Friday, 19 September 2008

Hook the Tunisian

2 weeks ago I noticed that one of my Tunisian tortoises wasn't looking its best, Hook was the only tortoise I have with a name and that is because he had a weird mouth that looked like a hook, he was a small male Tunisian tortoise (Furculachelys nabeulensis) with a big character, we used to call him homing tortoise because when ever he was out of the enclosure he would follow any one walking near him and would try to bite their feet, he remained small while the others grew much bigger but that is normal with males, I became concerned because he was not following and trying to bite my hands when I put food in the enclosure, when I picked him up I noticed he was very dehydrated so I soaked him in water then I took him to the vet who could not do much but give him anti-biotics! Hook was not eating at all so I decided to feed him with a syringe (took advise) I bought baby food and would give him few feeds a day, he responded well but then I had to go away for a while (more about that later) and left him with a friend, I feared the worst as feeding him was not easy but there was nothing I could do, when I came back 2 days ago, I was told that Hook passed away last Friday, my friend buried him in his garden and put a little stick to mark the grave with a moon crescent on it to represent Hook's Tunisian origin (how nice is that??).

Hook at the front, 2 Tunisian and 2 Libyan tortoises at the back

Hook's last picture, his legs were so weak he could not lift himself up
Goodbye Hook


naohama said...

Oh I am sorry about hook. I love fakarin, when young I was the one who always found Fakrona in zarda. Once we were surprised to see things like 7'ams groosh running in our jnan, when looking at them we found that they were new born fakrona babies , pale,round,trasculant and very cute. Childhood memories.
By the way! Don't you know that you were awarded the -14 september- Blog of the day award!
Cheer up

dusk till dawn said...

salam bro
sorry to hear abt the loss of ur loving hook passed a way , it must be sad feeling for u and the family specialy the kids, but at least he hot a full respect from ur freind, i love tortoises , i use to pick them up in spring around the green mountain when having picnic, seeing them on the roads, what a beautiful and peaceful creatures, iam gonna call it doctor hook ,if u do not mind matey. hope he was a great singer . if i said i u have a beautiful body will u hold it a gainst me, .......
hope u will find its replacment soon. take care nasir

Anonymous said...

oh dear
God bless Hook s soul,he was a pretty pet...

WEDA said...

allah bles ur fakrouna........
i wish u r all right & enjoying the way i get frightened of fakareen alot..really i don't love them....

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks naohama :o)
I only found out about the award on Wednesday 17th as I was away, I did put the award on my sidebar.

salam DTD
you can call it what you want, its dead :o)
I am not looking for a replacement, I still have 2 Tunisian tortoises and 6 Libyan tortoises, MashaAllah :o)

I wouldnt go that far, anonymous but thanks :oD

thanks Weda
how can you be scared of fakarin?? they are so cute :o)
I really like them, especially my precious Libyan tortoises.

حنان شلبي said...

اسفة جد عهالخبرية

مع اني بخاف من السلاحف بس جد زعلانة منشانك
حلو انو انت عندك اهتمام بهيك كائن وبجد انا متاكدة انو كان بحبك وحاسس انك مهتم وبتعتني فيه وبتحبو


Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks Hanan :o)

CrowdedMind said...

I'm so sorry for your loss anglo
I feel your feeling
Its hard to lose a fav pet at your home
fe aman Allah

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks crowded mind :o)