Saturday, 29 December 2007

Trolley Rage

The holiday season is almost over, driving in London at the moment is sheer bless but that will all change next week when people return to their places of work and schools.

Few days ago I took Amir my son with me to do the weekly shopping at the local supermarket, it was very busy in there with long queues at the check out points, I queued with my half full trolley, there was people in front me but it was not a very long queue, right in front of me there was a woman who had few items on her, about 6 or 7 minutes later I heard her calling someone behind me, I turned around and saw this older woman who I assume is her mother, she was pushing a trolley that was packed full of shopping, anyway the woman in front of me without saying a word to me very rudely started to push my trolley back and told her mother, here mum bring your shopping here, that is right in front of me! of course at that moment my Libyan blood started to boil and I said to her, what are you doing? she looked at me as if I was a piece of dirt and said that she is in the queue and can do what she wants, I said yes you are in the queue but not your mother or her trolley and at least say excuse me do you mind, she ignored me and started to bring that trolley in front of me, I pushed in and told her that there is no way that they are coming ahead of me, she started to shout and make a fool of herself, her mother looked worried and said she would join another queue, at that point this rude woman shouted obscenity at me in front of my 7 year old and everyone else to which I told her that she was trash for swearing at me in front of children and that I will ignore her and not go down to her level, the security guard came over after hearing her swear and made sure she moved to the next queue, this trashy woman who used a language that I can not possibly repeat, in front of her mother and my son was unfortunately Asian and from the way she was dressed a Muslim too, just shows that trash gets every where.

There are so many family movies out at the moment because of the holiday season, we went to see Bee Movie the other day. while the graphics were great, the film it self was complete rubbish, I didn't like it and even though I don't usually fall asleep in cinemas, this time I fell asleep for a bit and was so glad when it finished, the kids said they liked it but I never heard them speak about it, to me this means they did not think much of it :o)


Anonymous said...

And I thought we were the only ones who had problems while shopping here in Tripoli lol.

My dear friend I ditto what you commented for trash is trash wherever one goes , no matter the race, country or religion the people in question are from. People come in different shapes and forms , some are angels while others are evil then there there is the what the Libyans call half -half lol. Ignorance plays a major role in this but I also believe it has more to do with the upbringing and values one is taught as a child......


Anonymous said...

You have not replied.....

To the so called Tariq,
Excuse me Anglo.
These are your exact words and :
"One Blogger mentioned that Libyan bloggers are spending more time on Facebook than blogging, no wonder half the Libyan blogs are half idle. These idle Libyan Blogs links should be removed from active Blogs."

And I add by stating that having idle Libyan blogs or not is no concern of yours . If you are so high and mighty why dont you get yourself a blog instead of criticizing everyone!
Ever heard ofthe word constructive commenting ?DUH ?!!

An angry Libyan female Blogger

Wednesday, December 26, 2007 5:08:00 PM

Anonymous said...
To the so called Tariq
The word hijack means :
a. To stop and rob (a vehicle in transit).
b. To steal (goods) from a vehicle in transit.
c. To seize control of (a moving vehicle) by use of force, especially in order to reach an alternate destination.
a. To steal from as if by hijacking.
b. To swindle or subject to extortion.
The act or an instance of hijacking.

and not as you mentioned, cause you cant hijack a word lol........

Got it ?

Angry Libyan female Blogger
Thursday, December 27, 2007 10:34:00 AM

حنان شلبي said...

ههههههههههه والله ضحكتني لو كنت مكانك كنت مسكت حالي اكتر منك يا اخي خليك كووووووووووول الي قدامك بينجلط المهم لو اعطيتها كف كانت بتستاهل بس يلا انت العاقل وبتضلها امراة وما بيجي من وراها غير المشاكل هههههههههه

وعفكرة انا حضرت هالفيلم من اسبوع بالسينما مع اولاد اختي وجد كان مو متل باقي افلام الكرتون الي بتخليني مبحلقة بالشاشة خوفا من انو لقطة تمر علي وافوتها هوة شوي ممل بس عالعموم الصغار اتعلمو منو انو اصغر مخلوقات الله اديش فيها تفيد هالكون

