Monday, 11 August 2008

Team Libya

The date was Friday 08/08/08 at 8pm Chinese time, I was at work the time was 1pm in London, I wanted to watch the Olympics opening ceremony but being at work didn't help plus it was Friday, I started watching BBC online who were showing the entire live event but 15 minutes later I had to drive my work colleagues to the local mosque for the Friday prayer, I thought OK plenty of time to watch the Olympic teams parading but most importantly see team Libya, I was back at my desk at 2pm just in time to see the teams, I thought it was easy to work out team Libya entry but the Chinese used their own system which depends on countries length of names or something! for the next 3 hours I was glued to the PC monitor waiting to cheer the Libyans but where are they?? I never saw them! how annoying? I watched non stop for 3 hours EXCEPT for 1 minute when a colleague of mine asked me how to switch the scanner on, I showed him quickly then back to my PC, can you believe it that in that minute I was away team Libya passed!! how is that for bad luck, first I thought Libya didn't take part but my daughter phoned me and told me that she saw them and that the ladies were wearing beautiful Libyan costumes.

Yesterday I watched the swimming heats on BBC but they never showed the 100-meter breaststroke that Asmahan Farhat took part in, the picture on the left is Asmahan getting ready for her swim, she did not do that well although she did manage to break her own record but she enjoyed taking part, you can read her blog entry, it was funny reading how she was dressed in an east Libyan costume by old ladies, to me this is the best and most beautiful Libyan costume.
Read her blog entry Here. It was annoying to read on some American websites some ignorant comments calling her a traitor and that she should be given a one way ticket to Libya blah blah blah... it is a common practice for countries all over the world to naturalise people of other countries so just that they can participate in sports, the UK has done it, even America naturalised the Sudanese man that was carrying the American flag at this Olympics, at least Asmahan does have Libyan blood, her father is Libyan after all, anyway she did her best and good luck to her.

The opening ceremony which has been described as the greatest show ever staged in history apparently cost £1 billion pound to stage, the budget the Chinese spent on these games is $40 billion, I am sure many Chinese people could think of a better way to spend this money!! in 4 years time London will host the Olympics, how would the British beat the Chinese to a more spectacular Olympics? they probably wont but I am sure Britain will still have a good tasteful games.
Of course there has been a lot of talk about the Chinese government's lack of human rights, many protests all over the world, I thought the following image which uses the Chinese Olympics logo is good and to the point.


abdullah SH said...

Hey bro finaly iam here realy missed ur posts ... Me 2 missed libyan entry cuz i got sleep infront of tv bt wake up at d end when chinese team start 2 enter ... Iam enjoyed 'e swiming qualification ... Salam ...

Anonymous said...

I like the pict at the end of ur post

BuJassem said...

Hala AL... how ru?
Luckily here at work in Camden they had a plasma screen on with the opening ceremony.. so it was quite nice... i got bored to be honest.. it was too glitzy and less material to be honest.. plus they are quite scary figures!

this will be a complete contrast to the 2012 ceremony hehehe which will be business as usual and minimalistic!!

3ala fikra, the company i work for has designed some of the chinese venue so we had an interest to show the ceremony.. otherwise most employers wouldn't bother!

have a nice day!

BuJassem said...

oh yeah,. the cartoon is amaaaazing!

WEDA said...

SALAM EXACTLY LIKE EVRY LIBYAN HOME AT FRIDYA ...REALLY THE CERMONY WAS AT "GAYLA" SO I DID EVERY THING BEFORE THE OLYMPICS TIME....SI I WATCHED IT ALL...EVEN MY COUSINS WERE THER WITHME....MY LITTLE COUSIN"NONA SAID "mum please we want 2 go 2 china...i love it so much".....she was 2 young but she loved the games alot ...."& me 2...really i was so happy when i saw the libyans coming in....i called my sisters come on see our libyan team....but they were all sleepy after the couscous & felefel mah shy....any way hard luck 4 the libyan swimmer & i wish them all the best luck

CrowdedMind said...

Poor Anglo
I missed themtooI was in the hospital during the show
I heard about it only

Great Post
fe aman Allah

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
DANGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG! You are such a patient man and they way you get rewarded is by calling you a way for a quick second for a stupid scanner. Where's the justice. :-P

Anglo-Libyan said...

ahlan Abdullah
good to see you :o)
Gayla time is so precious, yes swimming is one of my favourite too.

glad you did anonymous

ya ahlan ya Bujassem
can I work with you? :o)
it was a bit tacky, I agree, I thought the Greeks 4 years ago were much better.

salam Weda
glad you saw the Libyans, apparently many people wanted to take their picture because of their Libyan costumes.
Sa7a, couscous &Felfel ma7shy, no wonder they couldnt stay awake lol :o)

Crowded Mind, being a doctor you do miss on many things but it is a great job, Allah bless you :o)

salam ibeebarbie
that was so unfair, I couldnt believe my bad luck :o)

ASMA said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Benghazi Citizen said...

I was lucky to see team Libya marching in the opening ceremony.. I felt sad the team was really small numbered ,but i was proud of them..
I don't mind nationalizing Asmahan to participate in the olympics.. She is of clear Libyan roots after all.. But I also wish to see more Libyans from out side and inside join forces for a better Libya..
Perhapse this is a step i this way..
Best regards
(P.S:Bad luck my friend ,next time you try to avoid any scanners ,they are well known to be such opportunities waters ,lol)

BuJassem said...

hala AL!!
sorry about the delay.. i guess this e-mail just got pushed down and disappeared!
anyway.. you can of course come and work with me!! ya ahla wo sahla

you'll help me fulfil my plan of slowly arabizing this company i'm with and taking it over, then taking over the world inshalla.. but with 10,000 staff, i think i'd start with the company first :)

we have offices in central london, camden town, and watford.. (loads outside london too).. so take your pick :)

you can on the other hand work here just during rugby, world cup, and olympics.. :)

anyway we have a lot of people who've worked on beijing 2008 and even more now working on stratford 2012 :)

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