Friday, 18 January 2008

Another Blast From The Past!

Last year I posted about this blast from the past that I found, which of course was Watani Habibi, I am posting the video again, well I found another blast from the past which was basically made about the same time as this one.

Do you remember AlJeel Alsa3ed الجيل الصاعد ? another Arab patriotic claptrap song that was used to brain wash us when we were young into thinking that we are so unbeatable and the best!
Again here you get some of the best Arab female singers, I think it was made in the 50s or 60s, an era of singers that had their own style and personality, long gone now, at the end you get the composer Mohamad Abdulwahab singing or should I say sucking up to Jamal Abdul-Nasser, nice voice though.
What I found funny about this video is how did they manage to put all of these extras كومبارس in such a small place?? were they paid?? and how much??

Well things never change, Egyptian media machine which bombarded us with these must hear, must sing and believe songs, is still doing it now.
This is a new song dedicated to the Sinai Peninsula, full of new singers but being of a certain age, I only recognised the Libyan Hamid El-Sha3ri.
Again, they are using good looking singers,perfectly dressed in crisp clean clothes but what I found really dumb is the use of many children that just look perfect.
I mean in reality do all Egyptian/Arab kids look so white with fair hair? why didn't they just get normal kids, white, brown & black but no, not in this video, everything had to be so clean and white, it could make a good advert for a soap powder, complete c**p
As for the English subtitles accompanying this song, well, what can I say? read it and laugh.


Living Away said...

wow anglo!!
the last video reminded me the time that brasil was under a military dictatorship and we needed to be in line, with spotless uniforms to sing the national anthem and pledge the flag every single morning from monday to friday before school!!

oh god!! just to think about i get disgusting!!
thank god this time is completely over!

BuJ said...

AL.. you're really mad when it comes to video clips.. where do u get these things from?

man i would be shit scared if i had to fight you in a war, and we both had our own armies.. you would win over my troops with your propaganda machine :)

first 101, then this.. man.. man....
i think a quick surrender is the best solution.

UT said...

Gosh Anglo !
A blast it is lol...
Never felt so OLD lol But i was not born then hehehehehe ...
I remember when I first came home and we had to take passport pics for certain documents( endless ), at the photographer's we were asked to stand straight , look at the camera and stay focused lol Saying CHEESE was unheard of lllllolll and my kids would scream ! Just imagine ! I felt as if I had come from the moon lol...

UT said...

I might visit this year INSHAALLAH !

What if we could have a Libyan Bloggers get togther ?
what do you think Anglo ?

Rose Bud said...

We used to have to listen to that song every morning and at lunch everyday at Tripoli Collage in the 90's. I'm sure if you drive by there today you can still hear it.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Leandra, you are right, it reminded me of those videos we see on tv about how life is perfect in north Korea when the reality is some how different!

you can never win when i got all this propaganda machine :o)

salam UT,
passport photos! I remember :o)
bloggers get together in London would be really nice, I am up for it.

rose bud, we used to listen to them in schools way back in the 70s too, things never change :o)

dusk till dawn said...

salam Anglo- LY
u could not put it better then that, 3 phases has passed, as u said frm where did they got all those peoples frm. and singing so loud,
regarding the kids and the white dressing, u know the egyption always think they are above all. i think they try to refeer to peace ,and pls come and visit sinai,what a title it was a Blast .our ears blowin up

Maya M said...

Interesting post! Made me regret that I don't speak Arabic.
About Sinai being the first place in the Universe created - I wish to see a physicist or geologist commenting.
By coincidence, last week a Bulgarian satirical paper commented the recent funny tendency of some Bulgarians to shout "Long live Bulgaria" with and without occasion. The paper advised the patriots to shout "Long live Bulgaria" to greet Russian president Putin - then it would be appropriate.
But, predictably, during Putin's visit they were nowhere to be seen.

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks DTD, there were non Egytians in the video too :o)

maya m, if you spoke Arabic you would laugh at the subtitles, most of it is wrong :o)