Monday, 7 April 2008

Winter is Back!!

Winter returned to London yesterday morning, we woke up to a heavy covering of snow and very cold temperature, the snow settled for few hours but was gone by early after noon.

Last week Amir my 7 year old son was invited to a birthday party by a school friend, he was so looking forward to going, the party was held at a sports centre, they hired a room with a huge bouncy castle and lots of other toys, I took him there at 1:30pm and was told to collect him at 3:30, Amir insisted that he is collected a bit late so that he can enjoy the party until the end.

I went back to collect him and took Aida my daughter with me, we arrived a bit early so we sat by the swimming pool just to give Amir extra time to enjoy the party, just after 3:30 we went to the party room, it was full of kids and parents, the adults were friendly and welcomed us in, we stood there watching the kids, soooooo many of them, I couldn't see Amir so we went to the bouncy castle, knowing Amir I thought he would be there for sure, it was packed with kids, we sat on a bench waiting for Amir to appear from the crowd but he was no where to be seen!
I asked one of the adults, they started looking for him, then it hit me, the kids were a bit young, like 5 years and under! WE WERE AT THE WRONG PARTY!!
I rushed out after saying sorry, found a member of staff and asked her, she told me that kids get to play in this room for one hour before they are moved upstairs into another room for the party cake and food, we went over and there was Amir with his friend Nathan, everyone else was long gone, Amir got his wish by being the last kid to go home, he had a wonderful time.


Suliman said...

Snow? Please keep it away!

I bet you were scared when Amir turned up missing for a minute. But your going to the wrong room gave me a good laugh! I can understand that very well. lol lol

Weldemdina said...

we only got falkes of the snow on saturday, just lasted for a half an hour, never the less its freezing still and Im not sure if we going to have spring this year by the looks of it.

That was quite funny about you going to the wrong party lol, having said that I wouldnt be in that situation myself cause all sorts of thoughts will be in my head, but alhamdulelah it had a happy ending and Amir had the last laugh :O)

PH said...

The weather has been crazy here as well, one minute its snowing and below zero the other its above zero and the snow is melting.
I like Amir's photo its fitting for the story .... him angry at you :P.

salaam wa Allah yahfatha

Anglo-Libyan said...

Ahlan Suliman
I almost paniced but it happened so quick, I laugh too when I think about me and Aida sitting and trying to find Amir amongst the little ones :o)

weldemdina, good to see you.
coastal towns hardly get any snow, even here in London it hardly snowes but it did yesterday :o)
when I realised it was the wrong party, I knew Amir must be ok and somewhere else, thank you.

ph, Amir wasnt angry, in fact he was happy for being the last one there, thats what he wanted all along, yes it is a nice picture, thanks :o)

UT said...

Winter blues again !

Old age creeping up on you or what lol..

A good post as always dear brother,and i do thank you for sharing with us...


dusk till dawn said...

salam Anglo-LY
snow tell me abt it, we had the most freek crazy weekend, saying to me self when we r gonna see a ray of a sunny day,
thats u anglo going to the wrong party and section woooooooooow , i put that to hard work ... or maybe u want to see some thing else,
glad Amir did make a point .he is growing up lad god bless him.

Living Away said...

are you kidding me? that much snow in april? wow, i'm sooo happy for being in taiwan!
today is a bright sunny day and i went out to enjoy it!! sorry, anglo! :)

i'm so happy for your son! it's so good when parents make some mistakes, so they look like humans to the child's eyes and besides he could do what he had in mind...

get some hot chocolate to warm you up dear and i'll get a cold fresh juice!!

Anglo-Libyan said...

yes UT, old age is creeping up :os
Thank you.

DTD, today its nice and sunny, freaky weather indeed, thanks my friend :o)

Hello Leandra,
thanks for rubbing it in!
Amir sure enjoyed the delay, enjoy your juice and hope the weather remains nice for the duration of your stay :o)

enlightened spirit said...

the gebly of London loool.
we have dusty warm weather here in Tripoli, I like the warm but not the dusty :(

loool at u Anglo, at least Amir got what he wanted at last.

Um Dania said...

I was in desperate need to see some sun and look what we end up having !!! snow .. it was a miserable weekend for me and Dania .. now the weather is getting better ..
your stories are always fun.. although I was away for a while from blogging but I never missed any post made by you .. I just enjoy reading your blog`re an inspiration

best salam
Um Dania

MusicLover said...

You are lucky you did not end up in the doghouse "or did you", you must have made an excellent story that it was not your fault to your spouse.

it is funny but it PG 13 or PG 17

Kaki King

Kaki King - Playing With Pink Noise

August Rush soundtrack in it is her music and the hands on the guitar in the film are hers. Her last cd is good.

BuJ said...

oh, i loved the snow!! completely unexpected!!! Elhamdilla :)

poor Amir btw.. inshalla there will be better and better parties in the future :)

loza said...

hahaha .. u got so nice Shock at first time ..

but nice coz he had a so nice time ..

but nice pic. I liked them .. and ur son's photo so nice he's look like adult ..

god protect him for u ..

Anglo-Libyan said...

enlightened spirit, living here makes us crave warm weather :o)

Thank you Um Dania, you are kind
good to see you here again, hope all is well with you, your husband and the lovely Dania.

music lover, no I didnt end up in the dog house, we were not that late :o)
thanks for the kaki king links, I will check them after work.

buj, snow is almost always welcomed and loved by all :o)
thanks for the nice wishes.

thank you dear Loza and Allah bless you too :o)

3abtash said...

ahh i love the snow..its been a while..
LOL very funny about the mix up..lakin alhamduililah he got his wish and u got an adventure..

حنان شلبي said...


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Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you 3abtash and Hanan :o)

Good Girl said...

Hi anglo:
I remeber that day, It was sunday...I had to go to work, the minute I opened the curtains I was shoked...It was unexpectedly white....all white...called my family and dad was laughing...Yes tripoli is snowing too...apparently the cold AC were on there..

Cheers...good girl.