Tuesday, 26 August 2008

The Big Bazeen!

Back at work today after the long August bank holiday which passed so quick and as for the weather, this must be one of the worst summers I have ever had in London, mostly rain and miserable grey skies, at least the Olympics entertained us for 2 weeks but now they have finished and what a closing ceremony was that, did you see the British segment of the closing ceremony? I thought it was very representative of London, Red bus, umbrellas, people queuing for the bus and bicycles, it was great and the icing on the cake was north London's very own superstar, Leona Lewis singing with Jimmy Page of Led Zeppelin, the nice touch was the 12 year old Muslim girl who won a competition to appear coming out of the bus (standing next to David Beckham).
Team GB had one of their best ever Olympics, well done to them, they made everyone here proud, London 2012 is next, it will inshaAllah be good.

A friend of mine told me about something disturbing happening on YouTube but I was not surprised by it. Apparently a Libyan guy is posting videos of Libyan girls and ladies dancing, while I have no problem with anyone that consents to their videos being shown on YouTube, what I found disturbing is that some of these videos seem to be secretly filmed at women only wedding parties without the knowledge of the girls dancing, this is such a shame as it shows there are people with no shame and no decency what so ever, to publish pictures or videos of people without their consent is evil and a criminal offence in most civilised countries, I am not sure what the solution to a problem like this, is it to ask women attending weddings not to dance and enjoy themselves? or to ask people not to take in their mobile phones with them? it is difficult to do any of that I think, perhaps if people watched the following video they would understand the damage they are doing:

On a lighter note, did anyone see the following video (collection of photos)? it is about a mass wedding in the city of Musrata in Libya, my point is not the wedding itself, half way through the slide show, a massive قصعة (big dish) containing a big Bazeen but not as big as I thought it would be, the bazeen ball looked quite lost in the massive قصعة dish. The mystery is that nothing was said about it! were they trying to create the world's biggest bazeen or what? and what happened to it?? I really cant imaging how it would be cut and served except by somebody probably climbing inside the dish to do it, now that would not be be nice, would it? :o)


WEDA said...

really i couldn't close my eyes for a moment just not to miss any thing of the closing cermoney...really it was more than amzing....dady said that GB can't make what CHINA did...but the GB symbols were very impressing...raby yatyna age & u see..enshallah
& abut BAZZEN mum told me abut as i missed the libay news ,,,but really the bazeen ball is 2 small for the gasa...& where's the potato,meat and tobikha...any way...it's just a try but 4 what really i'm not 4m MISRATA...so MISRATEEN knows better than me...happy ramadan

Sarora_S.K said...
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Anonymous said...

WoW!That was a very neat idea. I liked it alot. But it wasnt as big as i thot it wuld be. The actual bazeen was to small compared to the size of the قصعة!
Anyways, mabrook to all!

Sarora_S.K said...

Hi anglo-libyan,
the weather here in Bengo is hot and sunny,
posting libyan girls and ladies videos while they are dancing... Oh it's too much!!, what a shame!!, who did it? I think no1 can do it except if he's sick or with ubnormal mind, and if his mother or sister was in the video, would he do it?
May Allah save all libyan girls and ladies...
Thank you anglo.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Weda, GB will not spend the same money China did but I am sure they will have good games :o)
yes the bazeen ball was small and no Tobikha!!

anonyous, yes mabrouk to all of them :o)

thank you sarora and that person has no respect he probably would have no problem posting videos of his own female relatives.

Benghazi Citizen said...

as for the closing ceremony ,i'm afraid i didn't watch it.And reading your post ,it seems that i have to..Thank God for you tube..
About the publication of such videos...Unfortunately ,i believe we have a serious problem that goes unrecognized..We do have a lot of sociopaths and sickos..It is really shame..About your suggestio of not bringing cam-equipped cell phones ,i actually saw some wedding invitation cards that requires the guest to (leave ur cam cell phone home)..
about the large GAS#A ,i saw it..it was kinda funny..But even if they plan to break a record or some thing ,where else -out side libya-will u find a challenger??? lol

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,

I didn't see the closing ceremonies either so apprecaite the youtube clip.

I find it very saddening that we as humans continue to disrespect one another such as the example you shared. Moreover, I think it's also sad that we have to tell humans have to behave respectfully (i.e., check your cell phones, cameras, video equipment at the door). What next? We search people's bags, purses and body for any recording equipment. Although I'm sure the videographers and photographers would love this idea because it would mean more money for them as no one would be able to capture photos of the special moment but them.

Anglo-Libyan said...

BC, the Gas3a mystery deepens! :oS

salam ibeebarbie
thats is what I thought, its not on to ask people not to bring their phones, phones are essential and many people would need them if they are in a wedding or something, not sure what the solution is!!

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