Thursday, 7 February 2008

Hollywood & War

I found the following information on a Libyan website, I was actually surprised by some of these quotes, the website did not actually provide a source for this information, I tried to search it but what I got was mainly Lebanese blogs posting the same quotes but again without a source.
While some of these stars are well known for their views, stars such as Mel Gibson and Arnold Schwarzenegger, I found it hard to believe some of the stuff being said here! Anthony Hokins saying he is ashamed of being American, as far as I know, he became an American citizen recently but he is British originally from Wales!
As for Tom Cruise, Dustim Hoffman and Harrison Ford, is it in their interest to say such things? did they make these statements? To be honest, I am not so sure!!

Arnold Schwarzenegger:
The Arabs are terrorists and Israel is making the world a safer place. Well done Israel .

العرب ارهابيين واسرائيل تجعل العالم ماكانا أمنا. حسنا فعلت اسرائيل. سواتزينيقر

Sean Connery:
We are talking from the point of strength, what if we were the weak ones?

نحن نتكلم من نقطة القوة... ماذا لو كنا نحن الضعفاء ؟ شون كونوري

Tom Cruise:

The Arabs are the source of terrorism, they don't spare anyone without attacking them. I hope that Israel destroy all of them.
العرب مصدر الإرهاب... لايدعون احد بدون ان يهاجموه.. أتمنى ان تقضي اسرائيل عليهم جميعا. توم كروز

Will Smith:
Both sides are wrong and the killing must be stopped.

الجانبين على خطأ والقتل يجب ان يتوقف. ول سميث

Anthony Hopkins:
Israel means war and destructions and we Americans are behind this war and I am ashamed of being American.

اسرائيل تعني الحرب والدمار ونحن الأمريكيين خلف هذه الحرب وانا خجول من كوني امريكيا. انتوني هوبكنز

Keanu Reeves:
If the Arabs are strong enough, they would destroy the whole world, therefore, we should annihilate them.

لو العرب اقوياء لدمروا العالم بأسره وبالتالي يجب علينا تدميرهم بالكامل. كينو ريفز

Mel Gibson:
Zionists are the source of destructions, I wish I can fight against them.

الصهيونية هى مصدر الدمار.. اتمنى لو استطيع القتال ضدهم. مل جبسون

Richard Gere:
Arabs are burden on the world and should be annihilated.

العرب عبْ على العالم ويجب تدميرهم بالكامل. رتشارد قير

Sandra Bullock:
I don't know much about the subject but the war should end to stop the blood shed on both sides.

لا اعرف كثيرا حول الموضوع ولكن الحرب يجب ان تنتهي لتوقف سفك الدماء من الجانبين. ساندرا بولك

Al Pacino:
Take look at Israel 's history and you would know who is the terrorist.

القي بنظرة على تاريخ اسرائيل وستعرف من هو الإرهابي. البتشينو

Angelina Jolie:
Arabs and Moslems are not terrorists. The world should unite against Israel .

العرب والمسلمين ليسو ارهابيين... العالم يجب ان يتحد ضد اسرائيل. انجيلينا جولي

Dustin Hoffman:
Humanity seized to exist when Israel was established.

الإنسانية فقدت وجودها عندما تكونت اسرائيل. دستن هوفمن

George Clooney:
Bush, Sharon, Blair and Rice are names that history will damn.

بوش, شارون, بلير, رايس أسماء التاريخ سيزدريهم. جورج كلوني

Harrison Ford:
Arabs are dirtier creatures than animals and we Jews are the chosen people, there is no comparison.

العرب مخلوقات أوسخ من الحيوانات ونحن اليهود الشعب المختار... لا توجد مقارنة. هاريسون فورد


a_akak said...

I think it would be very difficult to verify if they quotes are true or not but I am very happy with favorite female actress "Angelina Jolie" :D .... she is goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood ;)

Fe Aman Allah

CNN Libya said...

Hi Anglo!
OMG, I am shocked at Schwarzenegger and Ford, I hope those were not their exact words..
But I think celebrities are human beings just like everyone else, they have the right to speak their minds, and people in the west understand that, so they don’t hate someone because of what he/she said…
that is not the case in the Arab world, Arab celebrities would be hated and attacked , not because they supported one side against the other, but because they met their fans in a certain Arab country, that some people identify as enemy.
I don’t know if you knew about all the hullabaloo that accompanied firouz's visit to Syria!

Crowded Mind said...

how are you anglo and hows the kids ?
well once I got this at my mail and I am shocked at Tom and other
but as you said no body wrote the source
anyway thanks alot

fe aman Allah

MusicLover said...

Blast From The Past!!!

Vanessa Redgrave Best Supporting Actress - Julia

An excellent actress from a famous acting family.

فراشـة said...

السلام عليكم

قام احد المدونين بالتصويت لك في الشهر الماضي
و دخلت السباق

للمزيد من المعلومات
زر مدونة تصويت

و شكرا

فراشـة said...

