Thursday, 2 October 2008

Libyan Eid in London

Salam everybody, we all took 2 days off work and school to celebrate Eid, as usual the first day was spent mainly with family and being sick to death of Magroud and other sweets as they were everywhere! still it was nice to be able to eat and drink :o)
Yesterday we headed to the Central Mosque, Regents Park, for the Libyan Eid Party, we arrived at about 6:20 pm, there was only few people there and the place was still being set up, I keep forgetting that I am Libyan and therefore I should turn up really late as most other people do, yet I still manage to be almost on time every time and find I am the first!!
The Eid party is sponsored by Takaful Trust who have managed to carry on with this Libyan tradition that has been run by other trusts before, as usual there was a large selection of soft drinks and lots of Arabic sweets.

MashaAllah, how cute is this little Libyan next to Amir?

Libyan boys doing what they are good at, fighting and pushing each other, some things never change! main thing is they all enjoyed the party but you can tell that the Credit Crunch has hit the event, in previous years, toys, crisps, sweets and drinks used to be given to all children, this year nothing was given to the kids apart from what was available to the adults and the 3 big bouncy castles, actually that was not a bad thing since Eid is always a bad time for junk food and sweets, the less the better and the Takaful Trust has at least managed to keep the party going even at these difficult times, I think most Libyans here are grateful to Takaful for what they are doing and for the happiness they bring to our children.
Yes that is me dressed in my Libyan suit but with a variation on the shirt! (Libyan suit makes me look fat!! I am not really) :o)

At Mughreb time I took Amir to pray with me at the main praying hall, while he has been many times to this mosque, he had never been inside the praying area before, he was amazed at the size and really was impressed with the huge chandelier hanging from the middle of the dome.

As usual it was great seeing many friends, some I haven't seen since last Eid and the main thing is that we get to wish each other a happy Eid all at the same time, London is a huge city and it would be impossible otherwise to visit people individually.


ASMA said...

oh im the first to comment ...eidkum moubarak ..and nice to see the libyan kids enjoy the eid like this way together ..
u looks so cute in the traditional uniform try to buy one 4 amir and aida ...

غازي القبلاويGhazi Gheblawi said...

Happy Eid AL, you know the children are growing, you started to look like their older brother.

I heard about this event, but since I don't have a family of my own I thought that it would be embarrassing for me to come to family event.

wish happiness and peace on this Eid.


Living Away said...

wow,your daughter looks cuter every single picture!

you have no idea how i LOVE magrood! the last time i ate it, was in besancon, france and i guess in 2005. a libyan friend of mine asked a libyan woman to make it. it was a wonderful surprise!
oh god, i love magrood!lol

btw, you don't look fat at all!

eid mubarak!

WEDA said...

salam really nice to know that libyans away are meeting each other even at eid........i don't love magrood so much as i hate dates ......any way it tastes very nice .......ur dughter seems so quite & ur son is that too........ead mubarak

بائعة الريحان said...

السلام عليكم
ماشاء الله عليك ياعايدة (امورة) وانت يا امير ماشاء الله (سكرة).

استاذ انجلو ,,الله يخليلك هالشمعات مضويين بيتك وقرة عينك وربي يديمك انت و والدتهم وتفرحوا بيهم.

a_akak said...

I hope you and the kids enjoyed the party,

I was told about this but as I was not in London I couldn't come plus there is no Mrs or kids so Edgeware Road would do me fine ;P but saying that i still believe these events are very good especially for young kids but what i dont like with these gatherings (I was at one in Leeds) that the kids speak English and not arabic which is very sad (for me)

Fe Aman allah

Meme said...

wallahi i did not imagine that u have 2 sweet kids!!! la w almost 6olek!!!
rabe yo7fodhom

DaMoon said...

kul 3am o inta and ur family be alf kheer, mashallah Aida and Amir are growing by da day, wallah o or as ghazi said, "their older brother" rabi u7fdhum ... I thought only in libya kids push each other!!! i guess not!

"صاحب الظل الطويل" said...

أن شاء الله عيدكم مبارك وأن شاء الله بالخير والصحة وطول العمر وكل عام وأنتم بخير

حنان شلبي said...

اهلا اهلين

والله الحمدلله انكم قضيتو هالعيد بهيك جو واكيد مبسوطة لانو عايدة وامير كمان اكيد انبسطو بالهجو الحلو

وعفكرة الولد الصغير الي بالصورة فوق جنب امير بيعقدددد ما شاء الله عليه

الله يحفظهم كلهم يارب

Sarora_S.K said...

