Monday, 18 February 2008

Except the Prophet

Many of us decent peaceful Muslims stood against the crimes committed by some so called extremists Muslims, I myself do not consider a person that blows up a train or bus and kill many innocent people as a Muslim, they are plain murderers, yet as a Muslim I have been offended in the name of so called freedom of press, freedom of choice or whatever other name it is called, 2 years ago, many Danish newspapers published offensive pictures of the prophet Mohammad (PBUH) which they knew would offend all Muslims, whether extremists or moderate and even if we accept the fact that they didn’t know it was going to upset Muslims all over the world, well they soon found out and their action caused a lot of violence and deaths around the world.
Few days ago most Danish major newspapers decided to publish the offensive pictures again, what message is this giving us? As a law abiding decent Muslim living in the west, this is telling me that "we are not going to respect your most respected and admired person (the prophet) so do not except anything else from us" is this right? Is this really freedom of speech? I am with freedom of speech but does that give me the right to insult and offend any group of people? Do I have the right to offend people because of their religion, colour or sex? There is a limit to what we can express, if it is offensive then decency and common sense should be used.
As a Muslim living in the west, I have never harmed anyone in the name of my religion, I have never supported any violence in the name of my religion, yet almost on daily bases I am seeing hostility against Muslims increasing, I am hearing and seeing programs on the radio and TV where they do not have anything to talk about except attacking Muslims and then saying I have nothing against THOSE PEOPLE! we are becoming known as those people!!, many people are so ignorant they think that Muslims have only arrived in the west recently and think of us as terrorists, violent people that are bringing up suicide bombers into the world.
Britain has been decent enough so far by not allowing these offensive images to be published but how long is that going to last?
Yesterday I found out that Wikipedia published the offensive pictures and even though many complained and asked for them to be removed, Wikipedia refused to do so.
A petition was created to protest about Wikipedia’s decision, their goal was to collect 10,000 signatures, so far they have 219,077 signatures and rising, you can sign the petition Here, yet still Wikipedia is saying it is freedom of press or whatever! I mean I am sure they have a page about Paedophilia; does that mean they have the right to show pictures of children being abused by adults or pictures of women being raped? Because that is what they are telling us. Offensive pictures are the same, it does not matter what the contents are. There is another petition there for people that want to keep the offensive pictures, their goal is 100,000 signatures, so far they have 1321 and hardly rising!
All I can say is that I will continue to be a decent peaceful Muslim and hope all Muslims continue to be the same and ignore these ignorant trouble provoking people that continue to offend us.
God bless all peaceful decent Muslims everywhere and our prophet's (PBUH) place in our hearts will never be affected.


I myself could not bring myself to look at what pictures Wikipedia published of the prophet Mohammad as I was wrongly told that they published the offensive pictures but after reading Khadijateri's comment I found out that they were not the offensive pictures but old paintings depection the prophet, of course Islam does not allow us to show any pictures of any prophets, which seems to be the issue here. I feel it is a personal choice if you agree with Wikipedia publishing these images or not but as sister Khadija mentined, these are not the offensive pictures which some European newspapers keep publishing.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008

A Bit of Fun

How do you know that you are in the year 2008?

1) You find out that your family that is not more than 3 people have 4 or 5 mobile telephone numbers.

2) You send an Email to a work colleague even though he/she is sitting at a desk right next to yours.

3) Your relationship with family members and friends that have no Email gets worse and you hardly contact them.

4) You park your car outside your house then use your mobile to phone the house to ask for assisstance with carrying the shopping in.

5) Every TV advert has an internet address at the bottom of the screen.

6) Leaveing the house without taking your mobile phone with you makes you really stress and rush back to pick it up even though you managed to live without one for 20 or 30 years of your life.

8) As soon as you wake up in the morning you check the internet even before you have your coffee.

9) You are now reading this, smiling and shaking your head.

10) You are so busy reading this that you didnt even notice that this list has no number 7.

11) You went back up to check that there is no number 7.

12) I am sure if you scrolled up that you will find number 7, its just that you didnt notice it.

13) You scorlled up again but you did not find number 7. I am making fun of you of course, this goes to show that you have no trust in yourself and that you believe anything said to you.

Now you are laughing and thinking of forwarding this to your friends or maybe not :oD


The Top 10 Contestants For The 2007 Women Drivers Award

10th Place Goes to:

9th Place Goes To:

8th Place Goes To:

7th Place Goes To:

6th Place Goes To:

5th Place Goes To:

4th Place Goes To:

The Bronze Medal Winner:

The Silver Medal Winner:

Her helmet is being worn backwards !

..... and finally, here is our 2007 Women Drivers Awards

*** Gold Medal Winner ***

WOW ! ! How the heck...?!?

Oh never mind... CONGRATULATIONS ! !

This concludes the 2007 Women Drivers Awards Ceremony. Thank you to all contestants for giving us all a reason to laugh & smile


Sorry ladies, no offence intended :o)

Thursday, 7 February 2008

Hollywood & War

I found the following information on a Libyan website, I was actually surprised by some of these quotes, the website did not actually provide a source for this information, I tried to search it but what I got was mainly Lebanese blogs posting the same quotes but again without a source.
While some of these stars are well known for their views, stars such as Mel Gibson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, I found it hard to believe some of the stuff being said here! Anthony Hokins saying he is ashamed of being American, as far as I know, he became an American citizen recently but he is British originally from Wales!
As for Tom Cruise, Dustim Hoffman and Harrison Ford, is it in their interest to say such things? did they make these statements? To be honest, I am not so sure!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger:
The Arabs are terrorists and Israel is making the world a safer place. Well done Israel .

