Tuesday, 8 January 2008

The Internet & The Cubs!

It is always weird to get back to normal after the holidays, traffic increases, schools start and back to the same old routine and if that is not enough, the next public holiday is not on for months but that is life.
I got Sky broadband installed few days ago, they sent all the necessary equipment including the free wireless router, I have installed Sky broadband before at a friends house, it is a very simple straight forward procedure, this time I had a bit of a problem and while I got the Internet connection working through a wire, the wireless feature was not working and I could not get it on my laptop, I phoned the help line, after a long wait I got connected to an Eastern European lady, I explained what the problem is, she tried to help me but I spent about half an hour just saying, sorry, pardon?? I just could not understand most of what she was saying, her English was bad, then she kept saying: sir make sure there are no walls or obstructions between the laptop and the wireless router, I kept saying: mam I am standing right in front of it, then she would say it again and really got on my nerves, eventually I said to her. you really don't know what to do, do you? she replied that there was nothing else she can offer, I thanked her and put the phone down, a short time later I phoned them again, this time a man answered, an Eastern European man! again with not so good English, half an hour later, still no wireless Internet, I gave up and didn't contact them for 2 days. yesterday I phoned them determined to get this problem sorted, a man with an English accent answered, thank God for that, within 5 minutes I had wireless Internet working perfectly :o)

A German zoo where apparently 2 polar bear cubs were born recently said they will not interfere if the mother bears rejected their cubs and will let the cubs die as they believe it is wrong to hand rear them, they said they will let nature take its course!!!

I found that very stupid, I mean what is natural about keeping polar bears in a zoo in Germany? perhaps polar bears at this zoo reject their cubs (it happened in the same zoo before) because of the stress and unnatural environment they are being forced to live in! many years ago during a visit to Amsterdam zoo, I saw 2 massive polar bears in a small enclosure, they were pacing up and down the cage and shaking their heads non stop, apparently this is a sign of madness in animals that live in terrible conditions in zoos. London zoo used to have polar bears when I first came here but I am glad they were moved, in fact now in London zoo you will not find big animals such as elephants and hippos because the park is too small to house them.


MusicLover said...

You get East Europeans and we get Indians for Customer Service in USA, join the club :-)

Artic Tale is an excellent documentary about Polar Bears. Kids will love it.



Living Away said...

i'm sorry but i didn't get one thing, anglo! you called the same number to get your wireless fixed and it was fixed just after an english man talked to you!!
so, what one thing has to do with another? i mean, do foreign workers have different training? the company treat their workers differently based on where they came from?
why a foreign couldn't help you and a native could?
anyway, i'm glad you have your connection working perfectly!!

MusicLover said...

what one thing has to do with another? i mean, do foreign workers have different training? the company treat their workers differently based on where they came from?
why a foreign couldn't help you and a native could?
anyway, i'm glad you have your connection working perfectly!!

A lot of High Tech companies move their customer service centers outside their own countries for cost cutting.

I might sound bias but honestly I do find my questions are answered better by an American representitive than by a foreigner who is responding to me in another country.

I always have hard time ordering a hamburger in Macdonalds because most of the workers are latinos who speak broken English unless they are 2nd generation. Even Asian restaurants, the waiters and waitresses do not know how to take orders, do not smile, how to deal with kids.

Business in USA is based on customer service and how to spoil us. When an American customer service answers my call, the representitive always asks how was my day, how is the weather at your end, where as the foreign customer service representive you have the sense of being unfriendly and cold.

You can not expect to give false name such as John to an Indian and to have an American mentality over night.

Outsourcing Blue and White collar jobs has a negative impact to the country, all what it does, it lowers wages.

I find these companies who outsource are another way of running sweat shops in my opinion.

dusk till dawn said...

salam Anglo-LY
so pleased for u u got ur connection working ,and kept ur cool,thats the signs of time now days ,just get some body cheap to cover up .and the big boys making the money, i had the same problems wt work lately,not well trained or gone through the ranks ,
the same thing wt most fone lines or trains ,banks .
i feel the same wt the poor polar bears should be left where they belong .but they use them as traction for kids and family to spend money, and visit

enlightened spirit said...