Hi Anglo,
i'm so happy that libyans out side meet each other, and have fun with their kids in such these events,
Allah Akbar 3la Ameer& Aida, May Allah bless them...
Btw i love magrood soooo much , i love its taste hmmm...
Take care of ur self& ur family,

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks Asma for calling me cute lol :o)
the kids used to have Libyan costumes but they out grew them, next time they go to Libya inshaAllah.

thanks Ghazi, you are kind :o)
many single men come to this event, dont let that stop you.

hello Leandra, I like Magrood too its just that too much of a thing can make you sick :o)
I am not fat but the Libyan costumes tends to make Libyan men look fat but I do like it :o)

Weda, I am not that crazy about dates but do like them in Magrood, the first day because where ever you go you get Magrood, it becomes a bit too much :oS
Alhamdulellah, I do have well behaved polite kids, credit to their mum.

بائعة الريحان , many thanks for the kind comment and Ameen, bless you.

just come next time anyway lets hope you have a family soon inshaAllah :o)
kids speak English, that can not be helped, English is their first language here, you know many parents force their kids to speak Arabic as soon as the parents turn away they kids start talking English, I do not think it is a problem, the main thing is to teach them Arabic at home and school but we can not expect them to treat Arabic as their main language, its not easy for them,
you know when I was young in Tripoli, we used to know some Greek, Italian & Turkish kids, they all spoke fluent Libyan, again this was their main language.

mem, thank you and while the kids are getting taller, I am a bit on the short side :o)

damoon, hope you had a grat Eid, I am sure sweet Maryam had a lot of attention, mashaAllah 3aliha :o)
Libyan kids are born with the urge to push :o)

صاحب الظل الطويل thank you and best wishes to you and your family.

Ahlan Hanan
it was as good as can be when you are not living in a Muslim country, hope your was great :o)

thanks sarora, we do tend to meet in special events but unfortunately the Libyan community in London is not that united, now Eid is over we probably wont be seeing much of eachother til next Eid.

abdullah SH said...

eidkum mubark bro & thanx 4 sharing ths pics `e us .. how sweet amir & 3ayda looks `e eid cloths bt sorry bro iam realy loughed when i saw ur pic `e libyan traditional cloths cuz u wear nt ecaxt shirt 4 " ca6 " bt wallhy graet ....

iam realy 2 heard how muslims in uk as ths huge nombers wish u enjoyed & rest of family ...


nasimlibya said...

ان شاء الله ديمة ع الخير ملتمين
وربي يخليلك الكتاكيت الحلوين ماشائ الله عليهم بالفعل حلويين رد يالك منهم ياخدوهم بالعين
تحياتي ليهم وربي يحفظهملك ويحفظك ليهم

Mr: Madi said...

عيدك سعيد ومبارك إن شاء الله وتقبل الله منا ومنكم

فراشة said...

السلام عليكم

خروج من شرنقة
لكنه خروج مؤقت

لا لأقرأ كلماتكم

بل فقط لأطمئن عليكم
و أرى أحوالكم

و أعايدكم

بالطرابلسي و بالليبي

عيدكم مبروك

و من العايدين الفايزين إن شاء الله


leyla said...

hi Anglo,

Aida has sure grown up and so has Amir my blessings to you and your lovely family.....

PS good you had a nice Eid !

Caught in the middle said...

My father used to take us to taraweah everynight of Ramadan at that mosque, offcourse I didn't do much praying...allot of playing though....yes..we where the kids making all the noise..(SHAME)
Then we moved outside of London and it got too far to travel in the evening so we stopped. Thanks for posting the pictures of the Mosque. Again your family & community spirit is commendable.
Love the badla with the shirt...

Anglo-Libyan said...

Abullah sh
the reason I wore this shirt is because my Libyan shirts are a bit too old now and had it :o)

thank you nasimlibya :o)

same wishes to you Mr.Madi

فراشة thank you, that was lovely, are you the same Farasha that used to blog?

Thank you dear Layla, all the best.

caught in the middle
I used to go there back in the 80s & 90s but since then the number of Muslims here increased a lot, now it is almost impossible to pray Taraweh there, thank you :o)

Hannu said...

Hope you had a good Eid and wish you and the family many more to come.

فراشة said...

السلام عليكم

بخصوص سؤالك سيد أنجلوا

نعم فراشة هي فراشة

تلك التي كانت ترفرف بحرية في عالم التدوين

( تحديدا في مدونة فراشة )

لكنها قررت
أن تريح أجنحتها من الرفرفة

و تترك لقلمها أن يرفرف في مدونة رفرفة قلم

( شكرا لأنك ما زلت تذكرني )


Anglo-Libyan said...

same wishes to you and the family ya Hanu :o)

good to have you back, Farasha :o)

Benghazi Citizen said...

Nice pics..
Good to know that such a tradition is still happening...
Nice suit by the way...:)
Wish you many happy returns of this special day to enjoy it with your family dear friend..
see you

Anglo-Libyan said...

Thank you BC, you are kind :o)

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