Tuesday, 5 February 2008

The Circus of Horrors!

Recently I was invited by friends to attend a show at a theatre but it was not the normal type of show, this was something different, held at the beautiful Hackney Empire.

The show I went to see was called The Circus of Horrors 'THE ASYLUM' , this show has been going for a number of years and it was touring the country again with only 2 dates in London, I thought why not! I have never seen this show before plus its a chance to see the Hackney Empire beautiful interior.

The theatre is located in the borough (بلدية) of Hackney, so I drove there with my friends, we got there at 7:30 found a single yellow line to park the car, walked in and got seated, the first thing I noticed was how close we were to the stage, great seats then I started to take in the beautiful interior of the place, I tried taking few pictures before the show but it was dark so the quality of the pictures is not that good, of course once the show started we were not allowed to take any pictures.

This part of London is well known for its gang wars and shootings, in fact only in the past few months, 3 teenagers have been stabbed, 2 of them have lost their lives so I thought it was a bad taste for the show to start with a black man running in the isle towards the stage with a gun shouting and shooting, for a second I thought what if this was real!! I think many people thought the same, anyway bad taste was the theme of this show. It was basically a freak show full strange and weird people, there was a dwarf doing all sorts of weird things to himself then this girl put her tongue on a wooden board and just hammered a nail throught it then a man started inserting skewers through piercings in his face and nose, that was the part that nearly freaked me out, he even hung a heavy load through a piercing in his nose, ouuuuuuuuuch! check the pictures on the Gallery page of their website. The show was accompanied by a rock band that was playing loud hard rock music, it made the show more intersting and enjoyable, a bit like The Rockey Horroro Show, there was fire eaters, sword swallowers, people walking on nails and fire and so on, the show was about an hour and a half long, I enjoyed it, it was freaky but funny at the same time, what I didnt like about it was the long time devoted to normal trapeze & acrobat which you see in normal circuses and is plain normal.

Of course the horrors of this show did not prepare me for the horror of all horrors, The Mother of all Horrors! As we left the theatre and walked towards the car, I could see that the street were I parked was looking very empty, no cars, not even my car! where the hell is my car?? I thought it was stolen as I didnt think that I committed a parking offence, it was on a single yellow line after all! after making few calls, I found out that it was not stolen but taken to the car pound because I committed a major parking offence by parking in an area with parking restrictions until 11:00 pm, of course the fact that there was no signs or anything to warn people coming from other boroughs did not matter, it was getting late and I could not release my car as I didnt have my car documents on me so ended up going home by public transport, next morning I had to travel miles to get to the car pound, release my car after paying £260, all I can say is, Shame on Hackney Council for trapping motorists in their streets and making them pay so much money, parking laws have become crazy in London and what is legal in the whole of the country and some London boroughs is not legal in other London boroughs.


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
WOW--what a night! Anything remotely terrifying scares the hell out of me----like the last couple of pictures on this post. LOL! However, the interior of the building you were in looks gorgeous. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr poor car having to sleep away from home.

Tarek Alwan said...

I am sure you won’t forget this night so easily. This is what happened to me too, it was in Moscow Road W2 I was going for a coffee with a friend who visited me from another city, I was cheated and had to pay a fine of£60.00 because of parking in a single yellow line on Sunday.
It was all due to the change of regulations without any advance warning, so I could not even argue with them.
This my friend is getting too far in living and parking cars in central London.

a_akak said...

I am sure that fine was much more horrific than the actual show? I have heard about this show and I think there was a lady who actually complained about it, so what was your judgment? and did you enjoy it? or was it just too much?

Fe aman Allah

Benghazi Citizen said...

What a night:)
You had it all ,people running with guns ,people sticking things into there bodies ,and the sum of all fear:PARKING FINE...
At least ,you had a night to remember and a show not to watch again ,unless you loved the show very much...
Benghazi Citizen

dusk till dawn said...

salam Anglo-LY
well brother what can can i say ,ha ha did ur mate stiched u up ha ha, i realy feel sorry u had to leave ur car behind, when u were talking abt ur car missing i thought it was a joke and part of the scary show , all cars been taken while ur in side,
it was a horror in both ways .
council now days getting so greedy and money grabber,i thought u been framed bro.
some thing gd come out of it u did enjoy the show.
the next thing the council will do .left ur house while ur sleep and say it was built and erected in the wrong street,
ur not been having an easy ride lately bro, hope happiness will shine soon

enlightened spirit said...

to be honest I hate this kind of horror, and I could't understand what it really add ?
sorry for ur messy night.

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie
the theatre was very beautiful, complete contrast to the show :o)

hello Tarek
Queensway is a hot spot for cars and I had a fine there years ago, it is becoming very difficult to drive and park in London.

the fine spoilt the fun, it was far too much.
the show was good, I enjoyed most of it, some bits were too freaky but I didnt like the silly acrobat acts.

Benghazi citizen,
what a night indeed!
I liked the show but I think once is enough :o)

I wish it was a stitch up but this is becoming very common in London, motorists are being punished everywhere.
lol@council lift your house :o)
thank you brother.

enlighetened spirit,
you are not alone there, many people would never watch anything like that, I have known about it for many years but never thought I would see it, im glad i did but i dont think i would go again :o)

UT said...

Salamat Anglo,

Hope all is well with you :)....

You went in need of some excitement and paid a heavy toll.
Told you horror , does affect us whether you admit it or not ! For does it not put one in a STRANGE MOOD ??
I'm sorry about your car. The other day a policeman caught a friend of mine, chatting away on her mobile and fined her LD500. Here if you know somebody who knows another somebody you dont have to pay a dime ! But if vice versa then you have no choice ... so sad, sigh.
May Allah bless you and your family.

Living Away said...

wow! for the first time i di somewhere, i couldn't go any further...
so, did you have a good time? the theater is really beautiful! thanks for posting the pics before the text!

MusicLover said...



or just google the title

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The article & movie will fascinate you, please use public transportation when you go to see this movie, because next time your car gets pounded I will not feel sorry for you :-)

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Anglo-Libyan said...

salam UT
I hate that wasta thing, at least here we all pay our fines.
Thank you and the same to you.

hi Leandra
yes it was a bit of fun until I couldnt find my car :o)

music lover
what would we do without your link? :o)
I will be more careful next time, thank you.

Anonymous said...

That´s life!

You pay to watch fake horror show, and Allah (swt) gives you a scare for free!!!


(Safia is Silent)

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam Safia,
well it wasnt exactly free! it cost me £260 :oS

BuJ said...

AL.. it's clear that they raised the fee £10.

when i read the tags, i saw all the pics and scrolled to the bottom bit.

2 yrs ago the same crap happened to me. but i parked at night (around 11.30pm) behind edgeware road.. and i parked in a resi spot but near the pay and display.. and since there was a tree covering the sign, i didn't notice it was resi.. so i parked.. less than 45 min later my car was gone along with my coat (it was cold) and my house keys. needless to say i was seriously f***ed off.. BIG TIME.

I called the police and reported it stolen.. they called me back saying it's in the car pound, and worth £250 for freedom. SONS OF *****ES..... it's 2 yrs ago but i'm still very angry about it. Very angry. Nassabeeen.