Monday, 29 December 2008

God Help Us All...

The Christmas holiday is over, I am back at work for the last week, the break was nice, I enjoyed spending time with the family but of course it was marred by the events taking place in Gaza, so much death, so much destruction, my son keeps asking me what did these dead and injured people do to deserve that? my only answer was "Nothing" they are innocent civilians, the children are learning on their own from watching the news and not Arab news but mainly BBC News that there is a bad monster called "The Israeli Army" killing people that they kept under siege and treated worse that caged animals for over a year then the Israeli media has the nerve to justify what they are doing, their foreign minister looked so ridiculous saying on Sky News that to minimise civilian deaths they told people to move out away from Hamas compounds, I mean how stupid is this woman?? The whole world knows that Gaza is the most crowded land on earth, move! move where exactly?? would she let them move into Israel perhaps?

The honourable (not) Arab leaders as usual are only worried about their precious seats, no one did or is going to do anything to help, the disgraceful Egyptian president has proved that he is one of the worst, he made sure not even aid is getting to the Gazzans while telling the world that Egypt will do everything to help, Libyan leadership, full of hot air and nothing else, as usual, we have seen it all in 2006 when Israel nearly destroyed Lebanon, no one but the Lebanese people helped their own country.
Some of my decent British friends are enraged at what is happening, Israel & America can not continue to mislead the world about who is the terrorist now, how can anyone justify murdering hundreds of police men on their graduation day? I myself like many others are not jumping in defence of Hamas or any leadership, it is the Palestinian people that are being subjected to a genocide, I am not speaking against the Israeli people, there are many decent Jewish people that are against what is happening, many Jews protested against Israel in London yesterday as you can see from the pictures taken by Omar El-Huni during the anti war demonstration outside the Israeli embassy in London, you can see the pictures Here.

Unfortunately another year is coming to an end while the whole world is watching a nation reduced to starvation, taken back into the middle ages with no fuel, power or medications and now being slaughtered like unwanted animals, God help us all.

Here Whiteafrican speaks for many of us in her latest post


Nasimlibya said...

be sure Anglo Allah with all the people in Gaza
There is no might nor power except with Allah

a libyan lady said...

A great post Al as always-I ditto what you mentioned.

I refer this topic to my students who dont know this difference between Zionism and Judism-they have been brainwashed into believing them as one evil enemy.

As for Libyans being full of hot air ,they arent the only ones !We had a maseera today,radio is blasting with anashids blah blah blah --that'll be as far as it goes :-(
Our country can offer more and so can other Arab nations.

May we spare a couple of minutes in silence and pray for our Palestinian People.

The day will come when all this misery will be a thing of a horrid past- like the black suppression in the US. Who wouldve imagined we'd live to see a Black President ?Until then may Allah bless the Palestinian People and give then strength and they will overcome one sweet day INSHALLAH.



Anglo-Libyan said...

Ameen and thank you Nasimlibya.

Libyan Lady, good job you are doing as usual.
Maseeras are every where but that will stop soon, people have no real power.

thanks for the links

حنان شلبي said...

أنجلو السلام عليكم

والله سدقني ان شاء الله ربنا بيساعدهم وانشالله ربنا ما بيساعد المتآمرين على بيع دماء اهل فلسطين
وبدون ذكر اسماء الحمدلله الله دايما بميز الخونة عن كل مخاليقو

ما بدنا نحكي الشعب الفلاني وقف ضدنا نحن الفلسطينية وباعونا بالرخيص لالالالالالا ما حنحكي هيك الشعب ابدا بعمرو ما كان نذل وجبان
ولكن الاكيد حكوماتنا الله ينتقم منها هية هيك الف بالمية
وهي المغرب عنا عم بيآذن
حسبي الله عليهم وعلى اعداء الدين وان شاء الله يرد كيدهم في نحرهم وبورجينا فيهم يوم يكون عظة وعبرة متل معمل مع القوم السابقين وان شاء الله عذابهم ما بيكون خفيف ويارب سرع من هاليوم وارحم عبادك بكل مكان في فلسطين والعراق ولبنان وكل مكان

Anonymous said...

