Wednesday, 16 April 2008

My Poor Car!

2 days ago I was driving my car in north London in the evening, as I was driving through this road, I saw a car coming from a road on my right, I had the right of way so I continued but the other car just turned towards me and SLAM! just before they hit my car I could see a young man driving, he was looking and smiling at his companion (a girl) and did not pay attention to the road, now before anyone says anything, I am perfectly fine, it was a small accident with damage to both cars only.
My first reaction was of course, how am I going to drive the kids to school and myself to work?? the other guy came out of the car, he was only young, probably 19 or 20 years old, we exchanged paper works, everything was in order, being Libyan, we have this extra sense that we know if a person we meet is Egyptian! I asked him if he was Egyptian, unsurprisingly the answer was yes.
He actually was very polite and admitted he was at fault but was worried about loosing his licence and wanted to settle the claim privately, the only annoying thing about him is that he kept calling me 3amo! (uncle) but I am I suppose at that age!
My poor car was taken eventually to a garage where I was quoted an amount out of this world to fix it, I spoke to the Egyptian guy and obviously he can not afford to pay that money so I told him that I am making a claim through his insurance, I had no other choice but it was his fault after all.
The surprise was that I am entitled to a courtesy car until my car is fixed, the other party will have to pay for it as long as it is proved that they were at fault.
So couple of hours ago they delivered the new car to my work place, MashaAllah, a lovely car, I want to keep it, I wish they would take the other car and leave me this one but that is wishful thinking, Alhamdulellah, I am not carless anymore.
The courtesy car


enlightened spirit said...

"I wish they would take the other car and leave me this one but that is wishful thinking, Alhamdulellah, I am not carless anymore."

shame on u (3Amoo) Anglo, u give up on ur car too quickly.

7amdellah 3assalama, wzay mn9"olo feha, baseta jet fe al7ded.

حنان شلبي said...

الف الف الحمدلله عسلامتك في عنا مثل بهيك حالة بيحكي بالحديد ولا في العبيد والحمدلله انكم انتو الاثنين بخير وما حد مصاب

تني شي صراحة وانا بقرا البوست تاعك ضحكت كتير عليك لانك طلعت مش عموووووووووو هههههههههههههههههه الحق عليك الشب حب يحترمك ويقدرك ,طلعنا مش احنا بس (الستات)بنتدايق من حد يقلنا خالتوووووووووو واحنا بنفس الرينج تقرررررررررريبا
بس يلا انت الكبير يا اخي سامحو معلش ومتاخدش ببالك

واخيرااااااا بصراحة السيارتين مو واو كنت جبتلنا سيارة محرزة هيك فور ويل خلينا نتفشخر فيها

وتحياتي وحمدلله عالسلامة

A.Adam said...

elhumd'allah 3la salamtek 3amo Anglolibyan or haj Anglolibyan
take care and have a nice time with courtesy car

maiuna said...

الحمد لله على سلامتك عمو انجلو ;)

Weldemdina said...

glad you alright, and you lucky that the driver has an insurance otherwise it would be a nightmare to fix the car, alahmdulelah I am lately using the train to go to work, so peace and quite and less hassle with the motorway for few weeks to come, its cheaper to use the train then the car at the moment.

Anglo-Libyan said...

enlightened spirit, yes shame on me but the new car is lovely :o)

Hanan, men can be worse than women, I guess I have to accept that I am a 3amo now :o)
4 wheel drive, nice but not very practical in London.

a.adam, thank you my son.
Haj.Anglo :o)

thank you dear maiuna, long time no see :o)

yes, weldemdina, thank God he was insured.
sometimes I wish I could use the public transport here in London but it is the most expensive in the world and difficult to afford with a car as well, thank you.

PH said...

Alhamd illah 3ala Al-salama, nice car indeed pray that your car doesn't get fixed in a long time :P.


Benghazi Citizen said...

7amdellah 3alsalama...
It's good no body got hurt..The only victims were the cars ,,and as we say in Libya:جت في الحديد ساهل
well,i guess i am not young enough to call u 3amoo,,but,the idea is tempting since it makes me feel
the new car is lovely,i wouldn't let it go if i were you:)

Good Girl said...

Asslamo alikom:

I always think in this way: such events are just reminders to us that Allah is there. It could have been much worse but by the grace of Allah it was just that....So ten thousands Allahamdullah alla assalama ....(3amoo).
Good Girl.

Living Away said...

thank god you are ok!
and the guy, will lose his license?

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks ph

benghazi citizen,
looks like my car will be wriiten off by the insurance, bad news
thanks for your comment.

good girl, thank you for the 10,000 wishes and of course Alhamdulellah for everything.

living away, thank you
he might get penalty points on his licence for reckless driving and his insurance bill will rise but he wont loose his licence for that.

Highlander said...

salamtak - glad you did not have to pay for it !

dusk till dawn said...

salam Anglo- LY
salamatik good driver , thank god u all ok. thats whats count, i can see why u felt in love with the new car, hope all will sorted out ,
now anglo u been greedy ha ha iam sure when ur car comes back it will be just like new
alhamddulo allah ,hope the youn guy will not lose his license its aleason to learn

UT said...

Alhamdulilah ala Alsalama!

Nice courtesy car, wish we had that service here. In Tripoli when you have an accident you pay the consequences, even if you're insured. We just hope that we come out alive !


Anglo-Libyan said...

good to see you highlander and thank you :o)

DTD, I dont think my old car is coming back, seems it had it, time to shop soon unfortunately.
the guy wont loose the licence just some penalty points I think.
thank you my friend.

Thanks UT
what is the point of car insurance in Libya then!!
May all of you be safe inshaAllah.

Um Dania said...

hamdulellah alassalama... i always wonder how people could manage to drive in crazy london without accidents.. you prove me wrong...there`s endeed accidents .. thanks god this one was not big.. cars are replacable...
the black car is good though ,,you should keep it ;)....

loza said...

7amdela 3ala salamtek ..

and take care next time.. about the car insha allah m3awda .. walayheme..

Anonymous said...

الحمد لله على سلامتك

I heard about the debate on another blog from a a mutual friend

well I have never read anything as insulting as this, ph did subject you to a torrent of insults then he insulted UT who was very polite to him, he even ignored her comments when she asked him to apologise, the last straw for this guy was insulting Suliman with a language that any Libyan would find offensive, most likely ph is not libyan or never lived in libya, his analysis and replying to comments that were directed to the blog owner seems like the ranting of someone on drugs but not a surprise, I checked his blog and it took me less than 5 minutes to finish, not very inspiring lol...

S. G

MusicLover said...

Hit the road Jack!

Make sure when you drive the beautiful car is to listen to this song :-)

the only annoying thing about him is that he kept calling me 3amo! (uncle) but I am I suppose at that age!

I think he was insensitive because he was not aware of your midlife crisis :-) at least the insurance company was aware of it and send you a beautiful car.

At least you are safe.

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you dear Loza for the lovely comment :o)

anon, S.G?
thanks but I have moved on

nice song Musiclover :o)
yea midlife crisis, thanks for the reminder :os
have a good day mr

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