Tuesday, 12 February 2008

A Bit of Fun

How do you know that you are in the year 2008?

1) You find out that your family that is not more than 3 people have 4 or 5 mobile telephone numbers.

2) You send an Email to a work colleague even though he/she is sitting at a desk right next to yours.

3) Your relationship with family members and friends that have no Email gets worse and you hardly contact them.

4) You park your car outside your house then use your mobile to phone the house to ask for assisstance with carrying the shopping in.

5) Every TV advert has an internet address at the bottom of the screen.

6) Leaveing the house without taking your mobile phone with you makes you really stress and rush back to pick it up even though you managed to live without one for 20 or 30 years of your life.

8) As soon as you wake up in the morning you check the internet even before you have your coffee.

9) You are now reading this, smiling and shaking your head.

10) You are so busy reading this that you didnt even notice that this list has no number 7.

11) You went back up to check that there is no number 7.

12) I am sure if you scrolled up that you will find number 7, its just that you didnt notice it.

13) You scorlled up again but you did not find number 7. I am making fun of you of course, this goes to show that you have no trust in yourself and that you believe anything said to you.

Now you are laughing and thinking of forwarding this to your friends or maybe not :oD


The Top 10 Contestants For The 2007 Women Drivers Award

10th Place Goes to:

9th Place Goes To:

8th Place Goes To:

7th Place Goes To:

6th Place Goes To:

5th Place Goes To:

4th Place Goes To:

The Bronze Medal Winner:

The Silver Medal Winner:

Her helmet is being worn backwards !

..... and finally, here is our 2007 Women Drivers Awards

*** Gold Medal Winner ***

WOW ! ! How the heck...?!?

Oh never mind... CONGRATULATIONS ! !

This concludes the 2007 Women Drivers Awards Ceremony. Thank you to all contestants for giving us all a reason to laugh & smile


Sorry ladies, no offence intended :o)


Tarek Alwan said...

I am 100% sure that I am in 2008 as I've done few of what in the list.
The other thing is the photos, someone sent them to me before and I liked them very much so I included them in my video titled (funny photos) on Youtube.
You can have a look at the link http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1wQakxWUwng

MusicLover said...

To be fair to Women


Safia the silent one said...

I loved the pic with the gasoline hose sticking out of the car!

My mom once drove almost thru entire Switzerland with a bread and a knife on top of the roof.

Anyway, the woman in the golden winner picture reminds me a bit of Hillary Clinton...

enlightened spirit said...

It is funny , it reached me by email also, and really made me smile, which is a bonus for the collector ... but after the smile my arrogance start to work,so let me pls analyses these pcts.
I think no one can say for sure that the driver was a women in all the pct the exception is in the 9th pct which I like the most,and I can say with certainty that, the woman felt more comforable when she wear the helmet this way, and she is totally aware of what she is doing.
also I can accept hardly that the driver in the police car is a woman.
then in the 4th pct there were two person approaching the offended car in the parking, a man and a woman, why should we guess that was for the woman?
so in conclusion I want to announce ( sorry men )it is just another wicked attack from men over women ...

Anonymous said...

Haha u soo got me for the missing 7!! and as for the ladies, HAha thats too funny! (no offense 2 any1 i am a lady myself but dont drive YET!):P

Nabeel said...

Hahaha... want even more fun? Check this out:

ISLAMOfashion -- a hilarious mock-umentary KABOBfest.com created about the kuffiyeh kraze. You've got to check it out!

DaMoon said...

LOL classic, thanks for sharing

حنان شلبي said...

هااااااااااااااااااااي يا مان كيفكو اليوم

والله كل الي حكيتو عن 2008 مزبوط بس بالنسبة الي انا كتير 2008 تاعتي سبيشال تعرف كيف حقولك يا سيدي
لاني عايشة بمدينة بتجنن عراي المجانين هههههههههه الي بيحبوها طبعا , بصح من النو الساعة 5 الفجر بطلع من بيتي5 ونص بوصل مكتبي عال7 ببلش دوامي الرسمي عال8 بيخلص عال3ونص وبوصل بيتي عال 5 مع العلم انو بيتي بدون الزحمة ببعد عن شغلي 10دقائق بس ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه شفتو ال 2008 ماحلاها بتعقد

وسدقني هالزحمة الي بمدينتي او بالبلد كلوووووو مو من النسوان بل من النسوان والرجال على حد سواء
فحرام كل ما صارت مصيبة تحطوها براسنا

