Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Child Abuse in Arab Schools

I have been appalled by this story about the 11 year old Egyptian boy that was beaten by his teacher which led to his death and the reason was because the boy did not finish his home work, it wasn't a freak accident or anything like that, the teacher beat up the boy and kicked him in the stomach repeatedly, he killed him and should be charged with first degree murder, how awful, how disgusting that in the 21 century many school teachers in the Arab world are still beating up children, hitting a school child is considered child abuse in the UK and rightly so.
How terrible for the parents of Islam Amro to lose such a lovely boy and in a place they trusted that it will look after him.
When I was young, I went to a secondary school in Tripoli which was supposed to be one of the best at that time, it was Haidar Al-Saati school, during the three years I spent there 2 of my friends were injured badly by a sadistic teacher, I witnessed one of them, my friend was hit badly by this teachers on his arms, when the pain became too much he kept his arms close to his body yet the teacher continued to hit him, it was horrific, I didn't see the boy for few days then when he came to school both of his arms were broken, another friend of mine was hit by the same teacher and broke his collar bone, he had to wear a neck brace for a long time yet what I remember clearly the teacher was never prosecuted, in fact he continued to teach us!, during the 80s I went with my brother and a friend to Spain for a holiday, we went one day to the Libyan school there, 2 teachers came to say hello to us as they recognised our names, I was horrified to find that the sadistic teacher was one of them!, with a record like his he should be locked up not promoted to teach abroad, how awful!!
London this Morning

London this morning, it snowed last night, apparently it was the first time in about 50 years that snow fell on London in the month of October, at the moment it is very sunny and freezing, I wonder if this is a sign of a cold winter to come! this year AGAIN we had no summer, it just rained non stop.


nasimlibya said...

قريت الخبر من الصباح الباكر غريب ومؤلم في نفس الوقت لازم من تطبيق القوانين وتفعيلها التاديب معمره كان يؤدي للقتل والهلاك او اعاقة
الصور جميلة
كيف حالا الامورين ان شاء الله كويسين
ف امان الله

Meme said...

Child abuse in schools ...that remind me of my Geography teacher...between all the teachers she's the only one i can remember her name...God forgive her she almost killed us..and guess what? i hate geography and I've never understood it nor wanted to

Um Dania said...

I just saw a detailed report about the case of Islam .. it really hurt to see and witness the tragedy in his friends eyes... I saw the father who gave a detailed account on what happened on that day ( in the Egyptian program: el beit beitak) he really broke my heart .. the man swore to never give up until justice is done and "qasaas" is made ... the teacher is certainly an evil .. and the corruptive system in Egypt complicated the situation ..the child should have been announced dead immediatly after falling unconscious due to the beating.. but some corruptive doctors in the EMERGENCY department tried to cover up and change the status of death and put him on machines as if they were trying to resussitate him... and the child was announced dead around 20:00 in the evening (10 hours after his actual death) and the initial report talked about a heart failure due to weakness and malnutrition ( could you believe that ??) the father of this boy is a poor man who lives in a very poor area ... he almost believed them... untill a doctor came to him and showed him some evidence that his son was dead since morning and due to severe body harm... the father tried to be strong while describing the body of his son bruised and beaten... but his eyes where full of tears .. and so do mine... I couldn`t imagine the brutality of the situation... may god bless the soul of this kid .. grant patience to his poor parents.. and bring justice to the society...
I know many stories about children abuse in schools .. I witnessed one myself when I was studying in an Iraqi school in Rome .. there was this teacher ( who was a former soldier ) he was very severe with a very irritating voice ... and there was this boy who was not that much clever ..always falling behind on marks ...the teacher picked on him was a daily show for us to see how he brutally beat this child just because he couldn`t finish his homework or couldn`t complete a poem.. one day the child fell on the floor after been exhausted from all the beating ..the teacher didn`t give up .. he pushed the boy`s head with his shoe .. pressing it on the floor it was one of those horror movies scenes that you could never delete from your head... my parents complained to the school after i came home horrified begging them to not send me to this school again...the teacher was never been punished instead .. he was praised by the PARENTS of this child for disciplining him and educating him !!!...
I always envy the western countries for their efforts to increase the value of human and human rights... god be with those kids on the other side of the world where the value of humans is as cheap as the soil we are walking on...

