Monday, 10 December 2007

Where is Mansour?

Today is the 14th anniversary of the disappearance of one of Libya's most respected figures who disappeared while attending a human rights conference in Egypt on 10 December 1993, Mr. Mansour El-Kikhia is/was an uncle of mine (my father's cousin) whom when I was young we used to look up to with respect, I have many memories of him visiting us when I was living in Libya and how much he was liked by my parents. He held many prominent positions, he was an ambassador, a former Libyan foreign minister, Libyan UN representative and a human rights activists amongst others.

Many years ago I went to New York with my parents while Mr. El-Kikhia was working for the UN, he invited us to spend a day at the United Nations building and I remember how exciting that was, we were taken to areas that tourists were not allowed in, I even sat at the main UN Secretary generals chair which I remember had many gadgets and buttons on the desk in front of it, we were then taken to the main restaurant and had a good meal and we visited the gallery where they keep presents that were presented to the UN by each country, I remember the Libyan present which was a Libyan horse saddle hand made with silver and colourful embroidery, it was a beautiful sight. After I moved to the UK I only saw Mr. El-Kikhia few times, usually with my other uncle (his brother), in 1992/1993 my late father was very ill and having medical treatment here in London, Mansour came to London at that time and I used to pick him up from his hotel and take him to hospital to visit my father and then take him back to the hotel.
The last time I saw him was shortly before his disappearance when I met him and his brother and we all went for a meal near Oxford Street, I drove them back to their hotel that evening and said goodbye as they both were going away the next day, Mansour El-Kikhia travelled to Egypt to attend the conference and has not been seen or heard of since.
Both Libya & Egypt are responsible for his disappearance and have the answer to what happened to one of Libya's most educated, respected and civilised men.


Tariq said...

Your uncle and my father were friends as they worked together in the same ministry since the independence. My father was stationed in USA in the 50's and also was part of the Libyan delegation to United Nation. That's why I am a New Yorker :-) I heard good things about your uncle through my father.

No wonder you are very diplomatic, it runs in the family :-)

Anglo-Libyan said...

that was nice to know, thank you Tariq.
Mansour is my father's cousin, my grandmother (father's mother) is El-Kikhia

Tariq said...

This is today article reminded me about your uncle. Quite interesting

The tittle of the article

"Divided, France Welcomes and Condemns Qaddafi"

No other websites has picked the article when I googled it this morning

PH said...

May god return him to his family in a good state of health and mind ..... I've never known him personally, but his nephew used to study with me and he was a very good person too, very diplomatic as well .

salaam and thanks for bringing it up

Hibo said...

i added my voice to Ph and said;
May Allah return him to his family in a good state of health and mind.

Allah with you and All his family.
Keep Pray for him..Allah will help u all..Be Sure of that.

Gheriani said...

It's one of those sad untold stories, I pray with you.

MaySoon said...

لا حول ولا قوة إلا بالله العلي العظيم..I pray with you all.. for the truth to be revealed and those involved to be punished...

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks again Tariq

salam ph, you probably meant Rashid, thank you and ameen

thank you hibo, same to you and your family

thank you dear Gheriani

ameen ya Maysoon, thanks for the support

Benghazi Citizen said...

Really sorry..I heard about this well respected man before,but as Gheriani said,it is an untold story that some don't want it to break...
I hope there will be no more of these tragedies..

Maya M said...

I had heard of him and his disappearance, though didn't remember his name. So you are related to him! I hope that he is alive.

Anglo-Libyan said...

yes Maya m, we are related, thank you

Leo Afrikanus said...

The disappearance of Mr. Mansour is a big loss for all libyans.
I didn't meet him but he was a friend of my father many years ago.
My father told me a short remarkble story about him and that story is always in my mind. This is the story:
When Mr. Mansour was our embasador in UN he got a call from the libyan leadership and they told him that our national flag has been changed from the republic (three colours) flag to uni colour (Green) flag...the call was ended.
After that Mr. Mansour informed the UN by the new changment of Libyan flag. so the man in charge of theses kind of issues in UN asked Mr. Mansour about the degree of green colour in Libyan flag!!!
Then Mr. Mansour called back the Libyan leadership and asked them about the colour degree!!!
They had no answer to that simple question and since that time you can see that we have no specific degree of our national flag!!!!
It means just one thing: we ar living in complete chaos.
It's funny story may be...but it's also very sad.
Sorry for my terrible language and written mistakes...this because our glory jurasic goverment cutted off all the foregin education when I was 13 years old.

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