Any post about Yefren ? or the cause is not worthy? our hearts bleed when we see these images from Gaza but we are to blame because we have rulers like Mubarak, Ghedafi etc.. etc , who shake hands with the enemy and gave the green lights for Israel to strike Gaza. Demonstrations are great way to attract the attentions to the atrocity the occurring on that land, but in arab countries is a waste of time, cause most of it organised by the government to absorb the anger from the masses who usually rush back home after going to these demos to watch TV and follow their favourite soaps as if nothing happened.


Anglo-Libyan said...

ربي يسمع منك ياحنان

I do agree with what you wrote.

of course I do care about Yefren but I do not know much about what is happening since I do not live in Libya, all I know is what I read on Libyan websites and I do not copy and paste.
if there is anything you want to say about it then just post it as a comment. Thank you.

abdullah SH said...

happy new r bro ...
am just finish my exam then opening media wht happen !!!
oh god protect ths ppl ...

who terorrism now !!!

most important thing in my view as u say about tht women " bad media "
trying 2 mask truth !!!

here n libya starting in public blood transfusion 2 ghaza ppl wish we can do somthing ....

salam ...

Nilo Dream said...

Dear Anglo Libyan :

really your blog moved my heart although i am no heart ; i am not moved by anything , i have not even watched the scene , i did not care to read the news , i just heared that the number of dead is over 300 and someone told me over the phone that the raids are still going on , i did not feel any sadness for the childern , on the contrary , i consider them very lucky that they have died and they will not live to face the disgrace of being an Arab in the 21st century .

as expected you did not hear the voice of Iran , the Iranian president who was threatening to remove Israel from the map of the world did sent a rocket , a paper plane , or a kite , he is exactly like president of Libya , like the president of Iraq , the president of Yemen , the president of Syria , like Nasser Allah like every one feeding his people lies ,just lies , the comparison between the number of the Arabs and the number of the Jews is really astonishing , I will not cite it here because it is a shame , I will try pretend that I do not know . still in spite of that they defeated us and they defeat us and they will go on defeating us like this forever , and the truth is that I do not blame Israel an inch , they are very cute people although they smell bad and look greasy and they despise us by the way , they are the most people on earth who despise us , and who has the right to despise us , they despise us with the same extent you despise your defeated enemy , they tried us many times and they know how weak we are , how defeated and liars we are , how thieves , when sadam invaded Kuwait saying that he was going there to liberate Jerusalem , they knew he was a liar and he knows his place and he will never arrive the gates of Israel and he is just after Kuwait oil and money , he just wanted to eat Kuwait because he knows they can not defend themselves and they are a few number with a symbolic army , Kuwait was eaten by Iraq in an hour or two , it was really removed from the map as Iran want to remove Israel , and it was really added to Iraq as an Iraqi governorate .

was there any Arab army in a position to liberate Kuwait ? you think the Saudi army was powerful enough to do it ? the uae army ? the Qatar army , the Bahrain army ? the Libyan army ? the Somali army ? the Sudanese army ? you and me know that when sadam became a tyrant he really broke the Arab faith and trust in anything except the usa and israel , the Arabs were just a very very old man with countless illness , but this moment was really the death meant , boy i swear that unless it would look too ungrateful to the states , they were ready and willing to give that honour to israel instead of the states , but neither israel want it no they work for money , they have their business that gets them money , they havel Intel and Motorolla , and IBM and Cicsco and Microsoft research centers there , they are very poor in oil , but they sell something more important than crude oil

the money spent on invading Kuwait was enough to develop Iraq to a very good country if it was spent on education and the benefit of the country , the number of prisoners in the prison of sadam was more than the number of men in the army , and he and his sons were three tyrants in the country and he was just lying about everything , about his military powers , about his atomic researches , about his going to Israel and about defeating America and he defeated no body in the world but Kuwait because they are very peaceful country with a very symbolic army , the same happened between Libya and Chad , between Iran and uae , between Saudi and Yemen sometimes , between Syria and Lebanon , and you know that each tyrant of them uses the anti-Americanism and the war with Israel to robe his people , to steal the money of his country and to put any honorable person in prison and empty the country of all honorable men , but the truth is that no Arab country has any real army at all .

