Monday, 3 December 2007

A Teddy Bear Named ADAM

The news that the English teacher in Sudan Gillian Gibbons has just been pardoned has just come out to put an end to this ridiculous story that has dominated the news here in the UK. The whole story revolves on the teacher agreeing to name a teddy bear Muhammed which is a name chosen by one of her young pupils, while I agree that she may have been a bit naive to go ahead with this name as she should have known that it might get her into a bit of trouble, she was known in Sudan for being a good person, it was obvious that she never meant to hurt or insult anyone but was what the Sudanese government did right? to charge her with insulting Islam and then organize for 1000s of people to demonstrate demanding the teacher's execution, that's what I call way over the top and again extremists hijack our religion for their own benefit, again Islam has been insulted by the media due to this stupid reaction by Sudan.
Most of us that live in the west know how many children and adults love their teddy bears and usually name them after people they like and look after them for many many years, so if a teddy is named Muhammed its not to insult, the Sudanese boy that chosen this name for the teddy is named Muhammed and wanted to name the teddy after himself, what is wrong with that?? Which brings me to this story that shows how double standards are prolific in any community:
Few years ago, someone was selling teddy bears at a mosque in London, these teddys were marketed as Muslim teddy bears and if you press the paws and the legs you hear a phrase from the Quran recited in Arabic then you hear the English translation, I liked them a lot and bought 2 for my children, many others bought them as well, my kids still have them and love them.
These teddy bears came already named by the manufacturers and the name was written on a tag. The name of these teddy bears is: ADAM.
Adam was a prophet too but I didn't see any demonstrations asking for the execution of the person that was selling them, in fact I didn't hear anyone complain about them using a prophet name on a toy!
Many Muslims need to grow up and stop all this unnecessary behaviour that is causing more damage to our religion than anyone else and as for Sudan, well I think they should look into their own problems with Darfur and elsewhere, get your house in order, what you are doing to your own people is far more damaging than a storm about a Teddy Bear.


Safia speaks said...

Oh, I agree so much!
That poor teacher must have experienced a nightmare; really sorry that some people in Sudan have so small brains. I know they love our prophet (saas) but I doubt that he would have endorsed any execution of a woman who meant no harm.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Excellent post! I agree wholeheartedly. When I first read of this incident, I sat scratching my head and wondering if this was some kind of joke or something. How ridiculous. Once again, as long as there's humans on this planet with free-will alotted to them, this is the type of thing we'll experience. Good grief.

Good Girl said...

Alright!!!!mmmm...this is why my consultant today was asking me : Do u hv Teddy Bears in Libya? because I donot think there r teady bears in Sudan or Saudi arabia!!! and she did not explain to me what's the background of this question. And bcoz i donot follow the news these days I was quite surprised. However; I wasn't very happy, I just woundered what is the image of Libya in the minds here? traveler tribes in a desert? ...I answered her Iam getting teady bears in my birthday.

dusk till dawn said...

salam Anglo-LY
i can not agree more , it was a bad move to charge her, or even been draged to such court room.where is tha islam kindness, or forgiven, when the common sense will prevail,i was fllowing the case, and stunt to hear she was charged,
what u said abt the teddy bear names its true, kids are kids,
thanx for posting

Tariq said...

I love Media :-)

Extremist hijack our religion, thats true but also the West.

Do you know that you can longer use the word GAY in English Literature because the Gays hijacked the word.

The West hijacked the word Fundamentalists for their own purpose to use it against Muslims. A Fundamentalist Muslim means he/she follow the Koran priniciples.

The ones we call them extremists or Muslim Fundamentalists, are not extremists or Fundamentalists they are bunch of people who are in a cult movement.

When you examine cult movements there are always similarities in them. The have their own way of living, the hair style, the dress code, sandals, treatement of women, and etc.........

Just reading the tittle of the article about the british teacher,I said to myself here we go again, a dumb naive teacher and ruthless regime. It reminded me of the stupid South Koreans going to Afghanistan to preach Christianity.

We as Arabs no matter what we do, the west will always think of us in a negative way.

Just read the negative comments from the readers in Wall Street Journal today about the Arab investor who is saving Citibank and this is the second time that an Arab investor saves Citibank.

