Wednesday, 13 August 2008

Guyliner & Manscara!!

The other morning I was watching breakfast TV as I usually do before I go to work, there was a report about makeup and while this is not usually an interesting subject to me, this report was different, it was about a new range of makeup for MEN!! they were specifically talking about 2 new products that are being introduced to the market, wait for it, they are called:
Guyliner & Manscara, that is eyeliner and mascara for men!

The TV program had a reporter in the street with the 2 products asking men if they were willing to try them, I am glad to say that the vast majority looked shocked and walked away, few tried them on as a joke and just looked ridiculous, I laughed so much, the whole thing was such a joke, except it wasn't a joke, now the big cosmetics chains such as Superdrug are selling them! what ever next?
Not so long ago when I ever went to the supermarket, there used to be rows upon rows of shelves stocking beauty products for women and then you would find a tiny little shelf that stocked few products for men such as shaving cream, deodorant, razors and hair gel, now it is different, men have a huge section with so much products that I just do not know what most of them are for! there are anti-aging creams, anti-fatigue creams, anti-black circles creams, anti this & anti that, 100s of different types of shaving creams, gels, after shave and so on..... it is so confusing that I feel sorry for young men, do they really follow all these trends? no wonder they are saying that men are taking as long as women now to get ready to go on an outing!

Staying on the subject of trends and new fashions, this website called In Eyewear which specialises in designer glasses has a try online feature where you can upload your own picture then try the latest in eye wear fashion at your own home, here is a sample with Spongebob modelling a Ray Ban for you.


Living Away said...

hey anglo!
oh my god, i guess i was away for too long...manscara is too much.
"I just do not know what most of them are for! there are anti-aging creams, anti-fatigue creams, anti-black circles creams, anti this & anti that..."
tell the spent "few seconds" in the beauty products shelves to memorize all this, don't you? lol

i miss you!

Sarora_S.K said...

hi anglo,
what a bad thing was that, oh i can't believe it!!!!!!!!!!
makeup 4 men, they r just abnormal 2 put makeup,
what a shame!!!!, sorry but u impressed me,
anyway any 1 who buys these things simply he isn't a man.....
God saves u anglo 4m those ppl and these things, take care

abdullah SH said...

Wallahy me always enjoyed here A-LY cuz u always open our minds 2 suajects make us always updated ... Make up !! Believe me we hve guy in d college always 'e make up !! It's 2008 ... Salam

Anglo-Libyan said...

heloo Leandra
welcome back
I spent more than few seconds believe me :o)
trying to figure out what they are for and the prices are so high, I think I will just stick to shaving cream and hair gel:o)

salam sarora
dont worry I am not about to buy a manscara lol :o)
thank you.

salam Abdullah
then this is good news for the guy at college, he doesnt have to use his sister's makeup anymore :o)

Suliman said...

Hello, Anglo & all.

I think this issue of personal vanity is exactly that--personal. Some people might think it unmanly to use hair gel, wear earrings, or grow long hair. But apart from that, I am just curious why from an Islamic point of view people would look down on men's use of eyeliner. How is using eyeliner different from using Kohl (Ithmid), except for the fact that Kohl is (roasted lead sulphide) known to contain toxic chemicals? I thought the use of eyeliner is widely regarded as a tradition (Sunna) of Prophet Mohamed. Was that also abnormal? Or was that part of the Prophet's tradition normal in its time and space, but then its validity expired and is now deemed abnormal personal behavior?

I hope someone can explain. Thanks.

Anglo-Libyan said...

hello Suliman

I agree that it is personal if people want to use it or not.
for me it was mainly the names they gave to the eyeliner that I find more funny than the use of it and the way they were applied to some men on TV.

you know I too did wonder about the Islamic view, as far as I know the Islamic use for Kuhl is medicinal, these new products are just cosmetics with no medicinal value (I think) anyway, I have seen men that put kuhl in their eyes then go to the mosque, to be honest personally I do not like it, Kuhl was used to treat eye problems long time ago, a better effect can be acheived by using proper eye drops bought from the pharmacy these days, in my opinion, our religion encourages us to learn and therefore some things need to move on.

I too would like anyone else with more information to add to this if possible. thank you Suliman, good point taken.

Rainbow Soul said...


MusicLover said...

Funny Another Boy George

Putting the Manly in Manicure

Iron maiden - wasting love

WEDA said...

hello mr......even here in libya alot of boys r doing just eyeliners & whitinning soon the'll be with mascara as they 'r no one who stops them

Anglo-Libyan said...

hello rainbow soul and welcome :o)

music lover, boy geaorge! now that takes me back some years :o)
thanks for the usual links.

salam Weda
well boys there will not be using mascara anymore, they will use MANSCARA :o)

Penny Kilie said...

Omg its Tre Cool!! Hes freakin awesome xD