Thursday, 25 September 2008

A Film, Iftar and a Birthday!

Ramadan in this country is different from Ramadan in a Muslim country, to us here life goes on, the only difference is that you fast, there are no markets open all night or cafes and places to enjoy after Taraweeh prayers plus the fact that if you are working, then its up early every morning as usual and there is no time for an afternoon nap, I feel so tired that I keep falling asleep for a split second on my desk.
I myself do not like Arabic TV at all, we do have Satellite TV with all the Arabic channels that you could think of but I never ever watch any of it, it is full of crap and never ending depressing soap operas, on the other hand I am not a great TV watcher anyway although I do like watching movies from time to time, horror films being my favourite even though you can hardly find a decent scary film these days, most of them are just gross and gory but not scary at all! 2 nights ago I watched this new scary film called The Strangers it was a bit slow at the beginning but then it really literally went off with a bang on the door, it was a good old fashion scary film full of things that go bump in the night, the way I like them.

Tuesday night I took the kids to the Libyan community Iftar here in London which is held twice a week during Ramadan, the kids love going there because it gives them a chance to see all their Libyan friends that used to attend the same Muslim school they went to until 2 years ago, it was my first time this year that I went there too, usually I am more active with the Libyan community in Ramadan but this year I just kept away but for no reason.
It was great seeing many Libyan faces that I know and Iftar was really nice, it included the famous Libyan soup, Hassa with gedeed, galaya, Tabeekhet Fasoulia , Rice with massive pieces of lamb and saladas followed by green tea and sweets, lovely.

Today is my daughter Aida's Birthday, she is 10 years old today, mashaAllah how time went so quick, I can still remember the Scottish doctor that told us we were going to have a "wee girl" :o)kids these days seem to grow quicker in line with technology, presents used to be sort of easy, any thing BRATZ will do but this is not the case anymore, now it is more like MP3 players, Mobile phones and Computers, toys are not satisfying any more! well they are our children and as long as they are well behaved then there is no reason why not spoiling them occasionally, may Allah bless all the children and a very happy birthday to sweet Aida, may she continue to be kind, considerate and a treasure to all that know her inshaAllah.


a_akak said...

First of all i wish your daughter a very happy birthday and 3ogbal 100 sham3a

I have to say i am not the biggest fan of horror movies but i have heard good things about this one

It is good of you to take your kids to these community gatherings as it hard for them to relate here and i think its even more important for the younger kids. Who we are is something important and these gatherings plants the seed within them

Fe Aman Allah

Caught in the middle said...

Happy Birthday Aida, I remember when I first turned 10, I was so excited I was into double digits, I can't believe that was 23 years ago...(oh my god)

I've always said your such a good dad, How you find the time to do all these things is amazing.

Horror Movies.... not for me, I'm too chicken..the ring made me have nightmares for weeks...I wouldn't allow my daughter to crawel for ages as she kept scaring the C*** out of me.

take reading your posts. And I completely inderstand about Ramadan in a foreign country, this is more Ajir for you.

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Happy Birthday Aida! You are a remarkably girl, mashallah. May Allah bless you always.

Funny thing, I've been sensing the same feeling about Ramadan this year from many. It doesn't feel as Ramadanish as those gone by. Nice that you were able to get out and see old acquantances and friends.

naohama said...

Happy Birthday to Lovely 3aida inshallah el3omer kolo ya rab.
I like horror films based on Steven King fiction, you can call "Shinning" a decent horror film and novel.
Enjoyed reading your musing.

Gheriani said...

A Happy Birthday for Aida, I wish her happiness in a successful life.

Abdullah SH said...

happy-b-day 2 3aida & wish all her dreams comes true ...

good 2 hear thrs libyan community in london in whch all libyan meet there at least thrs some of libyan around u & some libyan food ....

stranger i heard about it bt watched yt maybe cuz iam nt big fan 2 horror movie ..

sa7a ftork bro

WEDA said...

salam ..happy birthday 4 ur daughter AIDA..enshalla 3okbal 1000 years...but by the way,i'm of that kind o traditional libyans that used to watch the libyan national tv after Iftar what ever the programmes & how worse they r .....really i can't feel ramadan without watching them.....

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you Ahmed
we do try as much as possible to keep in touch with the Libyan community here, as you said it is good for the kids.

thank you CITM
crawling baby! yes that makes you officially a chicken :o)
I am sure you know what I mean about Ramadan here where you grew up.

salam ibeebarbie
thanks a lot for the wishes
lol @ Ramadanish :o)
hope all is well with you and the family, regards to Amira.

thank you naohama
I think the shinning was one of the best ever horror films made, I need to watch it again :o)

thank you dear Gheriani for the lovely wishes, same to your family and the beautiful grand kids inshaAllah/

Abdullah sh, if you watch this film on your own, pray that no one knocks on your door :o)
thanks for the wishes.

salam Weda
in previous years I used to watch some of the programs on Libyan TV during Ramadan as it was the only time they showed sort of decent TV, this year I tried to watch Libyan TV but the quality was worse than ever, that guy from Benghazi not sure what his name is, maybe Salah with white beard, he is funny but wasted in the bad quality programs. anyway I think all Arab TV channels are the same, waste of time :o)

CrowdedMind said...

