Tuesday, 3 June 2008

Lost Innocence

The Libyan radio channel, Libya FM is back online broadcasting live from their website, although I do not have much time to listen to it but it is good to know.
click above for the live radio broadcast
Here in Britain there has been a lot of complaints from many people including families about the skimpy range of clothes designed specifically for girl under 10 years old, in fact some of these clothes can be worn by girls as young as 5 years old.
I heard a discussion on the radio about how many people were disgusted to find underwear that is designed to look sexy for girls as young as 7, they even found padded Bras for girls that young! in a famous supermarket chain, I have actually seen these padded underwear and took a picture, it was really sad to see such items on display, items that can only be described as a paedophiles dream. why would an innocent little girl wear a padded underwear? this is beyond me!
Young girls are bombarded with clothes to look like miniature adults such as Britney Spears who are not an ideal model anyway, cropped T-Shirts, fishnet tights, rude slogans on clothes, they are all there and unfortunately some people do let their little daughters wear them and believe me they do look freaky but I am glad that many do not approve of these horrible fashions.
Girls are a precious gift from God, life is so short, the majority soon grow up get married and move on to another family, in that period of time that they are with us, they do not want or need to be treated as adults when they are still children, many girls that dress like adults they themselves start to think they are adults and start to loose on their childhood, what I mentioned above is one extreme but then again there is another extreme and that is wrapping up little girls in long coats and hijabs, now I do not want to offend anybody and I do understand that some parents want their daughters to wear hijab occasionally when they are young to get them used to it, I have no problem with that, what I find unacceptable is parents making their 7 or 8 year old daughters wear hijab and long coat (Abaya) every time they go out, this is becoming a common sight in London, I swear on some occasions I thought I was looking at short old women! some of these girls carry handbags and I do not meant girlie handbags, they carry an adult woman handbag! on one occasion I saw a girl that I knew since she was born, she is about 9 years old, dressed exactly as I mentioned even had the handbag, I said hello to her, she looked at me as if I was a pervert, ignored me and turned away pretending to be an adult, I told her off for being rude and I complained to her father who apologised for her behaviour but to me this little girl does not think she is a girl anymore, she think is an adult woman.
I wish parents would not resort to the 2 extremes I mentioned above, moderation is always best, let your little girls enjoy their childhood, let them enjoy sports while they can for many will not be able to do many things once they are adults, respect them God will respect you.


WEDA said...

really even here n libya people have changed their thoughts 2 .so what do u think of people who r living in abroad with that open community,,,,any wau n every where there's SHAYN & ZAYN so every one has mind and can choose the best 4 his children

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Great post as always. I agree with extremism in any fashion is not good. Of course we as humans absolutely have a duty to be accountable for our choices and actions. Moreover, I believe the media has a huge influence on what is expected of a woman today. We are flooded with television, music, magazines, billboards, any possibly way to advertise how a woman/girl should look, act, 'perform'. It sickens me. I've heard women say that if they aren't skinny, have the perfect body, wear the perfect clothes, and 'act' a certain way they'll never get a man. Others go so far as to, in my opinion, sell their bodies and souls at any costs for the sake of finding a man---who really just turns out to be a man that will have sex with her because she's given it freely. If ladies would raise the bar a bit and expect to be respected then I'm sure a man would respect her. However, because she feels the only way to get one is to sleep with him, she wanders around crazed wondering why he won't call her afterwards.

Ahhhhhhhh don't get me started...LOL

a_akak said...

I agree and disagree

Anglo, both of us are live in London and both of us see what’s happening and I think even the western society is changing and redefining itself and reanalysing what is "acceptable" and what is not, and although both cases are extremes, but I still would choose the Islamic one over the other but it shouldn’t be forced on them at that of a young age, however, I am not a parent so I can’t say

Is this change to the worst or the best?

Fe Aman Allah

كريمة الفاسي said...

