Sunday, 17 August 2008

YouTube Libyan Murder! True or Hoax?

Couple of days ago I was on YouTube looking for new Libyan uploads, usually my favourites are video showing places in Libya, what I usually do is type Libya in the search box and look for new additions, I found new videos by the Libyan comedian Hatem Elkour so I clicked on one and watched it, very funny then I started looking through the link on the side when I suddenly saw something that grabbed my attention, it was a video titled. the murder of the Libyan traveller Yousef in Cairo, I clicked on it and I was shocked and disgusted to see a video posted by a group calling itself The Sons of Free Libya, basically it was a video glorifying the murder of a Libyan teenager in Cairo carried out by the above mentioned group, I had no idea who the victim was but it was easy to find many videos posted by him, this Libyan teenager who could not be much older than 17, lets just say lived a different life style than what most Libyans would approve of and many of his videos showed him being quite open about the way he was, he was given the name of Yousef the Libyan Traveller because of his extensive travel through out the world even at this young age, of course because of his DIFFERENT life style, there were many comments having a go at him and calling him all sorts of bad names and an embarrassment to Libya and so on...
Back to the offensive video posted by the sons of free Libya, it showed a man with his face hidden behind a scarf and holding a machine gun saying that they carried out God's justice and murdered Yousef for he was bad for Libya then went on to say that Yousef was working for Israel and deserved to die but they never showed any evidence of this! they then showed a fuzzy picture of a body dressed in long shorts, you can not see the head and it says that this is the body of Yousef after he was murdered and burnt, to be honest I am shocked that YouTube allowed such a video to be uploaded on their website! I read most of the comments on this video and others and many of them seem to insist that the whole thing is a hoax orchestrated by the victim himself, that he loves attention and publicity and many said that he is alive and will eventually show up to say that somebody did this to ruin his reputation! many others have insisted that Yousef was actually killed and his body flown back to Benghazi where he was buried last week, there were some comments saying he got what he deserved but the vast majority were decent comments, many did not approve of his life style but said if he was dead then we should not speak badly of him and only ask for Alla's forgiveness لا يجوز علي الميت الا الرحمة.
I myself of course can not confirm if this story is true or a hoax, perhaps people living in Benghazi would have heard about it if it is true and heard about the 3azaa (funeral) by his family, my main problem if it is true is who made this Sons of free Libya, the judge, jury and executioner?? who gave them the right to murder people they disapprove of and claim they did it in the name of Allah? if the story is true then all they did is murder a teenage boy, where is the justice in that? and they committed their crime in a foreign country, did the Libyans and the Egyptian authorities investigate this crime? so now if Libyans going on holiday and decide to do something different like maybe drink Alcohol or commit adultery then they are a target and risk being killed? if this is true then this is another proof of the failure of our society and it wont be long before it is a completely lawless land.
Anyone with information on this please update or confirm.


Anonymous said...

he was killed in Egypt but no one knows who did it

Le said...

Read this

MusicLover said...

You can not take someones life just because you do not like his/her life style or for any reason, there is no logic justification for it.

Unfortunately there are many crimes which are committed on a daily basis on this earth, honestly nothing surprises me, I just read the headlines and rarely I read the story because each crime has the same ending with a different twist.

Dire Straits - Sultans of Swing

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks anonymous

le, thank you for the article, I am not surprised by it, I did see Yousef in one of his videos insulting King Idris (الله يرحمه) and glorifying the Libyan rulers, I know he was a mouth piece for the Libyans but was he really a threat? I feel if the story is true that someone picked on a small weak target, the article mentions that Yousef made his money from being a basically mouth piece, that may very well be true, Libyan money is wasted on people like that, on the other hand the article does mention that his family is one of the richest families in Spain (Yousef's mother is Spanish).
if he was killed then these people are as much cowrds as any people that kill just to satisfy their masters.
the article which is dated 2006 mentions that Yousef was 19 years old, I thought he looked younger on his recent videos! about 17!

musiclover, exactly right. thanks for the links.

of course as I said before, the whole thing could be a hoax.

حنان شلبي said...

مرحبا آنجلو

والله الي يعيش ياما يشوف
وبشكل عام بالنسبة لسآلك باخر الموضوع الجواب هو طبعا ما في حد الو الحق انو ينهي حياه انسان بغض النظر شو كانت جريمتو لانو المفروض في قانون على الارض بتولى حال الناس لحتى يرجعو للي خلقهم وبعدين بيحاسبهم الحساب الي لا خطأ فيه
بس ما فينا ننكر انو بليبيا ومتل كتير من شعوب دول العالم التالت فيه لسة عصبيه قبلية وكل واحد لسة عم بيشوف من حقو الحكم وإنو بيطلع بايدو يرجع الحقوق لاصحابها
الله يهدي الجميع
وكمان قرات الي كتبو
ورايي انو كل انسان بتدور حوله اشاعات واقوال وصراحة بهالدنيا ما حد بيحقلو يحكم عحد
وعنا مثل بيحكي إلي بيشيل قربة مخرومة بتخر عراسو

يعني كل واحد بيحمل ذنبو وبتحمل النتيجة

وتحياتي الك ولا تزعل عشي الدنيا والله صاير فيها العجب

WEDA said...

salam really as benghazi liviving i never heared abut this story ......but every thing is possible .......boys r catching alot of money but without any polite...that's it

Al Madani said...

