Monday, 10 March 2008

Libyan Documentary

I found this very interesting travel documentary about a trip to Libya by The Travel Channel, the trip goes from Leptis Magna to Tripoli, Ghdames then all the way down south to the Akakas mountains trying to find out about the history of the Roman Chariots in Libya, the presenter is accompanied by a Libyan female guide/interpreter Najat and her brother Naji, although I think the documentary gives a bit too much credit to Libya than it should, still I thought it was compelling viewing and very enjoyable with stunning scenery, all 50 minutes of it.

Click on image to watch the Documentary


Yesterday I decided to strip and clean one of the tortoises enclosures (I have 2 enclosures), all 5 tortoises (3Tunisian & 2 Libyan) were moved to the bath were they had a good soak while I removed all the sand, changed the wooden bottom then filled it again with a mixture of sand and compost, the tortoises had a good look around and a sniff when I returned them before they all moved to bask under the warm light. Next week inshaAllah will the turn of the other enclosure which houses my prized 4 Libyan tortoises (Testudo Kleinmanni).

the enclosure after the cleaning


a_akak said...

I have seen this one and it just shows a very small fraction of the hidden beauty of our beautiful country, it is sad that we dont know our own country that much and insha allah one day I will get to see these places

Fe Aman Allah

programmer craig said...

That guy drives like my Grandmother! He found a pretty translator, didn't he? Her brother didn't look too happy though :O

It's a great documentary, AL. Thanks for posting it :)

UT said...

Nice post Anglo !

ERRR Whatever happened to the last post . If I'm nosy just say the word.

Hope all is well with you.....

take care,


Crowded Mind said...

I love those gorgouse tortoises
May Allah bless them for you
At least tortoises can live for long time not like the kittens sigh

fe aman Allah

حنان شلبي said...


I really enjoyed watching this film about Libya, it's WOOOW, I like safari soooo much especially in desart, u've a wonderful one wallah.
Hope I can visit it one day soon.

Best regards

Anglo-Libyan said...

I hope inshaAllah I do too ya Ahmed :o)

salam PC
yes he definitly did :o)

you are welcome and nice to see you again.

Thanks UT :o)

Thanks crowded mind, I knew you would like them :o)

salam Hanan
glad you enjoyed it and inshaAllah you do one day :o)

MusicLover said...


An excellent documentary

For kids and for adults who never grow up

Lykke Li

Anonymous said...

I am concerned about the state of Libya and its inhabitants. It worries me that over 1/3 of the country's population is now made up of sub-saharan Africans, most of them illegal, and that the Libyan people have not reacted strongly enough against this veritable invasion that threatens their very existence. Are Libyans not concerned about their future and the future of their country? Aren't they worried that if they don't pressure their government to deport all of these illegal immigrants immediately and crack down on illegal border crossing as well as enter the dangerous cities that one Libyan minister claims "Libyans police are too afraid to enter," that Libyans will become sub-saharan African in 10 years? They Libya will become a Black country and sadly, therefore, because similar to sub-saharan Africa? I am also worried about why Libyans have not complained about their leaders pro-African policies when it is in the best interest of North Africans to unite as North Africans rather than to look to an alien world- the Black world- a world they have no relation to and have no history with. The troubling news that the EU is sponsoring a program along with the International Organisation for Migration in order to "encourage" migrants to leave of their own accord rather than deport them does not bode well. This shows that Europe is once again meddling in Southern Mediterranean affairs and that they are applying double standards- for obviously, Europeans do not give illegal migrants the choice when they decide to deport them. It also seems absurd that the shelter houses 40 illegals when there are over 2 million in the country. Don't the Libyan people realize that the only solution is the immediate mass deportation of these criminals who have invaded Libya and who threaten the future of Libya? Are you not concerned about your survival? As far as I can tell, it is a genocide of Libyans, because they will cease to exist. As a Tunisian, I am awaiting some reaction from Libyans in the hope that we can help our neighbors to secure their very existence. Perhaps it would be wise to put more pressure on the newspapers to write about this genocide?

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