Anglo , if Israel want to eat all of Gaza , who will prevent her , not only Gaza if they want to take all of Lebanon , all of Syria , all of Iraq , all of Iran , Saudi Arabia , uae , if Israel wants to turn all our women to hostages and our men to slaves , who will say no , who will

just to remember :

1- Israel has atomic bomb , real not faked like those of sadaam and Iran
2- Israel , manufacture their own weapons and tanks and planes and export them world wide
3- Israel are 7 millions , we are more than 300 millions
4-here , please read what is written on wikipedia :

The nation's military relies heavily on high-tech weapons systems designed and manufactured in Israel as well as some foreign imports. The United States is a particularly notable foreign contributor; they are expected to provide the country with $30 billion in military aid between 2008 and 2017.[163] The Israeli- and U.S.-designed Arrow missile is one of the world's only operational anti-ballistic missile systems.[164] Since the Yom Kippur War, Israel has developed a network of reconnaissance satellites.[165] The success of the Ofeq program has made Israel one of seven countries capable of launching such satellites.[166] The country has also developed its own main battle tank, the Merkava. Since its establishment, Israel has spent a significant portion of its gross domestic product on defense. In 1984, for example, the country spent 24%[167] of its GDP on defense. Today, that figure has dropped to 7.3%.[2]

Israel has not signed the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and maintains a policy of deliberate ambiguity toward its nuclear capabilities, though it is widely regarded as possessing nuclear weapons.[168] After the Gulf War in 1991, when Israel was attacked by Iraqi Scud missiles, a law was passed requiring all apartments and homes in Israel to have a mamad, a reinforced security room impermeable to chemical and biological substances.[169] "


" Israel is considered one of the most advanced countries in Southwest Asia in economic and industrial development. The country has been ranked highest in the region on the World Bank's Ease of Doing Business Index[170] as well as in the World Economic Forum's Global Competitiveness Report.[17] It has the second-largest number of startup companies in the world (after the United States) and the largest number of NASDAQ-listed companies outside North America.[171] In 2007, Israel had the 44th-highest gross domestic product and 22nd-highest gross domestic product per capita (at purchasing power parity) at US$232.7 billion and US$33,299, respectively.[172] In 2007, Israel was invited to join the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development,[173] which promotes cooperation between countries that adhere to democratic principles and operate free market economies.[174]

Despite limited natural resources, intensive development of the agricultural and industrial sectors over the past decades has made Israel largely self-sufficient in food production, "

Anglo , the Israeli army and military arsenary are the strongest in the region and the most prepared for war and the most advanced , and stronger even than all the Arabian army put together , 10 years ago their nuclear submarine passed by all the Arab countries including morocco , Algiers , Tunisia , Libya , Egypt while we all were asleep no body traced it , we were engaged with fighting each other , robbing each other , imprisoning each other , destroying ourselves and our last chance to live , we have to be very grateful to Israel if they give us the chance to live , it is out of their courtesy and just to keep their faces , no more no less , 20 years ago or more than that , the Israeli planes flied and made raids and operations from Iraq in the east to Tunisia in the west and no body objected them , no body answered , no body even killed himself , my friend we have very opened skies and very open seas , and very open borders , and we have to have open hearts and open minds too , you know , they have to declare the death of the Arabs long time ago , they just let us live to humiliate us , Anglo ; ISRAEL EVEN DID NOT THANK KING ABDULLAH FOR HIS PEACE INITIATIVES , they did not even care to listen to it or discuss it , they turned the guy down poor thing , they humiliated a king this time my friend , they did not care even to keep his face , I think it is time to declare the death of the Arab , and I think the best thing to do is to join with me for a plea to declare the death of the Arab , boy we are already rotten and smelling

نزار قباني

هوامش على دفتر النكسة

كتبت في أعقاب نكسة حزيران (يونيو) 1967


أنعي لكم، يا أصدقائي، اللغةَ القديمه

والكتبَ القديمه

أنعي لكم..

