Wednesday, 6 August 2008

Libyan Artist...

I am publishing a compilation or a taster of a talented Libyan artist's songs, most of his songs are sort of Reggie which is not my favourite but in this case the music is good, I have put about 1 minute each of a selection of his songs, tell me what you think, his songs are in Arabic & English.

I myself think he is quite talented, the music is well played, his English is good and his Arabic is a good eastern Libyan dialect, all work well in the songs.

Here is a link to his YouTube Channel, there is only one song there.




WEDA said...

ahhhhhhhh what's better than listening 2 our tradiotional libyan music............especially the nice easteren tone"i'm shergawya...that's why"

حنان شلبي said...

u know what ....


its really nice anglo

ASMA said...

what such abad kind of music its not our nice fantastic music wich let every one how listine for first time to addicte it ...its not the libyan stayle whats called remix not withe our songs ..

Good Girl said...

Thanks for sharing these songs with us.


Anglo-Libyan said...

salam Weda & Hannan
glad you liked it :o)

salam Asma
I suppose this means you didnt like it lol :o)
in Libya we had this type of western/eastern music for a long time, there are websites with real traditional music, try Libda Cafe.

you are welcome ya good girl :o)

Anonymous said...


MusicLover said...

To enjoy Reggie Music, you need to watch the artists live to appreciate it but listening it from a cd it can be annoying with the exception to Bob Marley.

The Libyan artist is talented, with little encouragement he could do better :-)

I believe an artist should be exposed to other cultures music and use it for his/her own advantage such as The Beatles, Rolling Stones, Sting, Peter Gabriel and etc,,,,,,,

Hanine Y Son Cubano - Ala Bali

Pink Martini

Pink Martini - Hey Eugene

Anonymous said...
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CrowdedMind said...

I like it

fe aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you anonymous, music lover and crowded mind :o)

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