Monday, 3 March 2008


Yesterday Britain celebrated mother's day, so happy mother's day to all mums in the UK and all over the world


It has been a while since I updated, not much has happened, my kids have moved to another school few weeks ago, the school where they were was conveniently located near the house but it did not have a good report and had many problems with bullying, my daughter was bullied by other girls in her class ever since both kids moved into this school just over a year ago, we have complained to the school but nothing was done, my daughter always loved going to school but in the few weeks before we moved them she started making excuses about not going, like not feeling well and so on... I talked to her and she started to cry and told me that the bullying got to the stage where the other girls have made sure that Aida was always left alone during break time, she hated not being able to talk or play with anyone, the strange thing is that the leader of the bullying girls is a neighbours daughter who often comes to the house to play with Aida or when ever her mum wanted to go somewhere, she would bring her to stay with Aida, we talked to her mum but again nothing happened, one of the worst incidents was when she came home one day with her arm bleeding and leg bruised which was because she was pushed by these dreadful girls.
They have now moved to another school which is not near the house but the children have adjusted well, this school does have a good reputation of being one of the best in this area where bullying is kept to a minimum, I am glad both kids are very happy and enjoying the new school and have already even got certificates for being good behaved and hard working.


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Happy Mother's Day to all the Mother's.

Thank goodness your children have been moved to another school. I try not to even think of those situations as it gets me really worked up. I now I have to start interviewing schools to find a good one for Amira as she starts next year. As much as I know I have to do this, I still hate thinking of her not being under my protection at all times.

UT said...

Good to hear you're back !

Happy mum's day to all mum's in Britain. We in Libya will celebrate it this month as well on the 21st with the Children's Day! Each part of the world has its special day.........

So sorry to hear of Aida's bullying. Its because she's nice and cant be nasty ,so kids take advantage of this,sigh !

May Allah bless and protect her always.

libyan. said...

Good that you are back to blogging. The story with your kids shows me how important it is to be friends with your children and always to speak to them and show them that no one can hurt them or do them harm as long as the parents are there.

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebabie

a good school is a good investment, it is not an easy task but yes its better to start looking now.
you know, I still sometimes feel a bit bad when I drop the kids at school because they are not under my protection anymore but it gets easier and you will inshaAllah get used to it when Amira starts coming home happy with what she acheived.

Thank you UT
yes its on the 21 March in Libya, I always thought it was unfair that mother & children's day fall on the same date and only in Libya!

hello Libyan and thank you.
yes that is right and is very important, children need reassurances all the time, especially if they are going through a hard time.

a_akak said...

bullying seems to be a very bit issue here as it is always on the news, anyway, i think you tackled it in a very good way ... Although girls might be a bit different than boys, but I good way (which i can personally say worked) was to go and find the biggest and meanest guy in the school and punch him straight on the face "BANG" :D but it might be a little bit different for girls

Fe Aman allah

Lebeeya said...

I'm really sorry for what Aida had to go through, it must have been a painful experience for her.

The root problem behind bullying is a severe case of ignorance and inability of the parents to teach their children that respecting yourself includes respecting other people.

حنان شلبي said...


احنا عنا بعدو يوم الام ما اجا بس يارب بتضل كل الامهات بخير وانا بعتبر انو كل يوم بحياتنا لازم يكون عيد لامهاتنا بصراحة مناااااااااااااااضلات الله يطول بعمرهم ويرحم من بين يدي الله

تانيا بصراحة بنتك قطعتلي قلبي , ياحرام كل هاد وساكتة وما بكيت الا بس حكيت معها والله لو انا بمكانك ما بعرف شو كنت بسوي بس اكيد ما كنت رح كون متلك , لشو الحكي انت رجل قلبك بعقلك بس انا لو كنت مكانك كنت رح روح امسح بكرامة الطلاب والمدير والمدرسين الارض ومو بعيد اتخانق مع البواب

مو لاني بحب المشاكل بالعكس انا ما بحب اتخانق بس كلو الا اولادي هون في سور احمر مو خط احمر شو جبتهم من السوبرماركت انا

ياسيدي يعطيك العافية وان شاء الله الله بيحفظلك ياهم وبيحميهم وضلك متابعهم واسالهم ونط عالمدرسة اسال عنهم وراقب الموضوع خليهم يحسو انك مراقبهم وانهم مساءلين عاي تقصير او اذى بيلحق اولادك طالما همة في اطار سور المدرسة

شو مافي قانون بالبلد


Benghazi Citizen said...