كلامَنا المثقوبَ، كالأحذيةِ القديمه..

ومفرداتِ العهرِ، والهجاءِ، والشتيمه

أنعي لكم.. أنعي لكم

نهايةَ الفكرِ الذي قادَ إلى الهزيمه


مالحةٌ في فمِنا القصائد

مالحةٌ ضفائرُ النساء

والليلُ، والأستارُ، والمقاعد

مالحةٌ أمامنا الأشياء


يا وطني الحزين

حوّلتَني بلحظةٍ

من شاعرٍ يكتبُ الحبَّ والحنين

لشاعرٍ يكتبُ بالسكين


لأنَّ ما نحسّهُ أكبرُ من أوراقنا

لا بدَّ أن نخجلَ من أشعارنا


إذا خسرنا الحربَ لا غرابهْ

لأننا ندخُلها..

بكلِّ ما يملكُ الشرقيُّ من مواهبِ الخطابهْ

بالعنترياتِ التي ما قتلت ذبابهْ

لأننا ندخلها..

بمنطقِ الطبلةِ والربابهْ


السرُّ في مأساتنا

صراخنا أضخمُ من أصواتنا

وسيفُنا أطولُ من قاماتنا


خلاصةُ القضيّهْ

توجزُ في عبارهْ

لقد لبسنا قشرةَ الحضارهْ

والروحُ جاهليّهْ...


بالنّايِ والمزمار..

لا يحدثُ انتصار


كلّفَنا ارتجالُنا

خمسينَ ألفَ خيمةٍ جديدهْ


لا تلعنوا السماءْ

إذا تخلّت عنكمُ..

لا تلعنوا الظروفْ

فالله يؤتي النصرَ من يشاءْ

وليس حدّاداً لديكم.. يصنعُ السيوفْ


يوجعُني أن أسمعَ الأنباءَ في الصباحْ

يوجعُني.. أن أسمعَ النُّباحْ..


ما دخلَ اليهودُ من حدودِنا


تسرّبوا كالنملِ.. من عيوبنا


خمسةُ آلافِ سنهْ..

ونحنُ في السردابْ

ذقوننا طويلةٌ

نقودنا مجهولةٌ

عيوننا مرافئُ الذبابْ

يا أصدقائي:

جرّبوا أن تكسروا الأبوابْ

أن تغسلوا أفكاركم، وتغسلوا الأثوابْ

يا أصدقائي:

جرّبوا أن تقرؤوا كتابْ..

أن تكتبوا كتابْ

أن تزرعوا الحروفَ، والرُّمانَ، والأعنابْ

أن تبحروا إلى بلادِ الثلجِ والضبابْ

فالناسُ يجهلونكم.. في خارجِ السردابْ

الناسُ يحسبونكم نوعاً من الذئابْ...


جلودُنا ميتةُ الإحساسْ

أرواحُنا تشكو منَ الإفلاسْ

أيامنا تدورُ بين الزارِ، والشطرنجِ، والنعاسْ

هل نحنُ "خيرُ أمةٍ قد أخرجت للناسْ" ؟...


كانَ بوسعِ نفطنا الدافقِ بالصحاري

أن يستحيلَ خنجراً..

من لهبٍ ونارِ..


واخجلةَ الأشرافِ من قريشٍ

وخجلةَ الأحرارِ من أوسٍ ومن نزارِ

يراقُ تحتَ أرجلِ الجواري...


