Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Bank Holiday Washout!

Another bank holiday washout, it has been rain rain non stop most of the weekend, that of course did not give us a lot of choice of going out so we did the usual in these rainy days, its stay at home and visit the local shopping centre.
I took the kids to watch Nim's Island at the cinema, it was sort of OK, I fell asleep for a bit, the scenery is beautiful but it was a very fluffy film, girlie film as Amir said!
Actually I was surprised at how old Jodie Foster looked! saying that, she is actually the same age as me but being a Hollywood star she has the advantage of looking a lot younger if she chose to.
It is always great when a so so film finishes, we walked for a bit then home, not a very memorable bank holiday but it was a typical British bank holiday, so no complaints.

I just noticed the Betty Boop merchandise behind us :o)


Many have read about the recent earthquake that hit Al-Marj area in the east of Libya, thank Allah no damage or casualties were reported, many people have remembered the earthquake that hit Al-Marj in 1963 which left hundreds dead and destroyed the city, I was a baby then but many years ago my mother told us about that day and how many people living in Benghazi felt the earthquake (we were living in Benghazi at that time) my mother also mentioned how people in Benghazi felt very sad and mourned the deaths of many people.

The Centre For Libyan Studies - Oxford, has published very rare pictures of the 1963 Al-Marj earthquake, amazing pictures that were taken 2 days after the earthquake, I have never seen any of them before, you can view the pictures Here.


In the past 18 months my kids have had some tough time with their schooling, they changed schools 3 times add to that having to go to Arabic school every Saturday which means they have 6 school days a week and double the home work, I am actually very proud of their achievements, they both managed to get The Headteacher's Award this term, MashaAllah, I hope they continue with their success, they are happy in their current school and seem to be popular too.

These were some updates, I will inshaAllah keep up the blog as and when I can, I was in 2 minds whether I should continue blogging about my private and family life, for now I decided to continue then see what happens.


ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
We had the same dreary whether her in Cali, which as you know means indoor activities (i.e., movies..lol) It was also a SpongeBob marathon on one of our stations as well. I laughed at your favorite character being Plankton---little evil guy. ;-) I love SpongeBob and Amira loves Patrick. Guess we are Goofie Goofers. ;-)

Smiled at the Jodi Foster comment. How come it seems everyone seems to age around us, but us? :0)

Congratulations to Amir and Aida---job well done indeed.

Hmmmmm, there must be something going on in the blogsphere because you now must be one of the third ones or so that have mentioned possibly ceasing in blogging. Hopefully this is just a phase because of course it's all about me and what would I do if y'all left. :-)

dusk till dawn said...

salam Anglo-LY
how nice to see u bloging a gain, i can see how busy u where, ur rite abt bank holiday weather, rain rain kept us all at home .
so happy for u and the kids gr8 acheivments. iam lazy to for bloging . but soon u all be shocked .hold ur breaths ha ha

libyan said...

welcome back to the blogger world and congrats for your kids.

Benghazi Citizen said...

hello there...
Well,,rainy in London ,boiling hot in Benghazi..lol..I missed the wonderful spring days of Toronto already..
Congratulation for Aida and Amir,,i'm really impressed ,mashallah..
Personally ,i enjoy your blogs ,and the personal ones are really nice and i love reading them..So please ,i vote for u to continue doing that..
I checked the pictures.Thank you very much for posting the link..Another piece of the Libyan history puzzle is added to my board now..
It's a shame that much of Libyan history is concealed from present day Libyans..Marj Earth quake is sad part of that history ,but it must be remembered to honor those who lost their lives..
Best Regards

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie
I like Patrick too :o)
thanks for the nice comment, of course its all about you, we never doubted that :oD

DTD, a shocking post?? now I cant wait, hurry up please :o)
thanks my friend.

hello Libyan and thanks a lot :o)

BC, weather is still dreary here
I agree with you, so much of our history is lost but thanks to people such as The Centre For Libyan Studies, they are doing a great job that we will all appreciate as Libyans. thank you and have a good day.

حنان شلبي said...

هااااااااااااااااي انجلو
انا مبسوطة برجعتك للمدونة

تانيا ما شاء الله عاولادك ان شاء الله من حسن للاحسن يا رب

وانا ما سمعت عن هالزلزال (ما حكو عنو بالاخبار ليييييييييييييييييه؟)والحمدلله انو ما كان فيه اضرار محرزة

تحياتي الك

Maya M said...

Congratulations to your kids for their school performance, and also to you for acquiring your own domain, as I see.
I wonder why you considered to stop blogging about your family; some other bloggers I know made this step after ugly incidents in cyberspace, I hope this wasn't the case with you.

Anglo-Libyan said...

ahlan Hannan
I read about the earthquake/tremour online, not sure if it was mentioned on Libyan news.
thanks for the nice words :o)

hello Maya
thanks for the congrats, the domain name is quite cheap if you buy it from blogger/google.

yes that was the case with me too :o)

Suliman said...

Hey, Anglo! Changing schools even once in midyear is not easy on the kids or the adults for that matter. Aida and Amir deserve special congratulations for handling the pressure and still doing so well. Great job, kids (Mom and Dad, too!)

Quit blogging because of some uncivilized people? Forget it. That would be wrong on your part.

abdullah SH said...

congratulation anglo 4 ur kids ... & about earthquake we never heard about it here in libya jst in internet we got some news about that .... bad media ...
keep bloging cuz we enjoy `e ur subjects ...

Anonymous said...

hi Anglo!
congratulations for the kids achievements...don't think ever about quitting blogging!salaam.

ASMA said...


MusicLover said...

We lived in El Beida in the 60's plus my youngest sister is born there. I was fortunate to see the New El Marj city before it was handed to the Earthquake victims that time. I remember everything was green around El Marj plus the new highway was being built which we were able to use part of it.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Suliman, always appreciate your encouragement for the kids :o)
thank you.

thanks Abdullah, good to see here again :o)

anon, H.... thanks a lot :o)

ahlan Asma and a big welcome, MashaAllah another medic student, well done :o)

Musiclover, welcome back :o)

fadi said...

مبروك للأحباب عيودة وأمير وعقبال فرحتنا الكبرى بيهم ويحفظهم الله

Crowded Mind said...


congratulation for them masha Allah may Allah bless them for you

Oh don't tell me you gonna stop blogging ......the personal part always nice for me I love to read about Amir and Aida so please don't do it
look I used to say this :

Keep hold of your positive feelings

fe aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you Fadi :o)

thanks crowded mind, will try to :o)

Anonymous said...

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