Wednesday, 29 August 2007

Another Day!

Don't you all wish that you can have what you want? but realistically know that it is not possible, yet being weak human beings we get upset and stressed over what life throws at us. Stress has to be the worst killer in this world, it makes you ill, it makes you loose interest in almost everything, another day comes but the depression is overtaking your day again but what is the solution?
It is true that we are all born with our share of problems and on many occasions our problems are nothing compared to others, for that I thank Allah and I pray to him to help me and help others to overcome their problems and Allah is always there for us.

The weather has improved over the bank holiday weekend which helped a lot with the kids as they enjoyed playing in the garden and park. There has been a couple of Libyan weddings as well last week that my daughter and her mum attended in a hotel, here is a picture taken by my friend Omar:

I am glad Aida attended as I have mentioned before I find it a shame that children are not allowed to attend weddings, especially in a different environment, it was good for my daughter to see and hear Libyan wedding customs and songs and yes I know that some Libyan kids are so badly behaved that many people ban children from their parties, I think its the parents responsibility to make sure that children are well behaved. I am glad to say that Aida behaved like a little princess, hardly ever leaving her seat.

That's all I have for now except I wanted to add a song to cheer up the mood a bit, I thought about Umbrella by Rihanna which is a great song but that has already been added by The Lost-Libyan so I chose another hit from this year, its Say it Right by Nelly Furtado:

Thursday, 23 August 2007

London City Farm

The weather this summer continuous to get from bad to worse, it has been raining non stop for about 2 months now and recently it has been cold and we had to switch the heating ON!
The problem this causes is that all kids are on holiday and get bored quickly but in this weather there is not much that you can do except take them to covered shopping centres or to see a movie.
Last week we had a reasonably sunny day that only lasted for few hours, Amir was out with me and I decided to take him to a city farm since it has been a long time since he had been to one and could not remember anything, we went to a different city farm that I have not been to before, London has few city farms situated in busy built up areas and once you are inside it is really amazing as you are really transported into the country side inside a working farm.
This was Hackney City Farm , it is a working farm with all the animals that you are supposed to have, they even have a shop selling dairy products and eggs produced in the farm and a Cafe serving traditional food, a section of the farm is used for grwing all sorts of fruits and vegetables.
All sorts of weird looking chickens were running all over the place, once inside it felt like being in a field, so strange when you know that once you step out of the farm, you are back in the big polluted city!
Here are some pictures which I hope you enjoy:

English Donkey (حمار بريطاني)

There were few pigs in there, 2 of them were in a mud pool having a great time :o)

Amir learning how to climb

A face only a mother can love!

This chicken had feathers covering her legs all the way down, very conservative look :o)

One eyed Turkey

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

My New Toy

I am sorry for not updating for a while, I had some personal issues that I needed to deal with, I have for the past 2 weeks been unable to update my blog or even read all of my favourite blogs, somehow I just lost the will to do that.
Now things are getting back to normal and I am hoping inshaAllah to continue enjoying the blog world. Thank you for the messages of concern, I really appreciated that.
I have been planning to buy a laptop for donkeys years but never really went ahead with it, as a parent I always thought that my family needs come first, that's until few days ago when I found a reasonably priced laptop with great specifications and I needed something to cheer me up, I went ahead and bought one and I am giving my PC to the kids as their PC is quiet old and slow.
So for few days now I have been trying to figure out Windows Vista and I am getting there, as soon as I got the laptop home, I set it up and personalised it and carried out all the updates which took about 4 hours but the sound was not working, so after trying everything I could I phoned up the support line, I was told to go to recovery and reset the laptop to factory settings! that was annoying and took few hours but Alhamdulellah all was well with my new toy :o)

Here it is!

Thursday, 9 August 2007

The Tallest Man in the World!

Meet the tallest man in the world, this is 37 year old Ukraninan Leonid Stadnyk! he was measured at 2.57m (8ft 5in). to think I am only 5ft 6in :oS
This man had to stop using the bus because it became too small and instead had to use a horse drawn cart.
Many year ago, Nashnoosh of Libya used to be the 10th tallest man in the world according to the Guinness book of records but he was dropped from the list as more and more taller people were discovered.
I used to see Nashnoosh a lot in Tripoli when I was young, he was a celebrity in a way, I even once saw his car which did not have a drivers seat, instead a small round seat was fitted just in front of the back seat and that's were he sat when driving, another thing, some of his head used to stick out of the sunroof, strange sight!
Nashnoosh was actually approached by western film makers many years ago, he was asked to take part in a James Bond film but for some reason he declined, of course I can not confirm this but it was something told to me years ago.

