Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Schools Celebrations

Friday was international day at the kids school, children were required to dress in their national costumes, unfortunately both of my kids did not have any Libyan costumes that fit them as it has been 3 years since they went to Libya, so they improvised by wearing clothes with Libya written on them and added a Libyan touch by wearing my late father's Shanna (Libyan Hat).

You couldn't get more Musrati than that :o)

They both helped with the international food section, Amir learnt how to make Sushi and he really enjoyed doing it but did he eat any? no, he thought the rice looked squishy but he liked the crab claws.

Saturday was the last day at their Arabic school which is run by the Qatari embassy, they had an assembly for parents and both kids took part. Aida did a song with her classmates about family life, Amir took part in a play, he played an elephant that was going to destroy the Kaaba, he was very confident and said his lines perfectly, they both enjoyed the assembly and were really good.

Afterwards, they got their certificates, surprisingly Amir did very well compared to last year, he achieved 248 points out of 300 while Aida got 345 out of 400, MashaAllah, mabrouk to both of them.

The assembly was supposed to start at 11:00am, I got there about 10:30 just to find the stage, the seating area and sound system were not ready, I mean you would think some people would turn up early to setup everything but no, us Arabs have to take everything so easy!

This is how the stage (above) looked like as I walked in, I thought the small lights at the back and the very simple decoration looked great but the organisers had other ideas.

They brought many boxes of the awful stuff you see above and started to hang them over the little star lights at the back of the stage, instantly it looked cheap! Thank God these things didn't stick and started to fall so they had to settle with hanging some of them on the side of the stage, I made sure I gave the evil eye to their awful decorations so they kept falling :o)

By 11:30, the hall was packed with parents and little children, it has been some time since I have been to an Arabic event so I had forgotten about the dreaded speeches so you can imagine how I felt when we had to go through about 10 speeches by different people each lasting about 10 minutes, most of them just kept sucking up to the Qatari embassy, while I am grateful to them for running the school but why do we have to go on and on thanking the embassy, at the end of the day, the school is not free and many parents struggle to pay the fees. Of course by then little children were so bored they started to scream and cry, I wanted to do the same but I kept myself composed, eventually the school children did their performances through the sound of kids screaming but they did quite well.

Amir as the elephant


WEDA said...

mabrook 4 ur children & i hope u buy them the national costumes so they can find it 4 any occasion evvn though they look so cooooooool.....raby ykhalyhum

حنان شلبي said...


الف مبروك يا آنجلو وعقبال شهادات الدكتوراة يا رب

ويعطيه العافية عامر كيف قدر يكون فييييييل هههههههه الفيل بدو مجهود شوي كبير

مبسوطة الك باولادك الله يحفظهم ويحميلك ياهم يارب

صحيح ليش كنت بدك تبكي مع الصغار؟؟علشان متأثر عاطفيا ولا أزعجوك ببكاهم هههههههههه


Anglo-Libyan said...

and you ya Weda.
thanks a lot.

salam Hannan
Ameen to that.

I wanted to scream because of all the speeches, so boring :o)

Anonymous said...

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benghazi citizen is described as the bravest blogger!!!! what is brave about anonymous blogging????????

kalid jorni described as favourite blogger!! he only posts once a month and usually dumb subjects.

Akak uses his blog as a stage for showing his own pictures for stupid libyan girls to droole on.

khteri, is insulting to libyans.

your blog is just not intresting anymore, no wonder no one reads it.

give up...........

Lebeeya said...

Mabrook to your children, well done :-)

Arabs are still in the back seat when it comes to organizing events. The boring speeches are essential for success of the event (and to keep Qatari owners happy) :P

Amir and Aida are looking really cute in that tageeya!!

dusk till dawn said...

salam A-LY
u got every right to be proud of ur kids. they are trying hard to acheive the hardest allah bless them.i like the shanna thing Amir looks 100% musrati . shame amir did not make bazzen ,
u only can do ur best bro. take care keep posting

Anglo-Libyan said...

may I suggest you stop reading our blogs!
be critical but please do not insult others on my blog.

Lebeeya, thanks a lot :o)
as usual seeing you here makes everything nice.

lol @ DTD, imagine cooking Bazeen for the school! good idea though :o)

so when are we going to get a happy update from you?
soon i hope? inshaAllah

abdullah SH said...

thanx nasser 4 sharing pics with us ... 1stly congratulation 4 amir & ayda we happu 4 u bro ...
u seems great dad cuz u support ur kids evry where ...
hhhhh amir looks coool with libyan 3mama ... pure mosraty hehehe ...

dnt frgt in next visit 2 liby buy libyan costumes ....

salam bro ...

ASMA said...

oh ..they looks so cool ..but i think withe farmla and reda ..they ii abduct all the sights ...mabroooook

Rose Bud said...

Mabrook. Second languages are the best gifts we can give to our childern and that is not always easy!

Anonymous said...

Mabruk to your children. Education is very important these days, especially as proceed in a global economy.

I wish the best for Libya and I only hope the leadership (or whatever you would like to call them) does not allow Russia to control European oil and gas markets by procuring ALL Libyan petrol. There could be many reasons for this strategic alliance, but I doubt this alliance will have a good outcome.

Once again Mabruk to your children.

MaySoon said...

Mabrook for both Amir & Aida, mashallah 3lehum.. rabi eu7fudhum, God Bless!

Anglo-Libyan said...

Abdullah Sh
Rose Bud
Anonymous &
Thank you all for the lovely comments and I will inshaAllah get them proper Libyan costumes when I can :o)