العرب ارهابيين واسرائيل تجعل العالم ماكانا أمنا. حسنا فعلت اسرائيل. سواتزينيقر

Sean Connery:
We are talking from the point of strength, what if we were the weak ones?

نحن نتكلم من نقطة القوة... ماذا لو كنا نحن الضعفاء ؟ شون كونوري

Tom Cruise:

The Arabs are the source of terrorism, they don't spare anyone without attacking them. I hope that Israel destroy all of them.
العرب مصدر الإرهاب... لايدعون احد بدون ان يهاجموه.. أتمنى ان تقضي اسرائيل عليهم جميعا. توم كروز

Will Smith:
Both sides are wrong and the killing must be stopped.

الجانبين على خطأ والقتل يجب ان يتوقف. ول سميث

Anthony Hopkins:
Israel means war and destructions and we Americans are behind this war and I am ashamed of being American.

اسرائيل تعني الحرب والدمار ونحن الأمريكيين خلف هذه الحرب وانا خجول من كوني امريكيا. انتوني هوبكنز

Keanu Reeves:
If the Arabs are strong enough, they would destroy the whole world, therefore, we should annihilate them.

لو العرب اقوياء لدمروا العالم بأسره وبالتالي يجب علينا تدميرهم بالكامل. كينو ريفز

Mel Gibson:
Zionists are the source of destructions, I wish I can fight against them.

الصهيونية هى مصدر الدمار.. اتمنى لو استطيع القتال ضدهم. مل جبسون

Richard Gere:
Arabs are burden on the world and should be annihilated.

العرب عبْ على العالم ويجب تدميرهم بالكامل. رتشارد قير

Sandra Bullock:
I don't know much about the subject but the war should end to stop the blood shed on both sides.

لا اعرف كثيرا حول الموضوع ولكن الحرب يجب ان تنتهي لتوقف سفك الدماء من الجانبين. ساندرا بولك

Al Pacino:
Take look at Israel 's history and you would know who is the terrorist.

القي بنظرة على تاريخ اسرائيل وستعرف من هو الإرهابي. البتشينو

Angelina Jolie:
Arabs and Moslems are not terrorists. The world should unite against Israel .

العرب والمسلمين ليسو ارهابيين... العالم يجب ان يتحد ضد اسرائيل. انجيلينا جولي

Dustin Hoffman:
Humanity seized to exist when Israel was established.

الإنسانية فقدت وجودها عندما تكونت اسرائيل. دستن هوفمن

George Clooney:
Bush, Sharon, Blair and Rice are names that history will damn.

بوش, شارون, بلير, رايس أسماء التاريخ سيزدريهم. جورج كلوني

Harrison Ford:
Arabs are dirtier creatures than animals and we Jews are the chosen people, there is no comparison.

العرب مخلوقات أوسخ من الحيوانات ونحن اليهود الشعب المختار... لا توجد مقارنة. هاريسون فورد

Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Circus of Horrors!

Recently I was invited by friends to attend a show at a theatre but it was not the normal type of show, this was something different, held at the beautiful Hackney Empire.

The show I went to see was called The Circus of Horrors 'THE ASYLUM' , this show has been going for a number of years and it was touring the country again with only 2 dates in London, I thought why not! I have never seen this show before plus its a chance to see the Hackney Empire beautiful interior.

The theatre is located in the borough (بلدية) of Hackney, so I drove there with my friends, we got there at 7:30 found a single yellow line to park the car, walked in and got seated, the first thing I noticed was how close we were to the stage, great seats then I started to take in the beautiful interior of the place, I tried taking few pictures before the show but it was dark so the quality of the pictures is not that good, of course once the show started we were not allowed to take any pictures.

This part of London is well known for its gang wars and shootings, in fact only in the past few months, 3 teenagers have been stabbed, 2 of them have lost their lives so I thought it was a bad taste for the show to start with a black man running in the isle towards the stage with a gun shouting and shooting, for a second I thought what if this was real!! I think many people thought the same, anyway bad taste was the theme of this show. It was basically a freak show full strange and weird people, there was a dwarf doing all sorts of weird things to himself then this girl put her tongue on a wooden board and just hammered a nail throught it then a man started inserting skewers through piercings in his face and nose, that was the part that nearly freaked me out, he even hung a heavy load through a piercing in his nose, ouuuuuuuuuch! check the pictures on the Gallery page of their website. The show was accompanied by a rock band that was playing loud hard rock music, it made the show more intersting and enjoyable, a bit like The Rockey Horroro Show, there was fire eaters, sword swallowers, people walking on nails and fire and so on, the show was about an hour and a half long, I enjoyed it, it was freaky but funny at the same time, what I didnt like about it was the long time devoted to normal trapeze & acrobat which you see in normal circuses and is plain normal.

Of course the horrors of this show did not prepare me for the horror of all horrors, The Mother of all Horrors! As we left the theatre and walked towards the car, I could see that the street were I parked was looking very empty, no cars, not even my car! where the hell is my car?? I thought it was stolen as I didnt think that I committed a parking offence, it was on a single yellow line after all! after making few calls, I found out that it was not stolen but taken to the car pound because I committed a major parking offence by parking in an area with parking restrictions until 11:00 pm, of course the fact that there was no signs or anything to warn people coming from other boroughs did not matter, it was getting late and I could not release my car as I didnt have my car documents on me so ended up going home by public transport, next morning I had to travel miles to get to the car pound, release my car after paying £260, all I can say is, Shame on Hackney Council for trapping motorists in their streets and making them pay so much money, parking laws have become crazy in London and what is legal in the whole of the country and some London boroughs is not legal in other London boroughs.