السلام عليكم
عدت مرة اخرى لأسجل حضوري و تعليقي على الموضوع

الموضوع لفت انتباهي
لأن الشخصيات المتكلمة شخصيات مشهورة و لها تأثيرها على بعض الناس

فمثلا عندما يأتي شخص محبوب و له جمهورة و يقول رأيه في الحرب او اسرائيل و العرب

فهذا امر يغير الرأي العام بشكل كبير
ثانيا يغير رأي جمهوره فيه

هذا إذا كان الكلام فعلا صحيح
لا أقصد الطعن في مصداقية ما كتبت

لكن قد يكون المصدر غير موثوق منه


رأي الشخصي
تغيرت نظرتي لبعط الشخصيات
فزاد احترامي لويل سميث و ميل جبسون

و زدت كرها لتوم كروز

أهداف الموضوع في البداية أسباب لا تخفى على الجميع

و لا داعي لأتكلم عنها الآن


T-T-Tommy said...

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Anglo-Libyan said...

lol@Ahmed :o)
Angelina Jolie was in Iraq yesterday doing humanitarian work.

CNN Libya
celebrities being in the limelight should be careful with what they say, it could back fire on their careers.
I know about Fairouz and Syria, she is a singer not a politician, her visit to Syria is for the people.

salam crowded mind (Maya) we are well and thank you :o)

Music lover
I once saw Vanessa Redgrave in Al-Shati hotel in Tripoli, it was a long time ago and she was there for a political visit.

thank you :o)
of course all this could be just rubbish as I can not confirm the source.

I have posted a link, its on the top right corner of my blog and I will keep it for the duration.
best of luck.

dusk till dawn said...

salam Anglo-LY

well its so strange for such famous actars to say that, even though, if they said it it must be akind of refernce, and the time been said, as quote / un quote .
i never came cross or heard them saying that, but who cares ha ha
our famous actars could say the same.
thanx for posting it

BuJ said...

wow, nice post AL.. i dunno if all of these are true, but it's kinda sad if they say these things.. no?

thanks for publicising it.. mind you Al Pacino's quote (as usual) is brilliant!

caminhos que nos levam said...
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Living Away said...

well anglo, those types of declaration could put a career on jeopardy and i'm not sure if those hollywood stars would put them in such a risk!

have a great sunday!

Benghazi Citizen said...

I think Living Away has a good point..
These qouts can't be true ,simply because some of them would cause a very strong reaction..I think many had heard about Mel Gebson and after math of his piece (Passions of the Christ ) and the other incident when he was arrested for driving under influence of Alcohol and all he said against the Jews..
He almost got him self crossified... Some actors have participated in many anti war activities ,and some declared a limitless support to their governmont..but yet...some qouts can't be right..

loza said...

helloo Anglo...

first of all ..
nice subject .. I liked it ..

but these r own opinions can't drive anyone to anything material .. just it can help us to see stars's minds like those .. for sure if that true ..

but I'm Glad coz fortunately I got what I want from my favorite stars .. Mel Gibson and sweetie WILL SMITH .. look in his face .. he's sooooooooo cute wallahi .. ;D

Best regard to u anglo...

Maya M said...

As we say, if your foes spread a rumour that your sister is a slut, it may be impossible for you to prove that you have no sister.
Without a link to a reliable source, don't believe. Indeed, star actors (and other rich people) tend to mistake their income for intelligence and play experts in all fields, from politics to medicine. And they are not immunized against bigotry. However, their position and their very training makes them careful about what they say. As was noted above, only for Gibson there is evidence to have actually talked bigotry in public, and he was heavily drunk.
It would be interesting for me to know whether the alleged statements have some correspondence to the actual views of these actors.

حنان شلبي said...


حبيتو للموضوع وبما انو في كتير ممثلين بنحبهم وبنتابعهم اعطو رايه فاكيد رايهم حياثر عنظرتي الهم بعدين مثلا

كتير كبر بنظري البتشينو و دستن هوفمان و ويل سميث وانجلينا وميل جبسون

ونزل من عيني ريتشار جير بعد ما كان عالي اخص عليه خسارة فيه اعجابنا بادوارو

وكتير نفسي شوفو ل هاريسون فورد شخصيا وورجيه مين المختارين لابن القردة والخنازير

وتحياتي الك مع انك خليتني اعصب على هالصبح واقرا اراء بتسم البدن فينا
قال شووووووووووووووووووو احنا ارهابيين!!!!!!! ناس ما بتسوى بتحكي عنا احنا هيك والله مهزلة

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam DTD
Benghazi citizen
Maya m
and Hannan,

thank you for your comments and I think that the conclusion is we do not really believe that such things can be said as it could affect their reputation and status in middleeastern countries, then again who know??

Rebellious Arab Girl said...

Some actors are real idiots.. but you can tell who is Jewish or not.

I like Anthony Hopkins's words the most.

UT said...

Hi Anglo !
An excellent topic....
The actors be they pro Jews or not I believe is a personal choice.
Why this hatred of Jews ,Arabs , muslims or whatever??

What goes around comes around.
Can we not live in a world of peace ????