الالتقاطة جميلة والملاحظة رصينة ومؤلمة وحتى قاسية، مصائف العائلات في ليبيا تعطي صورة واضحة للكبت والتخبط الذي تعيشه العائلة الليبية، ستجد فتيات في كل الاعمار وخاصة الفتيات الصغيرات وقد البسهن امهاتهن ملابس البحر الاوروبية(المايو والبكيني) احيانا أفسر الامر على انه حالة من الكبت ، تسقط الام على ابنتها ما لا تستطيع فعله، وبالمقابل فتيات صغيرات في عمر براءة الزهور يتعثرن في الجلابيب على الشاطئ، غير قادرات على السيطرة على الاشاربات فوق روؤسهن الصغيرة،
أتعلم ما هذه
انها أمراض إجتماعية
فقط علينا أن نتذكر، أن للطفولة حقوقها وبرائتها
أقدر لك هذا الادراج

dusk till dawn said...

salam bro A-LY
well matey i read ur post over and over a gain, what i can see that ur bleeding from what ur seeing . not beleiving ur eyes or thoughts,
ur a great father with open minded , who love his kids dearly and wants the best for them. i agree
all those pressure on young girls its damaging in the long run, how can they love and enjoy the times been kids and honest,free soul ,
girls easy can beleive growing up ladies if u start buying them those type of under wears or bra,they quickly lose their youthful.and we will regret what we have done,
great post,thanx

حنان شلبي said...


اول شي وبصراحة الموضوع الي انت طارحو ما بدو تعليق بالكتابة هااااد بدو جلسة وحوار لانو الو اكتر من منظور وبتمنى اقدر اوصل كم شغلة من الي حكتبو الك حسب مذاكرتي تسعفني واتزكر شو قرات وعشو بدي اعلق اوكي

اول شي انا معك بشغلة انو كتير من الاشياء عم بتضوع براءة اطفالنا سواء بالمنتجات او العادات ولكن احنا هون بنحكي عن اديان كمان وبلاد غير مثلا انت مسلم ببلد اجنبي اكيد بدك بنتك والجماعة الي حوليك تتفهم هالاعتراض على لبس الاطفال بس همة بنظرهم هاي مجرد ملابس وموضة وما بتاثر يعني اكيد حيختلفو بطريقة التربية عنا

تانيا شغلة الطفولة الي لازم تاخد حقها وما نحاول انسرعها لمرحلة البلوغ هاي صراحة بتختلف وفعلا مرات بتكون طبيعة الانسان وهرموناتو هيك وما فينا نلعب فيها يعني بنت صاحبك الي لابسة حجاب وعباية او جلباب حسب مفهمت قد لا تكون بسن الطفولة وان كان عمرها 9 سنوات لسة اتمنى فكرتي هون اتكون وصلت يعني من واجب الاب وحتى انت انك اتحثها اتكون هيك على اعتبار احنا مسلمين والبنت عنا وقت متخطي مرحلة الطفولة يحاسب والدها علبسها وطريقة تعاملها وكل شي

تالت شي لو انت معترض عالطفولة الي فعلا بتضيع للوصول لمرحلة البالغين بدون وجه حق فها معك حق تعترض عليها بس بالمقابل بدك تاخد عدة جوانب بتاثر وبتساهم بهالتغير ومنها الدين والعائلة والاصحاب والعادات السائدة بالبلد الي همة فيه وكتير اشياء
ومتل مقلت هالموضوع فيه حكي كتيييييييييييييير بس بكفي لهون

تحياتي الك

Anglo-Libyan said...

ahlan Weda and big welcome to my blog and thank you :o)

salam ibeebarbie
now that I got you started, perhaps you should add to this post, it is a big subject and I am with you, so many TV programs such as the swan, extreme makeover, 10 years younger and so on... it really makes me feel sorry for women sometimes.
thank you I hope to read more about it :o)

salam Ahmed, hope all is well.
I think we are in agreement that girls that young should not be forced to wear eitherway, Islamic way is of course better but in moderation I think.

salam and welcome sister Karima, so good to see you here and have your straight forward view on this post, many thanks.