احنا الكبار بدنا نضحك بس الصغار بينتبهو لكل شي بالفيلم
انو بيسئلو كيف النحلة بتتكلم وكيف مثقفة وكيف في بشر بيتعاونو مع النحلة وبشر لا

يعني بشكل عام الفيلم الو اكتر من منظور واكتر من راي

وتحياتي وكل سنة وانتة طيب

BuJ said...

lol AL.. miskeen.. btw, what's the case with this anon blogger who calls herself HUDA? lol she ain't that anonymous anymore eh?

btw, i had the same story trying to board my UAE flight a few days ago. This guy (asian guy in his 60s) butted infront of me.. bi kul barade.. as if not only the queue belonged to him but also the whole airport belonged to him. i hate ignorant people like that, especially because if u jump queues u will still not get a better seat in the plane.

anyway emirates has 3 queue classes:

1-standard sheep
2-sheep with e-checkin
3-business class sheep

i ignored this trash, but when his whole tribe (around 20 guys) cut in front of me i started to get angry. but soon it was forgotten coz the excellent staff took the guy to the standard sheep queue and put me in business class.. so i didn't really complain and saved me at least £2000 in the process :)

needless to say, the rude guy obviously say that pushing does not pay, but i don't think such specimens do learn.

Anonymous said...

Why didn't you take your kids to watch The Golden Compass, Enchanted, ALvin & Chipmonks,Mr. Magorium's Wonder Emporium,National Treasure: Book of Secrets and etc.

Many times parents have to suffer watching films which they find it silly but their kids love it.

It seems a blogger has the New Year Blues :-)


Next time give her the Peace sign :-)

Living Away said...

wow, you had a hard time doing your weekly shopping!
i'm very against obcene words and my family and friends used to say that the worst bad word that can come out of my outh is "ugly"!
it isn't because i'm chaste or something like that, i just think that those bad words don't solve anything, in fact they make the situation gets even bigger!!

happy 2008!!

dusk till dawn said...

salam Anglo- LY
i can see and understand ur rage , and losing ur outburst. what she did was out of order.specialy when ur son wt u, she got no self respect ,i have notice the asian lately getting big headed,u done rite and stood ur ground,
iam sure she will not swear at her husband in that way,
i was expecting u to turn the trolley over her head

PH said...

i didn't like the Bee Movie either, there was obviously a lot of money spent on it, but there wasn't a strong story line even though the animations were really good ... could have been a lot better.


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Well I suppose after the action movie you and Amir saw at the market anything would be considered boring like the Bee movie---although honestly I don't think I could put myself through that movie, so kudos to you for trying. Amira and Grandpa went to see Alvin and the Chipmunks and loved it.

MaySoon said...

Sorry to hear about the incident..
and that it happened in front of Amir :o(

I hate to say that we got used to having people stand every where near the but recently I started to see people standing in queues more frequently.. I am not talking about (kusha) bakery we Libyans love our bread hehhhe

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam Huda, good to see you here again.
I agree that it is to do with upbringing.

Angry libyan female blogger
please dont be angry :o)
I do not think Tariq meant any harm although I agree that he should start a blog, that can only be good.

salam Hannan,
you made me laugh :o)
yes bee movie does have some good points, I just found it boring, best wishes to you too.

buj, wow that was good, business class and he ended up with the sheep :o)
have a great time with the family.

Music lover
The Golden Compass, Enchanted, ALvin & Chipmonks are on the list and will inshaAllah take them to watch.
the other films you mentioned are not here yet (I think) thank you.

livingaway, like you I do not like swearing and find it very offensive, that is not a bad thing :o)
happy 2008 to you too.

salam DTD
lol @ i was expecting u to turn the trolley over her head :o)
I should have done that with her mother's trolley, it was packed full.

ph, that is exactly how i felt about this film.

salam ibeebarbie
glad Amira and grandpa liked Alvin & the Chipmonks, I will take my children to see it inshaAllah

Thank you Maysoon and yes we Libyans do love our bread, even here in London :o)

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