Monday, 23 June 2008

Cute Babies

I took the kids to the funfair yesterday where we had a good time but spent an arm and a leg again, rides are so expensive but you do not have much choice if you have young kids :o)

After spending all my money, we came across these cute babies, I thought they were a good bargain at £2 each, shame I had no money left, I wanted to buy them all :o)

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a_akak said...

Sorry to say "there is no such thing as a cute baby" as they crap a lot, cry a lot as well and are demanding and self centered :P and dont contribute anything :P and they cause me headaches and lack of sleep ... hmm lets see what else? oooh yes there over head costs are a bit high :)

I think these funfair at a bit over priced so it better to go to a place like Thorpe Park or Alton Towers, although the entry fee is high but there are better rides and more organized :) anyway its good for the kids to go out

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

Ahmed, yes babies are just like what you said, that is until you get your own :o)

this funfair was near the house, yesterday was the last day thank God.
I agree it is much better going to a theme park, last year I took them to Chessington, this year it will be Thorpe Park inshaAllah.

Amira said...

Babies are cute...when they are asleep or when you can return them back to their parents when they start screaming and crying!!haha

I hear LegoLand(Windsor) is pretty good. Gulliver's Theme park is alright aswell, it has rides that are mainly aimed at kids.

WEDA said...

really i love babies alot they r amazing & they r doing every thing as it is without the bad thoughts of older people.....any way f u just told me that u need money 2 buy babies ...i may sent u some......

ASMA said...
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ASMA said...

FIRST ur as always amazing dad ..i like dady soooo much cuze he do every thing i want u cant imagen how beautiful to see ur dad do his best t see ur smile thank u &4 evry dad ...
kids amazing t see them smiling craying what ever they do so i cant belive that one day ill ve my own ....

Anglo-Libyan said...

Amira, legoland is good but its for very young kids really, most kids these days want the big scary rides :o)

Weda, if you sent me the money I would have given you one of the babies as a thank you :o)

Thank you Asma, nice as always :o)
inshaAllah you get to have a nice family of your own.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,

Well no matter what, I know you have a great time with your kids.

LOL@Ahmed. I agree with Anglo when he said, "yes babies are just like what you said, that's until you get your own." I do know how you feel Ahmed as I certainly felt the same way indeed. Couldn't pay me to look at a baby let along coddle it. :-) Now I can't keep my hands off Amira. ;-)

حنان شلبي said...

همة مزعجين احيانا بس همة الشيء الوحيد بهالحياه الي بس يخلوني اضحك بكون عم بضحك من قلبي وبشوف وقتها الدنيا لونها زهري وكلها ببلز وهيك عالم خيالي
لانهم عبارة عن كائن بريء لمة بيضحكلك ما بتشوف بضحكتو الا السعادة
ولمة ببكي ما بيخطر ببالك غير كيف تقدر اتريحو ومن شو هو تعبان وعم ببكي

الاطفال نعمة حلوة سواء الي ولا لغيري

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam ibeebarbie
well said, Allah bless Amira :o)

salam ya Hannan
that was lovely, thank you :o)

loza said...

Lol ..

really cute ..

some one said there's no thing either on earth or on heavens sweeter than the Innocence of children ..

but at the same as there's no thing either on earth or on heavens More disturbing than the Inconvenience of children ..


Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you dear loza

I suppose this should make us appreciate our parents more :o)

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