DTD, man of the moment :o)
as usual, good support from you and best of luck on your upcoming big event, Allah bless.

ahlan Hannan
your input is always welcome and I take onboard your points.
I the girl I used was an example but there are many younger than 9 years old that dress like that here, well before pubirty, of course people are free to treat thier children in the best way they think is fit, I just felt I needed to write about how sorry I feel for little girls subjected to both extremes, many thanks for your comment and I do agree, it is a big subject :o)

Ghazi Gheblawi said...

Hello AL, As you said moderation is the best, try to be in the middle extremes are ugly always. Take care my friend.

ASMA said...

thats the west h try to bring whats called diff ...takecare about ur self cuze im not fraid about children haveing father like u..

Anonymous said...

Having daughters is a blessing beyond any doubt.
What you seed you will harvest and that my dear friend will be what they will have for a lifetime. Be it a choice for clothes or other a parent has to make ......

May Alah bless you and your lovely family.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Thank you dear Ghazi

Asma, bless you, you are kind :o)

anonymous, thanks and the same to you and your family

Lebeeya said...

The root cause is that the media promotes this type of clothing and behaviour by treating women as objects, and encouraging them to dress in such a way. The more immoral the person, the more she is praised, and the more she displays modesty and principles, the more she is ridiculed.

I feel strongly about the way people dress their kids. Last time I was in Libya, I was shocked to see 2 young Libyan girls wearing t-shirts with very provoking words. Maybe I have a dirty mind, but I don't know what else "young, eager, and willing" can mean or "virgins are the best lovers". I just can't believe that retailers are stocking such clothes in kids' sizes. I mean they gotta make money but do they really need to prostitute today's kids to make a profit? What do people think when they see phrases like this on a girl's shirt? I am so embarrased.

Now to the other extreme, no parent should force their young daughters to wear the hijab and jilbab at such a young age, it should be a personal choice, and it should be done when she reaches the right age. However, the parents should encourage their daughters at a young age to cover up in a civil and polite manner by reminding them why did Islam ask women to cover and its importance, and about the sins women will incur if they did not wear the veil when they are older. That is their duty.

Thank you for this great post Anglo :) I hope you and your cute family are all well.

Anonymous said...

good post
as you mentioned, in the west many people are realising that certain things are wrong and that is why many are against this type of clothing for kids.

abdullah said...

hey bro A-LY u post big subgect here need alot of pages 2 describe it from many opinions cuz ths prob nt in arabic wrld also in rest of wrld cuz evry body try 2 comfort himself `e new changes in evrything ...iam `e ibeebarbie d media hve hug influence on ths issue espechialy here in libya bt
altough of that as d حنان شلبى
said many reasons 4 ths changes & some of them we nt hve permision 4 it .... some of them at least naturaly ...society ...3olma...evn medicaly ....
thanx bro 4 ths post sensitive post & imp 4 all ..

MusicLover said...

A Film With Underage
Fans Faces Marketing Issue


I blame it on the hormones in the milk :-) Try go to middle school in USA and you might think you are in high school,it is really scary.

Welcome to the world of Abercrombie & Fitch

cassandra wilson

Anonymous said...

hi there Anglo!

Did u check UT's blog? Whats happened ?Was the blog deleted or what???


Anglo-Libyan said...

salam lebeeya, good to see you here again and thank you for your comment, well written.

thanks anonymous

Abdullah, you are right, it is a big subject, are you the Abdullah Sh?

musiclover, thanks for the links as usual :o)

Hello Huda
I am not sure what happened to UT's blog, there is another blog there but when I asked politely if they have taken over the blog, I was refered to as weirdo!! :o)

abdullah SH said...

yp A-LY iam same 1 abdullah sh bt i duno know why my name appear like that maybe cuz i entering from my mobile when i put ths comment ...

Harebi said...

ibeebarbie - I think that women who lead the lifestyle that you mentioned are really just women who are sad and lonely, women with low self-esteem, and women who live with some form of fear (e.g. fear of growing old, fear of never finding love, etc.).

I think that the heart of this discussion is not the clothing, but the image that girls are pressured/brainwashed to embody by today's society. Family is the building block of any society. With proper guidance from parents, I don't think fashion vogues will have a lot of influence on a growing girl's self-image.

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