Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Caught in a Tidal Wave!

Aida & Amir caught in a Tidal Wave!

Both kids get caught in a tidal wave, watch what happens


I am sure many parents must have experienced buying a nice and expensive gift for their children just to watch the kids put the gift on the side and play for hours with the empty cardboard box! well that is sort of what my kids did, I took them to Thorpe Park yesterday which was not cheap at all and while they did enjoy most of the rides, their favourite time was just standing opposite the Tidal Wave ride just to get soaked, this was free fun and they kept going back for more, I have never seen them this happy before, they were screaming with delight!



I chose to take them there on a school day just to avoid the crowds and school is almost finished anyway so they are not missing anything but we forgot that this time of year many schools take their annual trip, many of them ended up in Thorpe Park, it was PACKED!

Most rides had a waiting time of between 45 minutes to 2 hours! I hate queuing for anything and would never do it for myself but when you have kids you do not have much choice.

Apart from school kids, there was many Arab tourists mainly from the Gulf and a lot of British couples, a word of warning if you decide to go there on a busy day, they have this new Fastrack system where if you want to jump the long queue then you pay extra money (£3 per person) on top of what you already paid, the kids really wanted to go on the tidal wave ride which is a great ride but it had 1hour & 20 minutes wait so I had to buy these fastrack tickets just for this ride, what a big con it was! the fast track queue was just as long as the normal queue and we ended up waiting 1 hour & 10 minutes! a complete waste of money. In all it was a very enjoyable day on a day that we have been told was the last dry day for a while, looks like summer is finished here.

The end result, thank God they had a change of clothes and it was a hot day

Can somebody tell me what it is with this new trend in London? why is it that most men and women (young & old) are wearing flip flops (Shibshib) everywhere? even going through central London it is becoming a normal sight and believe me in a polluted city like London, it really is not a pretty sight to look at dirty feet!

becoming SHLAFTI is trendy now :o)


WEDA said...

salam ...children alwys like this thy don't care of the cost but the joy mostly...& about the shebsheb it's so bared & comfprtable n summer.....i love it so mch

Anonymous said...

AL, why do you think the libyans have abandoned your blog?

is it because of your critical posts of libya?
or is it because many of them are so shallow they are only interested in shallow posts?

I cant tell you who I am but I have been asked by a libyan blogger to ignore your blog, I ignored them instead

Caught in the middle said...

You are such a great dad, they look so happy.

حنان شلبي said...

لوووووووووووول يا انجلو انا كمان بدددددي العب هيك ياالله اشتقت للعب اشتقت العب وصرخ واضحك ووووووو

اوه يالله بدي اجازة بدي فل من هون واروح اي مطرح اكون عطبيعتي بدون شغل ولا مسؤولية ولا اي شي حتى بدون اسمي علشان اكون مرتاااااااحة وعحريتي

استمتع بكل لحظة غيرك بتمنا هالشي

عفكرة انا بحب الشبشب كتيييييييييير صحيح متل مقلت بتتوسخ رجلك بس شكلهم حلو وكتير ستايليش وعفكرة مريحين كتير خصوصا لمة بتكون شخص طويل وبعدين الحمدلله عنا مي وصابون بالبيت ولازم نروح نعمل جلسة بدكير كل اسبوعين فعادي بس انت بكفيك المي والصابون ههههههه

هاي المواقع فيك تدخل تسمع منها اغاني الكرتون وبتلاقي سندباد هنيك كمان وتحياتي الك

Anglo-Libyan said...

Weda, im prpbably too old for these trends, as Hanan said as long as the feet are kept clean :o)

too be honest I had enough of anonymous comments attacking me and other bloggers.
anyway I dont think many people read my blog which is ok

caught in the middle
thanks a lot :o)

many people were enjoying themselves, so you should try it :o)
I am not used to people wearing flip flops except on the beach but that is because I live in London, things have changed now :o)
thanks for the links, lovely.

Anonymous said...

anglo welcome to the american style! here everybody wears flip-flops, 7/7 and year round!(yes even in winter you can see people in flip flops, well we're in California!)seems the kids had a great day! H.

a_akak said...

