Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Brace & Engrish!

My daughter was having few problems with her teeth which the dentist could not do much about so he referred her to a specialist in one of London's best hospitals Chelsea & Westminster, luckily for Aida she was looked after by the main dentist there who as well specialises in Craniofacial and cleft lip and palate cases, so after few visits Aida got her removable brace fitted which she will have to wear constantly for 6 months minimum then she may have to get a permanent brace when she is about 12 years old.
The best thing about this lady dentist is that she basically dealt with Aida directly while I just sat there listening, Aida's opinion was taken on board plus what she wanted her teeth to look like and how she felt about it ...etc.. Aida even signed the consent form herself (I signed it too of course).
Of course as soon as Aida put the brace on we were told that she would be talking a bit funny for few days, as soon as Aida talked in the car on the way back, I couldn't help laughing, she sounded so cute and full of saliva, she felt embarrassed and kept quiet for a while which is an achievement for her since I always tell her that she swallowed a radio when she was a baby that is why she cant stop talking, she does not mind that, she enjoys talking a lot and proud of it.

We have had very few problems with the brace so far as Aida is determined to get her teeth fixed, thank God for that.


It is nearly time for the greatest sports show on earth, The Olympics, since it is being held in China this time, there has been a lot of interest on everything Chinese. Engrish is the name given to the funny English mainly spoken by Chinese and Japanese people and the funny spelling mistakes they make, it is referred to as Chinglish as well.
There is a website dedicated to Engrish, it is full of hilarious (or should that be hirarious!) pictures from China and Japan that you can enjoy looking at, I have put a some pictures here, I hope you enjoy them as I heard that the authorities in China are doing major clean up for the Olympics and are actually correcting all the spelling mistakes, which is a shame really :o)

Best of luck to China for a great memorable Olympics.....


LadyCroc said...

Ahhh tears are rolling down my cheeks! Engrish is soooo funny!!!
"Jump of the cliff!" haha

And then the part of Aida swallowing a radio! Everybody I know has had braces sometimes during their lives; she should relax.

Amira said...

Braces are a small price to pay for having a great set of teeth!:-) I was going to get braces when I was younger until the dentist told me they would have to remove a tooth first...I realised I was too attached to my teeth and decided against it!!hehe

Engrish "Having fun prohibited"...hahahahaha enough said!!

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

glad you enjoyed it Safia :o)
Aida is used to the brace now.

Amira, Aida was told the same, when she is about 12 they will have to remove 2 teeth before a brace, she might chicken out too :o)

abdullah SH said...

also my sis hving brace sience i think 8mnths ago bt now realy hving lovly teeth so ... aida wll b `e nice smile ....
engrish ... oh god realy imazing ...funny ....fantastico ..

Benghazi Citizen said...

well,i couldnt help smiling my self..God bless the kids..
I liked the part were Aida's consent was taken..
unfortunately ,the autonomy concept is not working well in Libya ..I mean you are asked to take the consent of the whole family some times ,with little to do with patient's desires and wishes...
It is complicated..
Well,,about engrish..THAT WAS FUNNY ,well,i forgat-->(Having fun is prohibited)lol

Crowded Mind said...

Good for Aida
tell her that I did that 3 times yeah 3 times once in Canada for about 2 years was removable brace and the other 2 here in Libya one 1year and the other 3 years both of them were permanent brace waaak it was hard days I can't eat any thing
but it better now
nice pics about china hehe
fe aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks Abdulla Sh :o)

BC, that was my favourite bit too, here everyone gets respect :o)

Crowded Mind, glad your teeth are fine now, thanks :o)