نركضُ في الشوارعِ

نحملُ تحتَ إبطنا الحبالا..

نمارسُ السَحْلَ بلا تبصُّرٍ

نحطّمُ الزجاجَ والأقفالا..

نمدحُ كالضفادعِ

نشتمُ كالضفادعِ

نجعلُ من أقزامنا أبطالا..

نجعلُ من أشرافنا أنذالا..

نرتجلُ البطولةَ ارتجالا..

نقعدُ في الجوامعِ..

تنابلاً.. كُسالى

نشطرُ الأبياتَ، أو نؤلّفُ الأمثالا..

ونشحذُ النصرَ على عدوِّنا..

من عندهِ تعالى...


لو أحدٌ يمنحني الأمانْ..

لو كنتُ أستطيعُ أن أقابلَ السلطانْ

قلتُ لهُ: يا سيّدي السلطانْ

كلابكَ المفترساتُ مزّقت ردائي

ومخبروكَ دائماً ورائي..

عيونهم ورائي..

أنوفهم ورائي..

أقدامهم ورائي..

كالقدرِ المحتومِ، كالقضاءِ

يستجوبونَ زوجتي

ويكتبونَ عندهم..

أسماءَ أصدقائي..

يا حضرةَ السلطانْ

لأنني اقتربتُ من أسواركَ الصمَّاءِ


حاولتُ أن أكشفَ عن حزني.. وعن بلائي

ضُربتُ بالحذاءِ..

أرغمني جندُكَ أن آكُلَ من حذائي

يا سيّدي..

يا سيّدي السلطانْ

لقد خسرتَ الحربَ مرتينْ

لأنَّ نصفَ شعبنا.. ليسَ لهُ لسانْ

ما قيمةُ الشعبِ الذي ليسَ لهُ لسانْ؟

لأنَّ نصفَ شعبنا..

محاصرٌ كالنملِ والجرذانْ..

في داخلِ الجدرانْ..

لو أحدٌ يمنحُني الأمانْ

من عسكرِ السلطانْ..

قُلتُ لهُ: لقد خسرتَ الحربَ مرتينْ..

لأنكَ انفصلتَ عن قضيةِ الإنسانْ..


لو أننا لم ندفنِ الوحدةَ في الترابْ

لو لم نمزّقْ جسمَها الطَّريَّ بالحرابْ

لو بقيتْ في داخلِ العيونِ والأهدابْ

لما استباحتْ لحمَنا الكلابْ..


نريدُ جيلاً غاضباً..

نريدُ جيلاً يفلحُ الآفاقْ

وينكشُ التاريخَ من جذورهِ..

وينكشُ الفكرَ من الأعماقْ

نريدُ جيلاً قادماً..

مختلفَ الملامحْ..

لا يغفرُ الأخطاءَ.. لا يسامحْ..

لا ينحني..

لا يعرفُ النفاقْ..

نريدُ جيلاً..




يا أيُّها الأطفالْ..

من المحيطِ للخليجِ، أنتمُ سنابلُ الآمالْ

وأنتمُ الجيلُ الذي سيكسرُ الأغلالْ

ويقتلُ الأفيونَ في رؤوسنا..

ويقتلُ الخيالْ..

يا أيُها الأطفالُ أنتمْ –بعدُ- طيّبونْ

وطاهرونَ، كالندى والثلجِ، طاهرونْ

لا تقرؤوا عن جيلنا المهزومِ يا أطفالْ

فنحنُ خائبونْ..

ونحنُ، مثلَ قشرةِ البطيخِ، تافهونْ

ونحنُ منخورونَ.. منخورونَ.. كالنعالْ

لا تقرؤوا أخبارَنا

لا تقتفوا آثارنا

لا تقبلوا أفكارنا

فنحنُ جيلُ القيءِ، والزُّهريِّ، والسعالْ

ونحنُ جيلُ الدجْلِ، والرقصِ على الحبالْ

يا أيها الأطفالْ:

يا مطرَ الربيعِ.. يا سنابلَ الآمالْ

أنتمْ بذورُ الخصبِ في حياتنا العقيمهْ

وأنتمُ الجيلُ الذي سيهزمُ الهزيمهْ

Romana said...