Thorpe Park is very nice although I am still to visit it and insha allah i will (soon) and it was funny the kids getting soaked but it is fun :D

I am happy to hear that ALL of u had a great time

Fe Aman Allah

Gheriani said...

Looks like it was great fun, thanks for sharing.

Amira said...

Haha with the empty box you have to use your imagination and we all know kids are big on imagination.. glad to see Aida and Amir had fun!!

I don't get the flip-flop thing I really don't. At my uni nearly everyone is walking around in flop-flops come sun or rain...the sort we would only wear in door fe Libya!!Oh well...

Fe Aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

hello H
looks like I have to accept this new trend now even though London isnt California :o)
Thanks a lot.

Thanks Ahmed
if you like big rollercoaster (I love them) then Thorpe Park is the place.
my advice is to go in September when schools are closed otherwise prepare yourself for long queues :o)

you are welcome dear Gheriani :o)

thank God you share my thoughts about flip flops.
even my daughter bought a fancy pink pair and she would love to wear them outside, she couldnt understand why I was shocked and said no! I suppose I cant say no for ever, as you know they are everywhere now :o)

Suliman said...

Toss the toy, keep the box! lol lol. But the odd thing is, they never ask for a box as a gift. People never seem to outgrow this tendency to confuse packaging and contents.

Anyway, Anglo, I'm boycotting your blog. I don't agree with everything you say, so I'm cutting you off and calling for your excommunication. I don't like your posting opinions openly. And you are posting too many things that portray your kids in a positive light, thereby compromising their privacy. And another thing: don't you know that differences can only be expressed covertly and--preferably--while stabbing someone in the back? What the hell, man!

This is just not enough fun, not enough intrigue. And where the hell do you get off criticizing elements of a dictatorship that has fessed up to crimes against humanity once, twice, three times and still counting? Don't you know that the Libyan state is only accountable to outsiders under the threat of a public "hygiene examination"? Oh, barother barother barother!

Remember, my friend, dictators don't drive the waves, they just surf them.

Let me borrow a page from Musiclover, and leave you with some lyrics of a tune by the O'Jays

What they do

They smile in your face

All the time they want to take your place

The back stabbers...

libyan said...

If the park is not far, i love to go there at the afternoon, most parks are open very long in summer. I remember going to a big park and waiting for almost 1:20for a 6 min ride, while going there around 6:30 meant for us taking 7 or 8 in series. Because the place was almost empty. You can really enjoy everything in half the time it takes during the day.

About the flip flops, i never liked them. But to be honest since i came to Canada with the hot days here there is nothing better than them.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Ahlan Suliman
Please do not excommunicate me (I like this word, its difficult for me to pronounce!) :o)

your comment made me laugh so much thank you and as for the song I do like it but did you see the big Afros? how did they manage to fit all these big heads there? so 70's very funny too :o)

Libyan, thorpe park is not far from Heathrow airport, it takes about 1 & half hour by car or coach, check their website for directions and opening times.
enjoy if you go :o)

MusicLover said...

In Portland at the end of school year it seems all school field trips are for the zoo, it is a nightmare, specially if you are a parent & responsible for 5 kids. Do not take me wrong I always volunteer for my kids school field trips & I love it.

Summer or winter kids enjoy playing with water, it is true that they always look very happy near water such beach, lake, pond, river & etc........

Make them wash your car and they will love it

Car Wash

Anglo-Libyan said...

music lover, good to see you again.

very appropriate song, they do love washing the car, thank you :o)

LoveLyH said...

سلمهم ياربي
تصدق ان ابنك نسخه مصغره عنك:)
ربي يحفظهم لأمهم أبوهم:)


Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you Hibo :o)

LadyCroc said...

Shibshib are not just shlafti-wear; they can become very dangerous, too. I know because i wore shibshibs while trying to climb a mountain in Afghanistan!

Anyway, kids love water. Big kids love water, too. The biggest fun I have in summer time here in Denmark is when I buy about 100 water balloons filling them and throwing them at the kids in the garden below from my veranda. They love it. I love it.
Only their parents usually complain. Strange!

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