Friday, 31 October 2008

An Old English Cemetery!

The events on this post happened few weeks ago but I thought it was appropriate to post it now since today is Halloween :o)

During Ramadan, I went for a walk with a friend and my son Amir, we passed a very old English cemetery and Amir got exited and wanted to walk inside, so we did walk around and it was very interesting seeing very old graves, some hundreds of years old, the place was very creepy and looked exactly like an old Hammer House of Horror English film setting.
(Click on pictures for a better view)

A row of very small grave stones, I think these were poor people that could not afford the big graves and so were stacked next to each other!

Creepy Walk

There were many family plots in there with old and some more recent graves

Some damaged graves, the cemetery is kept wild and untidy which makes it even more creepy and adds to the atmosphere

This was the newest grave I could see (Year 2000)

is that a ghost in the window? No, it is Amir!

A small disused church in the cemetery

These graves look out of place!! and the flowers are Plastic!

This is the grave of William Booth, he was the founder of the Salvation Army, Amir keeps telling people that he saw the grave of a King!

It was a very interesting and educational walk, we enjoyed it and had a lot of fun trying to find the oldest and the newest graves without any disrespect to the dead people and of course I made sure that Amir did not walk on any graves.


About 3 weeks ago both of my kids were invited to a fancy dress Eid / Birthday party at the Muslim College in London, the stores were full of Halloween costumes and at good offers so we enjoyed buying the costumes and kids loved dressing up on the day, here is some pictures just before they left for the party which they enjoyed very much:

Amir the Biker Werewolf and Aida the Witch


Meme said...

woow what a spooky nice costumes!!

walking between all those graves?? that was creepy!!
did the kids really have fun??

ibeebarbie said...

Salam Anglo-Libyan,
Wow---AWESOME costumes. Glad to hear the kids had fun.

Cool pictures of the graveyard as well. So old, mysterious, and could really scare the crap out of a person at night during a full moon. :-)

حنان شلبي said...


من وجبت قلبك لتدخل عالمقبرة؟؟؟؟ وكمان ماخد ابنك معك !!!! بايع الدنيا شكلك ^_^ جد من الصور شكلها بيخوف كيف مشيتو فيها
يلا الحمدلله طلعتو منها بخير

بعدين عجبتني المكنسة الي مع عايدة كتيييير بالك بلاقي وحد إلي؟؟

MusicLover said...

Nice photos of your kids wearing awesome costumes.

Anat Cohen and John Pizzarelli -- I Wanna Be Around

Adriana said...

My husband is the grandson of libanes.I like go through here! Congratulations!الذهاب هنا

ASMA said...

nice pic ..and amazing plasce...

oummLeen said...

did u see pets cementery movie ? lol u have few pics look like the movie , thx for sharing , plus ur children customes look cute ...take care

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks, meme
only Amir went with me to the cemetery and had a great time, they both enjoyed the party.

salam ibeebarbie
thanks, I am sure Amire looked great :o)

ahlan Hanan
the cemetery is actually very peaceful and quiet BUT I would never go there at night :o)
the broom cost 99p only, lol

hello musiclover, you and your videos have been missed :o)

thanks Adriana and you have beautiful daughters :o)

hello Asma and thank you :o)

welcome again, yes I have seen pet cemetery a long time ago :o)
MashaAllah 3ala Leen she is looking so cute, Allah bless her.

leyla said...

Hi Al !
Super costumes and and spooky ..your kids have grown up MashaAllah.

Walking past the graves must have been something ,bet your heart was beating so fast and you had to keep up a good pretense to not show Amir lol...just joking ,nothing personal.

Come and have a look at our cemetaries a real disgrace, sad to say....
Take care and thanks for sharing .

Anglo-Libyan said...

hello Leyla
I was shaking with fright lol :o)

I do remember the main cemetery in Tripoli and the dogs running around insdie and I do remember the well maintained Christian cemetery in Tripoli too which was always green and beautiful, shame it seems some things never change there.

Benghazi Citizen said...

I love the pcitures..
so spooky and interesting..
i definitly wouldn't like being lost there in a misty night with a full moon,while Amir the werewolf is breathing on the back of my neck and Aida the Witch is flying on her broom in the silver light of the moon..brrrrrrr..
Nice costumes..glad to know they enjoyed their time
best regards..