH said...

Anglo I posted another link for you in the comments section :D.


حنان شلبي said...


لحد علمي صراصير الليل ما بتطلع بالشتا بتكون بردانة ههههههههههه بتحب ابعتلك مؤثرات صوتية تليق بالبرد الي معيشنا فيه

ايش هاد يا جماعة بالله حطولنا شوية شمس بالمدونة انا زهقت من حالة الزكام الي عندي (: وبعدين يعني هههههههههههه


white african said...

so funky, love the photos, i think fog is so mysterious.

thanks for sharing

BuJ said...

hala AL..haven't been called Afandi for many many long years, last time was by dad when i did something really stupid!!

i just left work.. had a bit of an earlyovsky! left at around 4pm.. yaaay.. the office was empty and i finished my tasks, so time to leave :)

have a great holiday and hope you had a super eid.. and may there be more fog to come (but away from heathrow pleasssssseee!)

abdul said...

you should have put yourslef in it , and that will be scary my frind

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks DTD, glad you liked it :o)

thank you ph

sorry Hannan but it has been very cold here, I wish I could put some warm sun :o)

whiteafrican, I actually like fog, creepy but cool :o)

buj I hope I didnt offend you by calling you Afandi :o)
I left work at 4 too, isnt that great? have a good holiday too.

abdul, that would be too scary for you!

BuJ said...

yeah.. hehehe you didn't offend me.. plus what's an afandi between friends?

i just jumped a bit and looked behind my shoulder to check dad wasn't watching hehe

yeah.. i would have left work at 2pm if it wasn't for a younger colleague that needed some help. I don't usually say no, but she's a muslim and i wanted to help coz her boss is strict and we should stick by each other when possible.. so i was delayed by 2 HOURS!!!!

ah.. don't you notice at these semi-holiday days that you work so much slower? i look at what i did in the last 2 days and it's what i'd do in 2 hours if it were October or March!

Lebeeya said...

That does look scary! There needs to be a little girl under the tree. That would be really creepy.

The video you made is pretty impressive. High five for your mad video taking skills and sound effects :) you should seriously consider making scary movies, like the first Libyan Scary Movie. Would you let me act in it? I've always wanted to be an actor and I am a very good screamer :)

Benghazi Citizen said...

Amazing pics..Obviously we don't see much of fog in Benghazi..But some times in early morning ,i can see it..The buildings become blurry and the existence itself looks very unreal....
Fog Gives the creeps,really.But it is always beutiful(Unless you were driving through it of course..
Happy season for all..

Anglo-Libyan said...

lebeeya, maybe I should become a movie maker and make you the scream queen of libya, you get to scream your head off before you are brutally murdered in every film (Allah Ya7fdek) :o)

thank you benghazi citizen and same to you

Anonymous said...

Lovely creepy pics Anglo !
Remind me of the old Hitchcock movies lol.

Remember the film " Stranger in the night "( at least I think that was the name, old age creeping up lol) co -staring Doris Day and Richard Harrison ??????

The fog is that film was really scary......


Anglo-Libyan said...

I cant remember that film UT but I do remember The Fog (the original) that was creepy, the remake is complete rubbish :o)

Lebeeya said...

That sounds fine (the screaming my head off part, I am good at that) but the part about me being murdered in every film? lol.. gotta make sure my mom doesnt watch that, she will have a heart attack.

absi said...

msh 3arf mfhmtesh sound naturale not efect? computer anway video very streng thanks

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam absi
the sound is not natural, I added it just to make it more fun :o)

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