Meet Leonid's shoe, can you believe this!! his shoe size is 64, mine is 7, I think I wont be bothered anymore about being short, :o) Alhamdulellah.

Tuesday, 7 August 2007

Libya's First Ever Horror Film!

Those young people you see in the picture are all students at Al-Fateh Centre for the gifted have made the first ever Libyan Horror film! it is called Drops of Horror.
The film was made in 2005 but only finalised recently and I think its on general release now, it was made by a young Libyan female, Maye Bushnaf who was the director and camerawoman, she described the film as “It’s a unique first, a Libyan horror film produced by locally talented actors. The story line is set over two days of suspense with an intriguing twist and an Islamic moral to the story.”
The story line goes like that: One by one each of the students are murdered without a trace, until the last student who while still alive discovers the source of the curse.
To me this sounds like the movie Final Destination but Libyan style! it is actually about 50 minutes long which is too short for a cinema film, I am not sure if its going to be shown in cinemas or just released straightaway to video/DVD.
If anyone is aware of this film or if you know if it is available on any Torrent site, please let me know as I am very interested in watching it.


Why am I finding these blue tooth mobile phone earpieces irritating? where ever I go I see people, mainly men with these pieces stuck out of their ears making them look ridiculous, while I understand why many people have them, I myself have one but I am yet to use it, its main function is to use while driving a car since it is illegal in the UK to drive and use your mobile phone, another reason would be for people that depend on the phone for their business while they move around. The majority of people using them seem to be ordinary men that walk in the street or you see them in shopping centre, sometimes many times walking around yet what you hardly see is those people actually using them and talking to somebody! Sometime ago I went to visit a Libyan friend of mine, while I was there another Libyan friend that I have not seen for a while phoned then came over, as soon as he walked in I noticed he was wearing his earpiece, I wanted to laugh but thought better not, maybe he is a very busy man with too many phone calls, 3 hours later, after few cups of coffee, tea and biscuits, his earpiece was still sticking out of his ear and yet the phone NEVER rang once! how embarrassing, I actually hoped someone would phone him just to justify his earpiece but no one did.

Saturday, 4 August 2007

The Sun, Damoon & Dastar

The weather in London had a complete turn since yesterday, it is sunny and very warm, hopefully it wont get any warmer.
While the sun is shining in London, tonight Damoon & Dastar will be shinning in Libya, I would just like to wish our dear sister/daughter Damoon a happy wedding and a happy, healthy life with Dastar inshaAllah.
قال الله سبحانه وتعالى: ومن آياته أن خلق لكم من أنفسكم أزواجا لنسكنوا اليها وجعل بينكم مودة ورحمة ان في ذلك لأيات لقوم يتفكرون

I thought the following song is appropriate for this happy occasion, I know its old but so am I :o)
The song is: Could it Be Magic, By: Take That

Wednesday, 1 August 2007


According to a BBC report, an Oxford University scientists have discovered a gene which might be responsible for people being left handed, another discovery which I thought was a bit disturbing is that this gene can raise the risk of developing psychotic mental illness such as schizophrenia! Great, I am left handed and have always been, now I have to worry about becoming a psycho or a deranged schizophrenic! maybe I should warn my family and friends, actually I have an uncle, a brother and my mother who are all left handed, inshaAllah we don't become a family of psychotic loonies. Apparently 10% of the population is left handed which reminds me of a shop that used to be in Central London (I am not sure if it is still open) this shop specialised in left handed gadgets, such as can openers and scissors to be used with the left hand, it was a small shop but had lots of goodies, I never bought anything from there as I didn't really see the point, we left handed people got used to using normal gadgets but now we are told we might end up in the Nut House!!


I upgraded my mobile phone to the latest Nokia N95, a very impressive phone although I must admit I cant understand most of its features yet. I am glad my contract with O2 is over, they really have a very bad customer service. Now I signed up with Orange which is supposed to be one of the best in this country, we shall see.