I`m still in a hypernation period .. hope to wake up soon !!!
Um Dania

Suliman said...

Hello, Anglo. That's terrible news about the poor young child. I think the abuse in schools is an extension of abuse at home, which is confirmed by the example of parents who praised the abusive teacher in Um Dania's school. Too many people abuse their kids at home, which means there are few voices to speak against it, and the end result is a higher level of tolerance for violence against children, both tolerance by the authorities and the society as a whole. I think, those of us who grew up in Libya have lots of experience in this area. Let me add that being the youngest of three brothers to go through the same school, I had to deal with some teachers who held a grudge against me even before they knew me. One of those teachers left my school to work at the one you named, Anglo. I wonder if he is the same character you describe, and I am just curious if his first name was Mansour?

Libyeah! said...

its so ridiculous how this happens in muslim countries, who's religion tells them to be the most just. the prophet never beat anyone for anything that trivial.
and we all know what the punishments should be for murder.

unfortunately, theres lots of very backwards things in arabic countries, especially in education, and we wont advance in the world until we mop it up.
this is really depressing.

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks nasimlibya, kids are well :o)

meme, im sure all of us have stories of teacher abuse at schools and what you describe is one of the consequences of this abuse, no wonder many of us hated school just because of fear of teachers, saying that, on the other hand many if not most teachers were and are decent well respected people.

hello Um Dania
always good to see you and hope the family are well.
I had no idea that this terrible story had more to it until i read your post, its a lot worse than I thought.
I do remember some parents in Libya doing the same, that is telling the teacher to treat their child like their own and hit him if necessarry! I cant imagine how parents can say such a thing!
there should be an international law protecting children and hitting in schools should be banned worldwide but unfortunately as you said human rights is almost non existant in our part of the world.

hello Suliman
I do agree that people that abuse children do have problems themselves and must have gone through the same, many children that are abused grow up with a grudge.
to be honest it has been a long time and I really do not remember any names, I went to that school and so did my 3 brothers, there were good teachers there but there were some really nasty ones including the headteacher at the time, saying that, the name Mansour does ring a bell, I wonder!!

hello Libyeah
you are right, many Muslims are more damaging to Islam than anyone else yet they do not see it!
for something like this to be mopped off, people as well as authorities need to change but that is wishful thinking at the moment.

Benghazi Citizen said...

it is sad..
a while ago i thought of righting a psot about children abuse in our communities..but i gave up the idea because i don't have the information resources and statistics to follow such issue..all i can count on is a personal experience of wetnessing some awful scens..i really pray thaqt my future-kids wouldn't put in the same sitation ,and i wish that laws will be enforced and those who commited such crimes to be presecuted ,not promoted..
I feel sorry for the kid and his parents..
sad story indeed
thanks for sharing anglolibyan

The_scottishcatholic said...

Hi anglolibyan
i am broken hearted to read of this poor child and all the others who have, and still are suffering at the hands of cruel and evil-minded teachers. I really cannot understand why parents, who probably suffered the same beatings while at school themselves, would allow their own children to suffer the same at school.
These teachers have been elevated to a position of trust by parents and should be acting as role models for these children who will later grow up to lead the country - hopefully to better standards. They should not be abusing them and, in effect, teaching them that violence is acceptable.
In answer to your question. There are international laws regarding the care, welfare and rights of the child. Sadly, even in countries that implement these laws and have better human rights records, people still evade the system and abuse children. It has been proven many times over that violence and negative attitudes towards children result in poor physical development, mental health problems and an inability to develop positive, lasting relationships later in life. Nurturing, caring and respecting a child will almost always result in a healthier, happier and more loving person later in life.
It is the most heart breaking to hear of any child suffering but in circumstances that can so easily be avoided it is the worst.
We try to use our own influence, our own power, to do our best to ensure every child - not only our own - are given the best opportunities in life. We owe it to them.
Good luck, anglolibyan
it is always a pleasure to read ur blog

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