Just watch Rudolph Valentino in the film "The Sheik" (1921), a negative image of Arabs.

The west preaches about Freedom but do you ever read about human rights violations in Arab countries in newspapers, the answer is no. The western media is always digging negative stories of the Arab or Muslim Societies.

Sure the British Goverment is happy now because it can shift the British attention to Sundan than to their own local issues.

Bad news is good business. Thank god I did not waste my time reading about the British teacher incident, just reminds me that media has to soak me with headlines about Paris Hilton and Britney Spears in any form.

Teddy Bear Crisis is like The Cuban Crisis :-)

"...if you believe in it, it is a religion or perhaps 'the' religion;
and if you do not care one way or another about it, it is a sect;
but if you fear and hate it, it is a cult." Leo Pfeffer. A humorous quotation, but one that is uncomfortably close to reality.

PH said...

Well at least they've freed her now.


Hibo said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Hibo said...

كل الأمور تقلب لأمور سياسية أكثر من كونها تخص جانب ديني إسلامي

هكذا هو حالنا نحن العرب مهما إن كانت الحقيقة سيئة أو صالحة فهم يحولون المواضيع لصالح الحكومة وسياسة الدولة وسط أوضاع إنسانية سيئة و..وهكذا

رسولنا الكريم كان يحسن لمن يسيء إليه هذا لا يعني أنه رضي لهم بإهانته و محاربته ولكنه صبر و دعي الله لهم بالهداية وبهذه الأخلاق غير قلوب الكثيرين من حوله من الكفر للإيمان
ألا يسعنا أن نقتضي به كقدوة لنا..؟!؟

طلب صعب ولكن العرب لا يستطيعون أن يكونوا أحسن حالاً من اليهود في طريقة قمعهم و تشويه الحقائق


libyan. said...

Our people go to the streets and raise their voices because of a teddy bear, but because of big things and real problems all of them seem not interested. They have to learn the priorities.

Maya M said...

I may be a conspiracy theorist, but I strongly suspect that the Sudanese government just waited for an occasion to create a "hostage crisis" with a Westerner. Now, after everybody was feeling afraid for the teacher, she is released. British and all Western people give a sigh of relief and feel that everything is beautiful in this most beautiful world. And so they forget the genocide in Darfur.
And these ordinary Sudanese who swallowed the bait and gathered to demand the teacher's execution - are they bothered about a teddy bear more than about their fellow countrymen being slain? Including Muslims.
I agree with Libyan that they have to learn the priorities.

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam all
I am sorry for the delay but I am glad that so many have the same attitude towards this silly incident and I do agree with Maya M.

Tariq said...

Our people go to the streets and raise their voices because of a teddy bear, but because of big things and real problems all of them seem not interested. They have to learn the priorities.

A very good point, just reading the last 2 days artciles remind me of Libyan what he wrote

An excellent interview with Ang Lee reminds me of Libya

and another article reminds me of Teddy Bear episode

One Blogger mentioned that Libyan bloggers are spending more time on Facebook than blogging, no wonder half the Libyan blogs are half idle. These idle Libyan Blogs links should be removed from active Blogs.

Benghazi Citizen said...

Hello..I heard the news about a britisteacher being accused in Sudan for insulting islam,and from what i heard i had a general impression that this cxase is being used for some sudanese government foul agenda...I've just find out the cause of this play from your blog..and i think i was right about my previous impression..
Sudan government has many problems to worry about,and playing the role of (Islam Protector)in this bizzare,rediculous and most disturbing way is just a desprate way to get the support of the mis lead people..
Some Muslims are doing much harm to islam than the very people who attack our religion..What those stupid,brain-less extremist are doing is giving who hate us more weapons to hate us..
Islam is about toleerance and acceptance..
Our great prophet's enemies hurt him in many ways,but he won because of the tolerance he showed,even when he took Mcca with out spilling a drop of blood,although it was filled with all the people who hurt him before...
Can we learn from him few TRUE lesson instead of playing these suspicious games???
I hope so
Sorry for the extremely long comment
Best regards
Benghazi Citizen

Tariq said...

Those are just 2 links, who quickly picked up the article by Ayaan Hirsi Ali in today New York Times.

