Monday, 22 December 2008

End Of School Term

I am back today at work after having some time off just to complete my annual leave before I leave my job on the 31 of December.

Year 3 Choir, Amir 5th from left, back row

The kids have been busy at their school at this festive time, the school has shown a great deal of tolerance to non Christian children, first by letting Muslim kids have up to 2 days off school for Eid Al-Adha then offering a Halal Christmas dinner to any child that wanted it, that included a traditional Turkey dinner with all the trimmings and even a Christmas cracker each! but I think the best move the school did and they really did not have to do that, at the end of the day this is a Christian country, was to organise a Christmas concert where children will sing Christmas songs and non Christmas songs too, so when Amir came home to tell me that he is part of the Year 3 choir that will be singing at the concert, before I opened my mouth Amir said: Baba do not worry, there will be no songs mentioning that Jesus (PBUH) is the son of God! that there will be nothing offensive to Muslims so that they can take part. I was impressed by what the school did and had no problem letting both kids take part, many other Muslim kids took part including a number of Libyans.

The concert was a sell out, it started with good Eid wishes to all Muslims, I just about managed to find a place to stand and watch for nearly 2 hours although I did get a seat for the final performance, I thought it was good, I was proud of both kids singing confidently and having fun, here is a clip of the final song by the school choir which Aida my daughter is part of, singing "I am a small part of the world" Aida is first on the left, there are 2 other Libyan girls singing as well.



a libyan lady said...

My dear friend Al,

Have you found a job ?

Absolutely marvelous and I thank you for letting your children sing the Xmas Carols- I still do ;-)

This is what will make the world a better place my dear friend.

Open mindness and acceptance and respect of all religions and cultures.....

Best wishes and great Blessings for a New Year filled with Happiness,Health and Prosperity !

Anglo-Libyan said...

hello Libyan Lady

no new job yet :o)

you can not escape Christmas caroles at the moment, they are everywhere, so often I find myself singing Jingle Bells with the kids :o)

same best wishes to you and your family.

Enlightened Spirit said...

That is awesome.
Allha bless these little souls and grant them a peaceful life.
Wish the best of luck in jop hunting

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you Enlightened Spirit :o)

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