Saturday, 15 December 2007

Kitty Wigs!

Last night I was surfing the net and watching TV at the same time when on a comedy program I heard them talk about this website in America which sells wigs but wait for it! not just any wigs but wigs for cats!!

I thought they were joking but when they mentioned the web site's name, I googled it and there it was right in front of me Kitty Wigs!

So for all of you cat lovers, here is what you can buy for your kitty for Eid or Christmas :o)

One word of warning, the Pink Passion wig was out of stock the last time I looked.

Silver Fox Wig
Bashful Blonde Wig

Electric Blue Wig

Pink Passion Wig


PH said...

loooooooool I wonder what they'll come up with next . That was so funny i especially likes the silver fox wig :P.

salaam and thanx for sharing

LoveLyH said...

I think they Got mad cow disease .. to come to this ridiculous, crazy ideas.
LOL so funny To watch..loool

libyan. said...

Couple of weeks ago, i was looking for something to eat, i was standing infront of the restaurant and then a sign poped into my eyes.Pets Spa, you can leave your pet here to relax. But the wig, this is a good one Anglo.

Benghazi Citizen said...

Wigs For CATS???aah,,,some thing is wrong with this,i'm sure!!!!!
You know what is really irritating?not the idea that there people who sells the stuff,it is in those who buy it!!!
But i have to say:really funny
Thanks ,A.L

حنان شلبي said...

loooooooooooooooool!!! hehehehe

والله ناس فاضية , بكرة بيعملولهم عدسات لاصقة...حتى القطط ما تركوهم من شرهم مو كفاية علينا البنات الحمدلله جنو بالنيو لوك كمان القطط ؟؟؟؟

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
LOOOOOOOOL, oh my goodness---just when you think it all. Truly some people have more money than sense. For after all, anyone that knows a cat, that'd never tolerate this ridiculousness. LOL However, I have to say I'm in agreement to Benghazi Citizen and the silliness of people that buy this type of stuff. There wouldn't even be a market for it if someone wasn't willing to pay for it.

Ema said...

honestly i'm a little freaked out...
and i really couldn't digest the idea..nothing can be compared to the soft touch of kittie's hair...nothing

and the last cat with the pink passion wig..looks like she knows she posing for a fashion camera..yikes!

DaMoon said...

LOL wallahi san3it elli ma3nda san3a, wow, I couldn't be more creeped out! thanks for sharing brother :o)

Maya said...

I laughed alot I was imaging Asha with those wigs yaaaah its gonna be cool but the question is she gonna like it or not?
fe aman Allah

dusk till dawn said...

salam Anglo-LY
woooooooooow cutey cats with new style wigs, thast a new catch , well i never seen a bald cat yet, are they wigs cats or wags u know what i mean,
iam thinking of buying my camel a new wig for his hump for eid, at least its will looks cool ,than i realy could not stop laughing.i do not know what cats lover will think,u did not mention what type of shampoo it will be used wt each wig

avocadoinparadise said...

Ha! These are very funny. For when you want your cat to look nice and sexy... Odd is an understatement.

You may also enjoy this other site i recently found, stuff on my cat...


MaySoon said...

loool.. gosh I saw this and was like "san3et elle ma 3endah san3a" to see the comments and found that Damoon already said that but hey.. I loved the Bashful Blond...nice pose!

Anglo-Libyan said...

ph, you are welcome :o)

it makes you wonder what is next ya hibo :o)

libyan, you will find that pet spas are readily available :o)

you are right benghazi citizen, people buy stupid things :o)

Ahlan Hannan, Nas Fadia sa7ee7 :o)

salam ibeebarbie
absolutelt right, the market is there :o)

Ema, I suppose this means you are not going to buy a wig for your cat :o)
the cat with pink wig is called CHICKEN, I have a friend who's cat is called chicken

damoon, glad you liked them :o)

Maya, you have to buy one for Asha to find out :o)

DTD, you have come up with a great idea, wigs for camels!
you could have a market for that :o)

hello Avocadoinparadise, thanks for the link :o)

Maysoon, that is just right, good laugh though :o)

a_akak said...

people have way too much free time on thier hand plus they are going crazy or already have

Fe Aman Allah

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