Thursday, 26 June 2008

13 in a Car!! & The Swimmer

This man was convicted 2 days ago of dangerous driving, he was given a 12 month driving ban, a heavy fine and ordered to take an extended driving test.
Abraham Gniwosch crime was over crowding his 5 seater Volvo S70 car, how many people do you think he managed to put in the car?? 7 maybe 9!! he was stopped by the police who found 13 people in his car! yes 13!!, can you imagine that??
The BBC did a reconstruction, you can watch the video here and see if they actually managed to cram 13 people into a similar car.
Actually I noticed that the worst offenders when it comes to cramming cars with people are usually Muslims and Jews, I used to work for a Muslim school and it was a common sight every morning to see parents dropping their children and their neighbours children at school, usually many kids would be there and of course not enough seat belts, I have noticed the same happening outside Jewish schools in North London, while I believe that most parents do it for the sake of convenience and not meaning any harm to the children, it is still dangerous and can cause injury and deaths which can be prevented just by sticking to driving laws.

How did he manage to put 13 people in this car??

Many Libyan & international websites have been writing about the American/Libyan girl, Mercedes or Asmahan Farhat representing Libya as the first ever Libyan female to swim for Libya at the Olympics, while I wish her the best of luck I think the information is wrong, a Libyan female swam for Libya at the 2004 Athens Olympic, Amira Edrahi took part in the Women's 50m Freestyle, I do seem to remember as well Libyan female swimmers taking part in the 1980 Moscow Olympics, I was a bit young then so I am not sure of this but I think 2 Libyan/Italian sisters took part, perhaps someone knows about this more than me.

an interview with Mercedes/Asmahan Farhat & her father

Monday, 23 June 2008

Cute Babies

I took the kids to the funfair yesterday where we had a good time but spent an arm and a leg again, rides are so expensive but you do not have much choice if you have young kids :o)

After spending all my money, we came across these cute babies, I thought they were a good bargain at £2 each, shame I had no money left, I wanted to buy them all :o)

click on picture for a bigger image

Thursday, 19 June 2008

Binge Drinking UK Style

Britain has recognised that it has a problem with binge drinking, especially amongst young people, men and women, as far as I know binge drinking is practised in Britain more than anywhere else in Europe, you only have to drive at weekend evenings to see scores of young people behaving badly and making fools out of themselves. what has noticeably increased is the number of women binge drinking and ending up in situations you would not wish on your enemy.
The new London mayor Boris Johnson banned drinking on the London transport network only few weeks ago (and rightly so) the night before the ban, members of the public organised a drinking party on the London Underground train network, thousands of people turned up, made a big mess, some trouble but the main thing is they embarrassed themselves since the media was there filming their drunken behaviour, the next day many newspapers published the following picture of a well dressed young woman who got so much drunk that she fell unconscious on a public bench, anything could have happened to her plus imagine her shame when she saw her picture on the news! the sight of women vomiting and falling in the streets is becoming very common now.

The government here published 2 hard hitting adverts on TV aimed at mainly young people, these adverts are quite graphic and to the point but would they work in deterring people?? that remains to be seen.

Drinking is harmful in many ways and while many people say they only drink a little and do not allow themselves to get drunk, while it might be true with some people but with most it is just an excuse and they are in denial.
Alcohol is an Evil
These Videos are meant to shock not offend

Sunday, 15 June 2008

Father's Day

Today in Britain we celebrate Father's Day,while I think everyday should be fathers & mothers day but still it is nice to have a special day dedicated to all the dads out there who usually have to put up with being in the back ground :o)
As usual on Father's Day, I got some goodies from my lovely children may Allah bless them always, I got real cards, home made cards, chocolates that say I love Dad and the latest Gillette Fusion Power Razor, lovely.

Two days ago it was Friday The 13th, which rings bells with superstitious people, for me it was a good day to go to the cinema with friends and watch the latest scary movie, The Happening, this film is made by M Shyamalan who made The Sixth Sense some years ago, the happening is a bit like the Sixth Sense, good film with good old fashion scary bits, it does not contain a lot of gore but it does have few scenes that might make you jump, I enjoyed watching it and as with everything these days it has an environment warning message. a bit of a warning for the ladies and the weak in heart, do take a pack of tissues with you, it is a bit moving at times.