Anglo-Libyan great moving post as always.
I still cant believe that no one is doing anything to help. i really really cant believe that humanity is sinking this low. Allah yostor o ysabber ahel Palestine... o inshalla 2009 tkoon a7sen 3alehom...

Anglo-Libyan said...

Abdullah Sh
best wishes to you too and hope exams went well.

Hello Nilo Dream and welcome to my blog.
while I feel your comment is a bit harsh but I can not help but agree with most of it unfortunately.

thank you Romana
Allah Kareem

Anonymous said...

I am new to this blogging thing but your blog has inspired me to write my thoughts.

I thank you for your wonderful post...though wonderful might not seem appropriate if you know what I mean.

Wishing and praying to Allah for this bloodshed to come to an end Ithank you for your powerful post!


Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you Shahrazad and welcome to my blog.

Nilo Dream said...

it is 8:36 , i am at home sitting in my swining chair , wearing my socks and having two foot warmers under my desk
at the same minutes in gaza there are people who feel very cold and hungery and wounded and covered with blood
there are people now who are dying, men , women , childern , they are arabs , and the last people who stayed at the ship even when it is sinking
there are people who know they are dying today or tomorrow or the day after , there are women , very arab women , the flowers and roses of the arabs

i do not know what to do
i know hammas is very stupid , still i can not blame hammas for what they are doing .
i know egypt is very coward , still i can not blame egypt for what they are doing
it is simply as leandra machado said in her blog " when right seems wrong and wrong seems right "

the good news about the gaza episode is that it will be the last of our sadness , there is no more sadness sweet people
for this is the last war between the arabs and israel , and i do really envy every man died defending his land , whatever stubborn and dreaming he is

my friend told me a strange number about the amount of rockets hamms sent to israel , and a funny number of the killing too
but still these will be the last rockets , i do not think there will be any rockets coming from jeddah or bahrain or iraq

Nilo Dream said...

The Arabs :

I think it is enough to cry about palstine , it is no use crying over the spilt milk . palstine was lost because the arabic race has lost its wieght on earth , they are so weak that a few homeless people decided to make a country in their land , and they had to accept it , they had to accept it because we were deafted at 48 , at 76 , at 56 , sinia and golan and all palstine was lost because we were defeated , palestine was not lost yesterday , it was lost in 1948 , the truth is that no arab army could defeat israel regardless of all the stupid speeches of the militerary dictators who govern us .

at this time , it was a historical death of the arabs , it was the destiny of the arab to turn into a very awkward uncivilized , un urban nation , the number of population was very scare , the educational system was non existent , transportation in most arab countries depended most on camels and horses , king abdul aziz home elevator conisisted of a wooden crate hanged by cotton ropes .

at this same time , or even 20 years earlier than that ; Ford company in the states was discussing with the congress about the flying cars and they could have done it but their request was turned down for safety reasons , the buggattie company was already finishing their car of 250 km/h , japan was building aircraft carriers and many scients in the world were thinking about atomic powers and space .

but god is merciful , very very merciful and great , god gave the arabs another chance , and instead of throwing them to the trash of history , he gave them blessing and treasures and oil , Quraan says that god is cunning , but i never seen a god as cunning as our god , the whole advanced world worked very very hard day and night to invent and develope the car , the plane , the rocket , the space shuttle , the ship , the train , the electric motor and the satellite and everything , but anything needs to be powered and power comes from oil , and the arabs have a lot of oil , they can sell oil and make use of the money they get to make for their lack of civilization , and they can enjoy the same standards of life the 20th century man can enjoy , the first car in saudi arabia and most of the arab countries were bought by oil's money , the first air condition , the first roads , the first ships , the first planes , the first books , the first tv , the first radio , king abdul aziz asked for 30 000 dollars as a down payment to be delivered at once as soon as he knew the americans are after his oil .
money began to pour on the arab countries , money that does not come from agriculture , or industery , or fishing , or anything , just crude oil