بس للحق والضمير اغلب النسوان ما بيعرفو يسوقو وانا عن نفسي لمة بكون بالسيارة وحد قدامي يجن ولا ينهبل فجاة عطول بحكي اكيد وحدة ست بتسوق هههههههه
بس يلا الله بعين بدكم تتحملونا شو بدكم تعملو ما فيكم تعيشو بالدنيا بدونا مين حينكد عليكو

سلاااااااااااااااااام وان شاءالله الله ببعد عنكم الزحمة اللهم اميييييييييييييين

Anglo-Libyan said...

hello Tarek
I checked your video, very funny, hope others will see it :o)

thank you music lover :o)

salam Safia,
my favourite is the helmet picture :o)
I dont think Hilary would like that hahahaha

enlightened spirit,
you are probably right, I mean women drivers is part of the battle of the sexes, anyway women are probably safer drivers than men :o)

glad you enjoyed it ya anonymous :o)

salam Nabeel and thanks for the visit, I am familiar with Kabobfest, read it regularly, funny video, especially the little dog :o)

you are welcome ya damoon.

salam Hannan,
where do you live? that is awful, sounds worse than driving in London :o)

حنان شلبي said...

ههههههههههههههههههههههههههههه مافي اسوأ من عنا والحمدلله
انا عايشة ب......................... مستعد تسمع هالخبرية

دبي دبي دبي دبي سعاااااااااااااااااادة

هههههههههههههه مع احترامي لكل المجانين طبعا

Crowded Mind said...

thats funny
thanks I laughed alot

fe aman Allah

Emily said...

the one smashed between the buses is definitely a man. or a woman with a mustache.

Benghazi Citizen said...

very funny....I liked third ,and i wondered how they get first out..
thank u for sharing..really nice..

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Well for me the two's have it. I do number two in 2008 ALL of the time. :-) And the lady with the helmet makes me laugh. You know it's quite difficult to put a helmet on backwards. Just operating the chinstrap would be a dead give away.

Lalla-Mira.com said...

You got me with the 7 trick! Haha!

Off topic: Is a turtle 'fakroon' in Libyan as well?

Anglo-Libyan said...

Dubai is nice ya Hannan :o)

you are welcome ya Maya

hello Emily
maybe it was a drag queen :o)

glad you liked them, benghazi citizen.

salam ibeebarbie
number 2 applies to me too, my colleague is so close that we sometimes just talk to eachother while sitting at our desks, still we send emails to eachother, incidently, it was him that emailed these pictures :o)
I love the helemt picture!

salam lalla_mira.com
yes we say Fakroona (female tortoise) im assuming you are Morrocan.

قلب كبير said...

ما عندي ما نقول ع الصور

إلا تحيا قيادة النساء

فلولا قيادة النساء

لما استمتعت بهذا الموضوع


لك كل الاحترام

Ema said...

At the point number 6 iwas really laughing and nodding lol

"As soon as you wake up in the morning you check the internet even before you have your coffee"

sooo true lool

thanx for the funny pics :D

Rebellious Arab Girl said...

The list you had is very funny. The car scenes.. just a little disturbing for my taste.. hehehe

Living Away said...

thank you so much for making me laugh good even before get out of the bed to have breakfast...yes, i log in before even get up...i'm soooo ashamed but at the same time very happy to know that i'm a woman of my time!

just a little defense here:
i have 4 driving licenses: brasil, usa, switzerland and taiwan. i've taught 4 men how to drive and they came to me to ask for it. i drive since i was 12!
the point is, we women are so busy all the time that you don't have time to take pics of men driving!

btw, those pics are really great. i'm copying them to send to my brother.

take care dear!

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam big heart and thanks forvisiting :o)

hello ema, hope all is well.
glad I made you laugh :o)

salam rebellious arab girl
sorry for disturbing you but it is for fun :o)

hello Leandra
so glad I made you laugh
4 driving licences! wow, anyway women are safer drivers than men (I think) :o)

Amina said...

hehehe that was good one..btw, myself still need to make my licence

UT said...


The Women in the pics at least landed more or less safely, alive and looking good !
One for us Ladies and zero to you gents !!!

Sorry gents....lol

Mr: Madi said...

I like them my friend ... thanks 4 the laugh

BuJ said...

oh these are hilarious!! thanks for sharing :-)

i remember seeing a brilliant one LIVe in beirut many yrs ago. a woman with a 4x4 managed to mount her car on the pavement then drive down it, but the car was wedged on the concrete.. with both pairs of tyres just off the ground. IDIOT.. i dunno why the hell she wanted to mount that bit of kerb.. anyway at the end we helped her put 4wd and rocked the car till it got contact and drove off..

to be honest i was too busy helping her (and secretly laughing my head off) to take pictures to share it.. but i tell you she had more makeup than sense! and i dont even remember a thank you.