Here is a trailer

Monday, 9 June 2008

Stokey Festival

Yesterday was a very hot day in London at about 26c, Amir was with me and Aida went shopping with mum, so when a friend suggested to meet at a park in London where they were holding their annual festival, I said yes and went over.
It is the Stokenewington Summer Festival, it consists mainly of few tents where live music is played, many eateries from around the world and some fun places for the kids. as it was a hot day, the place was heaving with people enjoying the hot weather, many were just sunbathing, even though there were bars serving alcohol and many had brought their own, almost everyone was well behaved and no trouble at all, I saw the police confiscate small packages from few people which I am assuming were drugs!
The main theme of this festival is the environment and how to be Eco friendly, well I am all for that, I think it is good to make people aware of such important issues, saying that, I felt the festival took it a bit too much, in fact to the point that I wanted to harm the environment just to annoy them, joking :o)
There were few kids rides that were manually operated (how boring) to save electricity, not many kids wanted to play on them, of course there was the obligatory foreign music from Asia ans South America which you always get at Eco friendly events, even rubbish bins were provided for every type of litter, bins for paper, bins for plastic and so on, too much political correctness in one day.

This area in north London is famous for its middle class people that like to pretend they are working class, so often you see many of them dressed in awful clothes bought from second class shops, they even dress their children in old clothes that do not look cheap, just bad and most kids have wooden bicycles because they are good for the environment, God help me, that is so annoying.

Anyway here is some pictures I took there and please take notice of Amir's funky shirt, it a Marvel shirt with all the usual heroes, Spiderman, Iron Man, Fantastic Four and the rest... I thought he looked cool, it was a good bargain at £4 and no it wasn't bought secondhand, lol :o)

Spanish Paella, Yum! we didn't buy any food there since it was very expensive and you have to sit on the grass to eat, to give you an example: cheese burger was selling for £4.50, usually it costs about £1.20!

French Crepe

another music tent

Re-cycling bins

Big BBQ!

Indian & Chinese

Moroccan Tagine stand, the food looked good, the staff were happy that I took their pictures


After we left the park, we walked to a Turkish restaurant (big Turkish community in this area) and ate Pide & Lahmacun, very nice.

As we left we saw a Turkish couple leave the hairdressers, there was a Limousine waiting for them outside the shop but they decided to walk up the road to show off a bit, typical Middle Eastern behaviour :o)

Good luck to them

Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Lost Innocence

The Libyan radio channel, Libya FM is back online broadcasting live from their website, although I do not have much time to listen to it but it is good to know.
click above for the live radio broadcast
Here in Britain there has been a lot of complaints from many people including families about the skimpy range of clothes designed specifically for girl under 10 years old, in fact some of these clothes can be worn by girls as young as 5 years old.
I heard a discussion on the radio about how many people were disgusted to find underwear that is designed to look sexy for girls as young as 7, they even found padded Bras for girls that young! in a famous supermarket chain, I have actually seen these padded underwear and took a picture, it was really sad to see such items on display, items that can only be described as a paedophiles dream. why would an innocent little girl wear a padded underwear? this is beyond me!
Young girls are bombarded with clothes to look like miniature adults such as Britney Spears who are not an ideal model anyway, cropped T-Shirts, fishnet tights, rude slogans on clothes, they are all there and unfortunately some people do let their little daughters wear them and believe me they do look freaky but I am glad that many do not approve of these horrible fashions.
Girls are a precious gift from God, life is so short, the majority soon grow up get married and move on to another family, in that period of time that they are with us, they do not want or need to be treated as adults when they are still children, many girls that dress like adults they themselves start to think they are adults and start to loose on their childhood, what I mentioned above is one extreme but then again there is another extreme and that is wrapping up little girls in long coats and hijabs, now I do not want to offend anybody and I do understand that some parents want their daughters to wear hijab occasionally when they are young to get them used to it, I have no problem with that, what I find unacceptable is parents making their 7 or 8 year old daughters wear hijab and long coat (Abaya) every time they go out, this is becoming a common sight in London, I swear on some occasions I thought I was looking at short old women! some of these girls carry handbags and I do not meant girlie handbags, they carry an adult woman handbag! on one occasion I saw a girl that I knew since she was born, she is about 9 years old, dressed exactly as I mentioned even had the handbag, I said hello to her, she looked at me as if I was a pervert, ignored me and turned away pretending to be an adult, I told her off for being rude and I complained to her father who apologised for her behaviour but to me this little girl does not think she is a girl anymore, she think is an adult woman.
I wish parents would not resort to the 2 extremes I mentioned above, moderation is always best, let your little girls enjoy their childhood, let them enjoy sports while they can for many will not be able to do many things once they are adults, respect them God will respect you.