i will not say nothing , i will just say that after 60 years of the discovery of crude oil in the arab countries , still the educational system is very awkward , still we depend on the west for our bread , and our clothes and our meat and our weapons and our satellites and our machines and our computers and every everything , there is no industery in the arab countries that can compete with the prices of the chinese industery or the quality of the american or the japanese ones . there is no arab country that can produce meat or sugar cheaper than argentina or brasil or austeralia , there is no real agriculture in all the arab countries , we still buy our food from the west , that is to say the least .

one of the most countries that were affected by the drop of oil prices is the uae , with just days the whole country was in trouble , the prices of real estates dropped 50 % , many employees were laid off , many business closed , the drop in the prices of the oil really affects the economical states of all the arab countries , and the money spent on everything , education , health , industry , anything .,

now , the question is what if ? what if they really discover an alternative source of power rather than oil ? what if the cars are no longer working with oil ? what if the arabs can not sell their oil ? what do we export to the world and what we import ? what we really produce ? what is the real value of an arab without the oil ? can we buy ammunations for our weapons ? can we buy medicines ? can we find bread ? do we cultivate it in our land ? have we developed anything to export it to the west ?

the answer is unfortunately for the negative . we had wasted these 60 years and we even wasted the chance only a god can give , and yes the world is developing million ways of alternative fuels and power sources and technologically it can happen and it will happen and this time it will be really hard for the arabs , harder than now , they will have to rely only on foreign aids and export of arab men and women as hous maids , no , not like phipinese for sure , we are worse than than that, philipenese has 17 nuclear reactors the last time i was interested to read about it 20 years ago , we have only the hamms rockets . do you think that condoliza rice or george bush or this sarakozy visits the middle east for hours and hours in the plane just for the sake of huminity ? the region and the arabs derives a great deal of their importance in the world from their oil and if there is no oil you will not find even any one to cry on us , not even the red cross , not even a half line in the news , not even the cnn , you may hear about us in childern books , anglo , we are really misreable , more miserable than you think and i think it is game over , you know you can not turn back the hands of the clock

Anonymous said...

What do u expect Arab leaders to do send all your sons to death!!! then u would be complaining yet again.

You have to ask yourselves would you send peoples sons and daughters to war,Why are the Palistinians who live out of Gaza not gearing up to fight for Gaza?????

Its so easy to preach but when it comes to action everybody wants to blame someone else Like where are the Arabs!!!!

What is the solution more dead bodies, I dont think this would resolve the actual problem.

The the eygyptians had sacrificed enough of their blood and what is the out come NOTHING!!!

Nilo Dream said...

of course I do expect the Arab leaders to send their sons to the war if they have any blood running in their veins
but do not worry dear , the sons of all the Arab leaders never go to wars , they just supervise the torturture of Arab men in Arab prisons
if you forget that you can read the recent history , the sons of sadaam , the sons of al assad , the son of ghadafi , the sons of most and any Arab leader

on the other hand , McCain was in the war, George bush is a man of war , his father is a man of war , Ezra Wiseman of Israel lost a son in the war
the Americans are sending their son to wars on all corners of earth , every corner except for Antarctica have an American army .

freedom has always a heavy price , there is nothing for free , only slavery and humiliation .
but of course I do not advise any Arab leader to send his sons to the war , this is actually not their role and they never prepared for that , the Arab leaders prepared their sons to go only to the disco and night clubs in London and Paris and Switzerland , dear , war is for men , you know women and gays are not requested to go to war , they are exempted from that by god , he relieved them from that burden

Anonymous said...

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