Monday, 24 November 2008

The Camel & The Train!!

The job hunting is still going on, I have now officially received my letter of redundancy from my current employers, I have been in this job for 6 years, I have enjoyed being here and got on with my work colleagues but it is time to move on.
I know I need to start tidying up my desk soon but I just cant be bothered at the moment, there is so much stuff that needs sorting out but it can wait a bit, a lot of it will be binned anyway!

When surfing the Internet, I found this new Luxury Chocolate makers called Al Nassma from Dubai that sell their really nice and delicious looking chocolates online but this chocolate comes with a difference from any chocolate I have ever seen or ate, it is made of Camel milk and supposedly it tastes really nice, I wonder if the big London department stores will be selling it soon, I really would like to try it.


Many people complain about the heavy traffic at rush hours when going to work or school, be it driving, on a bus or a train (I do), it can put us in a bad mood and we start thinking how bad it is for us blah blah blah.... well spare a thought for those people riding on a train in Pakistan, surely our rush hours are never like that :o)

I wonder if any people actually fell off the train and if any one had noticed!!


N.Ali said...

ummmm i like nassma plz one 2 nasim ;)

كريمة الفاسي said...

بالنسبة لموضوع الشغل ما عندي الا ندعيلك وبالنسبة لموضوع الشكلاتة من حليب (الجمل) تفكر فيا القول اللي كان منتشر في ليبيا فترة (جمل وطاح في باسطي)اللي قاعد في عقولنا احنا بس انه سفينة الصحراء وياكل في الشوك ويصبر من غير امية وهنا في نقطة نحب نبهك ليها ،جدتي تحكيلي في حكاية قالت الطليان كانوا يجوا يجلدوا في الراعي ويقوله(احلب الجمل يا عربي)وهذي قعدت مضرب مثل ضد الطليان لان الجمل هو ذكر ولا يحلب وانما تحلب الناقة فهل في اللغة الانجليزية الجمل والناقة سواء يطلق عليهم ذات الاسم دون تفريق
وهذي شكلاتة من حليب الجمل

Anglo-Libyan said...

Nassma & Nasim
sounds like twins :o)

Marhaba Kareema
as far as I know the word Camel applies to both male & female in English although you can say Camel bull and Camel cow.
after reading your comment, I checked Al-Nassma website but sadly it is only in English!!
thanks for the Duaa.

Living Away said...

oh my god! wow!
are you sure this pic is for real? i mean, how come all those people can hang themselves up like that!?

in portuguese, there is both female and male gender for the word camel! it would be "A camelA"for female and "O camelO" for male!

Um Dania said...

ok .. I just read about your "jobless" situation and it stuck me .. I thought that all this credit crunch bla bla is only to be heard in media but to see someone affected ... it really hit me...
I can only say that everything in this life happens for a reason.. and this could be a chance to have a better job ..I would pray that you get a new job as soon as possible .. I know it is not only about money but also about self-esteem and enjoyment...
I heard about this new chocolate ..there is a rumor that it is miles away better than any chocolate we have ever see...
the train scene was hilarious... I saw a similar situation in Cairo where you could see a men-filled moving thing .. it usually turn out to be a bus...!!!!

Anonymous said...

Salam, Anglo-Libyan
Actually the female camel is called she-camel in english; and in my experience Libyan women in the gebel gharbi region whose families own camels, have been known to use camel milk in their cakes! I've tasted some and there's the slightest taste of sourness, like if yoghurt were used to bake the cakes.Good luck with your job hunting.
Umm Salwan

enlightened spirit said...

I wonder! Is it possible to order nassma in the U.State :)

Yes as Um Dania said, it hits when some one u know is affected by the crisis... it just feels different, feels real, bitter, and painful. But we believe that everything happens for our best right?, we might realize it's benefit now or later, but the bottom line is that it happens for our best.
at least we got the chance to read ur posts more often :)

I wish u the best of luck.

MusicLover said...

You might like their products, my brother is crazy about their Chocolate Milk Shake, I have never tried them.

Anglo-Libyan said...

hello Livingaway
I saw this picture on the BBC website, it is real :o)
Camela & Camelo, sound very cute, I like it :o)

hello Um Dania
thanks for wishes.
I have seen those bus thingy in Cairo, a real nightmare :o)

salam Um Salwan
she-camel, reminds me of He-man, thanks for that :o)

salam enlightened spirit
I cheched their online order page but they only have a phone number, you probably can order it but at a high price.
thanks for the wishes :o)

thanks as usual Musiclover for the links.
$34 for a 16 piece Moonstruck chocolates is quite expensive, it must be really good :o)
I have never seen the film Chocolate but I would like to.

Anonymous said...

Hey AL,
Sorry to hear about your redundancy...bil toufeeq job hunting.
Al Nassma...hmm interesting...
Fe Aman Allah

BuJassem said...

salaam AL.. here we're all biting our toungues hoping no one will get redundant.. i'm so sorry this happened to you.. inshalla this means u will get a better job and it will be a step up for you. plus some change is also good. i been with my employer for 6yrs too.. allah yestor!

hope life is treating you well otherwise.. i went to the turkish sweet shop on sunday (in the snow) and remembered you!!!


a libyan lady said...

Hi Al !

Yummy Chocolate it is -you know im a chocaholic lol...

The offer still stands,in case youre interested,and family you are.

Wishing you all the best as

حنان شلبي said...


ايش رايك تيجي تشتغل بدالي وانا بعد بالبيت والله انا مستعده، موافق؟

وبالنسبة للشوكليت والله انا لهلا ما صادفتها عنا بدبي وما عرضو عنها بس لو لقيتها بشي مكان بوعدك ادوقها مع اني بكره حليب الجمال ولمة بشوفو بالسوبرماركت بستغرب انو في ناس حتشتريه بس يمكن الشوكليت يكون زاكي وانا حدوقها منشان خاطرك ههههه

وبالنسبة للقطار اطمن الشعب الهندي لو وقع من ما بسرلو شي متل القطط بسبع ارواح لهيك الله يعين القطار بهاي الحالة الي متحمل كل هالقطط

Meme said...

سلام عليكم
على فكره هو حليب الناقه كيف بنته؟ قالولي مالح شوي صح؟؟
انشاء الله ربي يفتحها عليك

dusk till dawn said...

Salam bro Nassir

realy sorry to hear ur lossing ur job, its hard lately , i might be in the same wave soon , just awaiting to be told , hope u will find a new job soon, as u know alot of peoples lossiong jobs daily since last month, abt the chocolate made of camel milk u do not know how it taste till we try we might ends up with two camel humps. i love that train just how they stay on i do not know, i wish i was the train conductor, just how to make it to the end ha ha

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks a lot :o)

salam dear Buj
always good to see you here :o)
best of luck with your job and hope you enjoyed the sweets.

Libyan Lady
thank you for the generous offer, difficult decision but will think about it :o)

I would love to come and work in Dubai
I was depending on you to tell us about this chocolate, yalla find it and try it for us :o)

Meme, I have never tried camel milk :o)
thank you.

salam DTD
long time no see, I missed your funny comments :o)
hope inshaAllah your job is safe.

Maya M said...

I am sorry than you have to seek a new job. In fact, after I read an earlier post of yours where this prospect appeared first, I even didn't dare to open your blog for a while. Our papers report that many Bulgarian finance dealers who had worked for years in the London City have lost their jobs and are now returning. I wish you to find a new job soon, and even better than the old one!

Anonymous said...

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