Happy Birthday gorgouse Aida masha Allah 3aleha she looks amazying may Allah bless her for you
I remmeber her birthday's post last year so fast

about the horror movies its my fav I'lll try to find this movie

eid is soon Anglo
Happy eid

fe aman Allah

white african said...

happy birthday to aida, shes becoming quite a lady mashallah :) rabee ya7fidha.

i will defo check out the horror film, i too am a fan of zee horror.

not been to any libyan iftars this year, my husband went to a libyan men's only iftar tut tut, but i myself have not been to any, sadly i dont think that i missed it lol

ASMA said...

oh aida ..happy birthday i wish 2 her the best ..she looks so quite..
and nice to take ur children to such place..may allah accept 4m u and all musilms and aidkum moubarak...

PH said...

Happy Birthday to Aida wa 3a3'bal 100 sana ).

حنان شلبي said...

سلام عليكم

كل سنة وعايدة بخير يارب وان شاء الله بتشوفها احلى عروس

العيال كبرت ^_^

عفكرة مبسوطة انكم بتلاقو شوية فعاليات اتغيرو فيها جو بدل الحياه الميتة الي منتشرة عندكم
يلا شد حيلك ورمضان الجاي قضيه كلو بشي بلد عربي او حتى بين اهلك والله حتنبسط كتير

تحياتي الك

حنان شلبي said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

Happy bitrhday AIDA, I hope you'll spend ramadan in Libya next year Ramadan has different taste in there.

Highlander said...

Happy Birthday Aida. Anglo Libyan soon you will be pushing the khotabeen out of the door. Girls grow up very fast mashallah :)

dusk till dawn said...

salam bro
i wish Aida's a very 10th birth day, hope more happy once to come, i quite agree with Highlander be ready she is so beautiful ,
ur right abt Ramadan its hard her specialy when u work with peoples hho does not keep it, and late nites does not help , glad the kids had great times and met new friends, abt the horror movies iam not keen that much, but pleased u did enjoy it anglo-LY take care

LoveLyH said...

happy birthday 4 ur daughter
i wish to see her good muslim girl in the futuer and may allah keep her for ur and her mom in safe health ye rab

she is cute mash allah..

Sarora_S.K said...

Hi Anglo,
i intersted alot in ur lovely post "as i used to", happy birthday 2 Aida,she looks so kind, and pretty "mashaAllah", May Allah bless her,
but u impressed me why don't u watch arabic programes?!! Although they talk about our habits and our kind of life style,
but really u r good man that u take ur kids 2 libyan community, to remember that they r libyans,
but i wanna ask "excuse me" can ur kids speak arabic in the way that libyans talk? Did u all use to talk arabic in ur daily life at home?
May Allah bless u and all of ur family,

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks crowded mind, good wishes to you too and the family.

ahlan white african and thank you
I saw the Manchester iftar on youtube :o)
even here in London most Libyan women prefer not to go to the Libyan iftar, the ladies that turn up are mostly non Libyan married to Libyans, I think they prefer to have a break without husbands and kids in the house :o)

thank you Asma, I took them again last night and they had a great time :o)

thank you ph for the kind wishes.

Alikum aslam Hanan
I would love to spend a Ramadn in a Muslim country, it has been 29 Ramadans since I did :o)
thanks for the wishes.

thanks anonymous, InshaAllah I do, we Libyans used to wish eachother to fast Ramadan in Libya next time but as years went by we some how stopped saying it. Thank you.

ahlan Highlander and thanks alot.
girls sure do grow quick :o)

DTD, I am sure you need a lot of sleeping like I do, up at dawn tomorrow again, same routine take kids to school then work, thanks my friend :o)

Ameen to that ya Hibo and thank you for the kind comment.

hello Sarora and thank you.
I really find all the soap operas on Arab TV very depressing and too long, I think they are a waste of time, most programs are just nonsense I find, I do on the other hand if I find a good Arab documentary or an informative program watch it but that is very rare.
Yes we do speak Libyan Arabic at home (Shargawi) and yes both of my children speak it but they do have a slight accent, this is normal with children born and raised outside Libya, Arabic is a second language to them whether we like it or not, it is the reality and its fine as long as they do know that Arabic is important to them, they go to Muslim/Arabic school on Saturdays, its tough for them but they are doing well and are memorizing the Quran.

Suliman said...

Hey, Anglo. Aida looks like a nice 10-year-old girl. A thousand cheers to the birthday girl, and happy Eid to the whole family!

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you Suliman and best Eid wishes to you and your lovely family :o)

Living Away said...

happy birthday dear aida!
oh my god, in every picture you blog of her, she looks even cuter!
god bless you sweetheart!

Benghazi Citizen said...

happy birth day for the little princess..May Allah bless her and her family...
Good to know you enjoyted the movie..i watched the trailers and it looked like a movie that worth watching..

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you Leandra & Benghazi Citizen :o)

Maya M said...

Many happy returns of the day to beautiful little Aida! (Eh, she is not so little anymore...)

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you dear maya m :o)

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