I think it is just an accent problem, the accent was the barrier in front of the understanding, relieved though coz ur problem solved at the end.

about the cubs, human is destroying everything, even his own environment, so what we expect he will do for the poor animals ? ... sigh ...

Anglo-Libyan said...

music lover, many British customer service HQ are based in India as well. Thank you for clearing this issue to living away.

hi Leandra,
im sorry if I was not clear, as music lover explained, many British companies have their customer service based in another country, mainly India.
in sky's case im not sure where their customer service is but the problem I had was that the 2 people I spoke to could not communicate well in English and struggled with many technical terms, it could be that they were still under training and I think they were reading from a manual, yet they failed to find out why the router was not working, the 3rd person with the English accent straightaway asked me to go to the router settings and then asked me if it was set to Automatic Channel to which I said yes,he then asked me to change that to Channel 11, I did and the router worked instantly, it was a simple solution and I cant understand why the first 2 failed to do that!

Music lover, I have before in a post written about customer service here in the UK and how many places that are run by mideastern or asian or african people lack proper customer service and how they can be quite rude as well.

DTD, I agree, customer service here stinks almost everywhere!

enlightened spirit, it was more than an accent, they actually spoke bad English which does not help when you are trying to get something technical sorted.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
I agree with MusicLover. We are always transferred to India when placing these calls. I do agree there's cultural differences as MusicLover shared, but I also wonder too if there's fear on the technical advisors side when they can't figure something out because in the past when I've placed such calls and was not successfully helped I've asked pleasantly to be transferred to someone who might have more experience, knowledge or even a supervisor to only end up eventually hanging up the call and calling back and hoping my luck improves with the next call. I wonder if they get in some trouble or possibly lose their jobs if they ever have to transfer the call they are working on to someone else. It is unfortunate. And as MusicLover has also shared, it's very unfortunate that Corporations’ outsource their work in an effort to make more money. I know the term "sweat shop" ise not considered to be a politically correct term nowadays, but that's exactly what they are----the poor workers and the poor consumer having to endear such situations all for the capital gain of the corporation.

With today’s technologies and advancements around the global with things such as the Discovery channel, History channel, etc., you’d think they’d let these beautiful animals be freed to go back to their natural habitat. However, some humans seem to live by the philosophy that “misery loves company” so maybe that’s why they created zoos to cage up these poor critters.

dusk till dawn said...

salam Anglo -LY
just to say i think the german have seen ur post abt the polar cub grub. as it was today in one of the news paper, they said the reason they took the cub away , the mother Vera she might copy another bear Wilma wich munched her own two week old babies after rejecting them , so ur famous now ha ha so they said the cub is their priority,

libyan. said...

I had the same troubles with my wireless router, i didn't have a problem istalling it but i had problems with the frequencies used in my house, since my phone uses the same frequency and they are disturbing each other. and the guy on the phone put me several times on hold to ask his adviser, at the end he told me the answer that i already knew before calling him.I could have saved my time.
Also as dusk till down mentioned, they decided to save the baby bear, and to take it away from its mother.

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie
what you wrote makes sense and is basically happening here as well.

many zoos are trying to clean up their act but more needs to be done.

DTD, I didnt know about that, I will look up the story.
Yeah sure they saw my blog, maybe they should name the cub Anglo-Libyan :oD

libyan, thats the problem I had, it seems its a simple solution but they failed to recognise it, thank you.

Benghazi Citizen said...

It is good u got ur wireless working at last..About the accent debate,when a service provider is providing a help service to its customers ,it must be in the favour of the customer..The simplest thing is to ensure that communication is clear .Imagine you get a spanish tech for a libyan guy in libya ,who needs simple words to get his problem solved...
About the polar bears ,you are right ,it is strange.. Any way,i hate going to the local zoo in Benghazi,i always feel sorry for the animals there...What if it was us in a cage instead of them???i'm sure we wouldnt like that..
Any way ,unfortunately ,zoo are becoming the only way to save some endangered species..
Best regards
Benghazi Citizen

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks benghazi citizen
Benghazi zoo has always been bad as far as I know.
it would be good to see some pictures and i heard that now there is a zoo in Tripoli too, somehow I cant see it being any better :oS
anyone with pictures??