Horrible story

Thanks Anglo Great Blog


Anglo-Libyan said...

ahlan Hannan
as you said: إلي بيشيل قربة مخرومة بتخر عراسو, we have a very similar say in Libya.
thanks for the good comment.

salam Weda
I thought Benghazi being small and most people know eachother that many would have heard about this if it was true, thank you anyway.

salam and welcome to my blog.

Sarora_S.K said...

Hi anglo,
honestly i shocked of that story, i can't deny that sm of libyan teenagers act as free, and do just wt they want 2,
anyway i never heard about it 2, although i'm 4m benghazi and as u've said we know each other..
It could be real, or just hoax just Allah who knows...

aness-nuri said...

i'm from benghazi and I know the boy he leves in spane ane he is gay
and becous he is gay no one like hem in benghazi but the video was fake and yosef who made it becous he like too heve the tinshon so don't bileve this benghazi boys don't kill echother like this

Benghazi Citizen said...

I didn't hear about the crime. I was searching for libyan videos on u tube when i sumbeled ino one of his tell the truth ,i didn't like wha i saw ,but as far as i'm concerened ,he was just a teen age kid with a lot of money and a lot of time in hand... And this DOES NOT jusify killing him ,or pracicing such twisted ,sick ,sadistic concept of jusice..
We do have many social problems in libya ..The very fabric of Libyan sociey is being disintegrated for so many reasons ,and i seriously doubt any rule of such kid in any of his problems..
Hoax or not,this video you referred o is reflecting a very dangerous ,very serious and very delicae problem: Some people are willing to undertake some un-excusable actions by there own hands because they know it most likely it will go un-punished since it has no hing to do with (the red lines)
Sorry for the long commen..
best regards

Anglo-Libyan said...

ahlan sarora
thanks for the comment and I do hope it is a hoax.

anes-nuri, welcome to my blog.
I have seen many comments exactly like yours, saying that Yousef faked his death, im sure sooner or later the truth will come out.

BC, thank you for your good comment.
many comments from Benghazi saying they have not heard about this, I am now really suspecting that the whole thing is a stupid stunt.

abdullah SH said...

iam heared before about ths libyan guy he also hve account on facebook & my information as ur link say rich libyan guy from spanich mother & libyan dad who before work in libyan goverment or somthin like ths ...
actualy he hve alot of videos on youtube iam nt surprising so his end ( if ths realy ) ...
allh yr7m ely mat .... salm ..

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you Abdallah

Anonymous said...

Salaam AL, I think by publishing this you yourself fell into the trap of this so called traveller, as far as I am concerned he is an attention seeker and he will do anything achieve his motives, he did that in Youtube, paltalk, websites ..etc. the less talk about him the better, most of your posts are interesting to read, but I prefer to Esquire's then this story, salaam.

Anglo-Libyan said...

salam anon
how can I fall in this guy's trap when I didnt even know about his existance before I saw the youtube video?
you can say that about people that knew him, I didnt know him.

anyway, has been proven that the whole thing was a scam?

it would be good to find out.

Martin said...

Hi! This is Martin form Chemnitz, Germany. I am the owner of "libyaTVfriend" on Youtube.

Thanks god our sweet hero is alive. I know this because he called me on the phone before he started his new travelling. Unfortunately I wasnt at home, so my mom spoke some words with him in broken spanish.

Ok, at first I want to say, this guy is a libyan citicen, having a libyan father, and he is very proud of it, as people can see. He is also a muslim, as he telled in one of his deleted videos.

I don't think that Yusef has published this story, because this video with the machine gun was published some month bevore.

But one thing is true: It is very very sad that this terroristic things could be published and holded on youtube for months! And look at all the nasty comments that contains nothing but hateful lies.

But the most sad thing is that there are so many people who writes this ugly shit. I am not an arabic men and I cannot look inside whats gone wrong in northern africa. I only see this thousands of hateful comments and I think - no: I MUST think - they hate simply everything what doesnt match exactly to their own life. This is pure ugly rascism. Ubelievable this is in 2008 because seems like 1935 in germany.

Guys you can believe: Yusef is your friend, not enimy! He loves Libya and he is a friendly young men who likes to meet new friends. And have much love and fun and everything else what a teenager does. And if you are not interested in his friendship, leave him in peace.


Abdel Eljaroshi Blogs said...

It really is strange...
You can use YouTube to make the best out of it, but this is as worse as it can get..

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