This kind of an article will generate big buzz on the interent.

just google this sentence

"Islams Silent Moderates" and you will see tons of links regarding this article.

All this because of Adam's Teddy Bear :-)

حنان شلبي said...

السلام عليكم

أنا شخصيا معك اننا في بعض الاحيان تكون ردود أفعالنا طائشة أو بمعنى اخر تميل للظلم والتهور باتخاذ القرار وليس ذلك مقتصر على الشعب السوداني هذا موجود بكل بلد دون استثناء يعني عندنا وعندكم ,يعني همة غلطو صح واتسرعو بالحكم على المعلمة ولم ياخذو لها اي عذر مع انو اسلامنا كان جدا متسامح وبياخذ بالاعذار وبيأمرنا بالتسامح مع كافة الاديان وهذا كان المأخذ على ما فعل السودانيين.ولكن اخي لاتنسى طريقة التفكير والاعراف التي تسود هذه الدول العربية وبالخصوص متل السودان وليبيا وكثير دول لانهم شويتين متشددين
بس بالمقابل هل هذه المعلمة مع عشرتها مع هاد الشعب لم تكن على دراية بان اسم محمد له مكانة عالية عند كل المسلمين بدون استثناء حتى اهنا تفوق مكانة اي نبي اخر ؟؟؟ هنا السؤال
بتهيألي كل الأحداث الي حصلت قبل بخصوص هالاسم ممكن تكون دليل لهذه المعلمة بانه عند هذا الاسم ستوب هناك خط احمر

وشكرا مع تحياتي لكل المسلمين بكل مكان

حنان شلبي

Anglo-Libyan said...

tariq, benghazi citizen and hanan, many thanks for the comments
and Hannan, this was not an attack on Sudan, I agree most o our countries do the same, dont forget in Libya when they are angry with a country they would burn down its embassy!
thank you again :o)

حنان شلبي said...

عزيزي شكرا الك انا ما بدافع عن السودان بالعكس الي كتير ملاحظات عليهم وعلينا وعكل المسلمين بس فيك تحكي هاد راي او مجرد شعور يدور بعقل اي شخص وبيتأثر بقلبو والحقيقة انا لم اقف مع السودان ولم اقف ضد المعلمة بس الي ما بيشوف من الغربال بيكون اعمى وهاد الي قصدتو بالنسبة للمدرسه ويمكن تآزرا معها رغبت بالتنويه انها كانت يجب ان تكون ملمة بكل الاحداث حولها وعدم التخطي فوق الخط الاحمر الي ممكن يكون تافه بس عندهم همة يعتبر خط احمر
وبالنسبة لاحراق السفارات هاد حال العرب للاسف ما بيقدروا يفشو غلهم غير بالحجر بس الحمدلله الحجر بيخفف من اصابتهم بجلطة قلبية ولا يعدو وما يعملو شي الله يصلح حالنا بس
وتحياتي الك الحقيقة مدونتك جدا رائعة وانا عن نفسي بحب ادخل اقرا فيها حتى لو ما علقت عليهم

BuJ said...

I'm going to tell sheikh mo to build an island, shape it like a teddy bear and call it Sudan.

Then we'll auction it in London to the highest "infidel" bidder :-)

Anonymous said...

To the so called Tariq,
Excuse me Anglo.
These are your exact words and :
"One Blogger mentioned that Libyan bloggers are spending more time on Facebook than blogging, no wonder half the Libyan blogs are half idle. These idle Libyan Blogs links should be removed from active Blogs."

And I add by stating that having idle Libyan blogs or not is no concern of yours . If you are so high and mighty why dont you get yourself a blog instead of criticizing everyone!
Ever heard ofthe word constructive commenting ?DUH ?!!

An angry female Libyan Blogger

Anonymous said...

To the so called Tariq
The word hijack means :
a. To stop and rob (a vehicle in transit).
b. To steal (goods) from a vehicle in transit.
c. To seize control of (a moving vehicle) by use of force, especially in order to reach an alternate destination.
a. To steal from as if by hijacking.
b. To swindle or subject to extortion.
The act or an instance of hijacking.

and not as you mentioned, cause you cant hijack a word lol........

Got it ?

Anonymous said...

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