Happy mothers' day every day of the year ,every where on the planet..
bullying is a serious problem ,unfortunately it is under addressed in Libya..Sad enough some parents help ,not only by passive attitudes ,,but some times they participate in the bullying process it self..
I'm happy the kids are feeling better about their new school..

Anonymous said...

I think that it is the parent's duty to teach their kids how to handle such bullying cases ... Personally i teach my chldren to be tough with bullies and not to give in .. This is life... as our saying says : "if you are not a wolf you will be eaten by wolves !!!"
I hope your kids will be happy in the new school and wish them a happy new school life ..

MusicLover said...

Bullying exist everywhere in the world at school, work place, home and etc...

Bullying comes in many forms, the new modern kind of bullying is cyber bullying. Schools are having hard time how to deal with cyber bullying on myspace website.

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Luciano Pavarotti - Celeste Aida

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Anglo-Libyan said...

salam Ahmed
believe me I did feel like punshing few people but I am glad I did it the right way, thank you.

Lebeeya, big salam to you, so happy to see you here :o)
many of these kids come from disfunctional families that if you talk to them about their kids behaviour all you get is abuse!

salam Hannan,
it is very difficult when your own kids are hurt and not much is being done to protect them by the school, I wanted them out of this school anyway as it was not doing well, temporary headteacher & teachers then bullying, I would have taken it a lot further but I am glad we are out of this dreadful place.

Benghazi citizen
that is exactly right.
thanks a lot.

music lover
many thanks for the links. I have been following stories about cyber bullying, something I wanted to mention for a while.

Living Away said...

oh my god!
kids are so cruel! your daughter seems to be a very sweet girl and she must be very hurt! poor thing!
she has parents who pay attention on her and her emotions...i can imagine those unfortunate kids who don't!

happy mother's day to your wife!

Crowded Mind said...

thats really bad thing ,,Aida is anice girl mashaAllah 3aleha she'll get over that I'm sure
fe amanAllah

Maya M said...

I feel sad for Aida, but happily it's over. Congratulations for dealing with the problem decisively and in the right way. It is unimportant that her new school is somewhat far.
I disagree with the anonymous commenter who thinks children should be taught to be tough with bullies. This actually means blaming the victim for being unable to defend himself. Bullies are cowards, they like to prey on the weak. If a child is short, how on Earth can his parents help him "not give in" - inject him with growth hormone?! And when bullies form packs, as they tend to do, even a strong child cannot defend himself. When we adults are bullied by stronger people, we usually don't try to be tough but call the police.

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you livingaway for the lovely comment.

salam crowded mind and thank you.

hello maya m, thanks for the support and your comment which makes a lot of sense.

Khalid said...

If Aida is going to read this, I'd like to tell her that she cannot give this big bully what she wants, she wants her to become lazy and to hate school, therefore Aida has to refuse to give in to the bullying and threats, to ignore the silly girl, and to focus on her studying.

On the other hand, Anglo, I think the parents of the bullying kid need to know about their daughter's behavior, especially if there is a chance that it has anything to do with Aida being Arab or Muslim, kids violence is usually motivated by what they hear from their parents.

I hope Aida gets over it safely.

MusicLover said...

Bully Game

This game is getting a lot of news lately.

BuJ said...

hala AL.. good to hear from you and happy mom's day :-)
bless all moms!

i hate bullying btw, i really hate it.. i had a bit of it in school.. not too much but enough to really hate it till now.. however i managed to figure out that brain is more powerful than muscle in school and u can do some serious damage and have some serious protection if u were smart enough.. but it took a while as there is no substitute for experience.. however bullying is wrong.. i remember i was really affected when i suspected my kid bro was being bullied in school.. i was in grade 12 and he was in grade 1.. and i remember i made the lives of all that grade like a toilet that wouldn't flush till i was certain he wasn't being bullied.

two wrongs don't make a right, i didn't bully anyone, but i made them aware of the consequences if they bullied my lil bro :)

anyway.. hope it's being sorted.. the problem with uk schools is that teachers have no rights now and students can get away with murder.. really sad.

anyway otherwise, i hope ur doing well AL :)

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
I LOVE what you've done to your page. It has a very calm peaceful effect.

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks Khalid for the kind words.
The bullying had nothing to do with race or religion as the other girls were Somali, Afghani and English.

Music lover, I will have a look :o)

hala Buj
I can see how you felt, we all feel very protective towards smaller members of our family.

Yes here teachers have no rights what so ever, a stupid move that is increasing the number of pupils getting to no good.

salam ibeebarbie and thank you :o)

UT said...

Hope all is well with you.
Whatever happened to the last post ?? er.....? duh ?

I hope Aida is doing better and is happy with her new school.

May Allah bless and protect Amir and Aida always.


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