Wednesday, 30 April 2008

New Mayor for London

Ken, Brian & Boris

Tomorrow, 1st May 2008, is an important day for most Londoners, it is the day that we get to elect a Mayor for the city of London, the past 8 years this role has been held by the famous Ken Livingston, this time there are 3 major candidates fighting for the mayor position, Labour's Ken Livingston trying for a third term, Conservatives weird man Boris Johnson and Liberal Democrats former senior police man Brian Paddick.

At the moment it looks like the fight is between Ken & Boris, with both exchanging insults and accusations all over the media. Ken Livingston is usually the favourite with the Muslim community here because of his support to Muslims and to the Palestinian cause in general, he has actually done a lot of good for London but he is not without faults.
Boris was accused by Ken of threatening to ban the Quran in the UK and of being racist towards ethnic minorities to which Boris replied that he never said anything against the Quran, he even went as far as saying that his family descends originally from Turkey and that his great grand father memorised the Quran by heart, the dirty campaign continues by those two.
While I find Brian Paddick very polite and keeping away from the cheap talk the other two are doing, I do not think he has much chance of winning. We shall find out on Friday the 2nd of May inshaAllah.

Incidentally, most schools in London are closed tomorrow because they are to be used as polling stations, last Thursday schools closed too because of a teacher's strike, I know this is going to be embarrassing to my daughter Aida but I have to say it:

After the strike was over, Aida came home and asked me if I knew what the strike was about, I said yes it was a strike by teachers over their pay, she said no baba, it was a NUT strike by teachers!I asked her if she knew what that meant to which she replied that she thinks it means that teachers have been banned from eating nuts at school so that is why they went on strike, I burst out laughing and explained to Aida that the NUT in the letters about the strike refers to the "National Union of Teachers" (NUT) and not nuts that we eat, poor Aida was very embarrassed but she couldn't stop laughing either :o)


I found the following poster stuck on many trees all over the streets surrounding my work so if you know where Bear the bear is please get in touch :o)

Goes to show how much teddy bears are loved in this country.


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Awww politics---just rotten isn't it?

LOL@the wonderful assumption by Aida. I love the way kinds think---never stops amazing me.

I recall one time my brother lost his teddy bear aka B-Bear. Anyway, there was hell for the whole household to pay because he came up missing when it was bedtime. One of my parents found a store open late at night and managed to find a bear that looked just like B-Bear. However, my brother was not satisfied it was B-Bear until we ripped the new bears eyes and red bow off his neck. Once we did that the entire household slept soundly. :-) By the way, my brother still has that dumb bear---he's framed in a shadow box at my mom's. lol

Wissam said...

So you're in London ^_^, do you visit here often ???

Wissam said...

Angelo do you want me to turn your blog in to [dot] com ???
if interested contact me at wissam.idrissi AT
don't worry it's free for you.

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie

I wonder what happened to the original B-Bear??
nice story though :o)
the things parents would do for their little precious ones

yes Wissam im in London, I havent been back for a while now.
I already have but it wasnt free :o)

BuJassem said...

Hala.. AL.. how ru?

If I were to vote, then I'd vote for Ken.. he's a respectable man and London has seen a lot of good from him. Like you said, he comes with his faults.. but aren't we human?

I just don't like Boris the Albino.. and I won't even start talking about the ex-copper.. he's just a mess on many fronts.

Ken's a successful all-encompasser (is that a word?).. has has done well with all the ethnicities in London.. however I still fault him for the stupid bendy busses.. they take more area on the very high-density London roads.. I think double-decker busses are a better use of street area. The congestion zone hasn't really relieved congestion. There is more of a surviellance culture now in London than ever before. Parking is a joke, every Tom Dick and Harry can have their own "UKParkingLtd" Company and fine people at their will.

Still London is the choice for millions to work and live.. and I hope it continues to be so.. coz in London one doesn't need to go abroad to travel!

UT said...

MAy Allah bless Aida !

Out of the mouth of babes........

Politics is not my cup of tea . But a good post it is .Well done.

Have a great weekend !


Anglo-Libyan said...

hello buj :o)

well as you must know Boris got the job, not many are happy but this is democracy.
you are right about Ken, he was good on many fronts but I suppose as you said the congestion charge and the expensive public transport contributed to his down fall.

UT, thanks a lot :o)

Benghazi Citizen said...

hello anglo
politics is fun,right??people attacking each other ,insulting each other ..and they actually sy that it is in the best interest of their voters..
i liked the way Aida thinks..So nice...Well,wouldn't be nice if we lived in a world that is so perfect that teachers are on strike because of the ban on nuts in schools???
Best regards
May Allah bless you and your family

BuJassem said...

hala AL.. i know Boris got it.. i was quite disappointed.. but at the same time i always enjoy change in politics, even if the new guy is worse.. because change is good in those circles, it insures that there will be less of a chance of the boys abusing their position.

Anglo-Libyan said...

than benghazi citizen, same to you and have a good day

true buj, we have to wait and see :o

Anonymous said...

cherif ismail said...

انها مدونه شيقه جدا بل واكثر من ممتازه بوالرغم من عدم اجادتي للانجليزيه الا اني اري فيها الكثير والكثير من الموضوعات الهامه
تقبل تحياتي
شريف اسماعيل

BuJassem said...

salam dear Anglo Libyan... guess what,,, Boris's first move in power was to abolish alcohol on all london transport.. now that's a pretty impressive move in my books.

btw, i read somewhere on the bbc that boris might be doing what the ancient romans did many years ago.. and that is to act really dumb but think really smartly.. so politicians think of him as less of a threat and people find him closer to their hearts.

Anglo-Libyan said...

ahlan Cherif Ismail and thank you for the nice comment.
shame my French is not that good :o)

Buj, that was a good move since many people complaind about drunks on buses and the tube.
yes I too read about how he likes to be seen as a bafoon but in realiy the real Boris is coming out.

a_akak said...

U ok? u have been gone for a while?

Anglo-Libyan said...

all is well, thanks for asking ya Ahmed :o)

Anonymous said...

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dusk till dawn said...

salam bro( A-LY)
hope all going well. been a while since u surprised us with new post, hope work not taken over u,
take care

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Hope you and the family are well. Miss your post.

R.F.H said...

This is my first time being here, and I really liked ur posts and the topices, very interesting...

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks DTD, I have updated now

we are well, thanks ibeebarbie :o)

thanks r.f.h and welcome :o)

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