Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Road Accident....

This morning as I was driving my kids to school we got stuck in heavy traffic, as the traffic moved I could see what was happening and it was a terrible sight, I really wanted to prevent the kids from seeing it but I had no choice as there was no chance of reversing or doing a U turn, a teenage boy of about 13 or 14 was lying on the freezing road face down, he had been hit by big 7 Seater car and was not moving, it was clear that he was not well, possibly even dead, there was a small crowd of people around him, many were on their phones probably calling the emergency services so there was no point of me stopping as there was nothing else for me to do so I just carried on driving and waiting for the kids response, they were quiet for few minutes, they both could not take their eyes of the boy and I could tell that they were troubled by it. After few minutes Amir asked me if the boy was dead! I didn't really want to traumatise them even more so I said that he was only hurt then Amir said: but the boy was not moving, I think he was dead, I had to tell a small lie here and told both kids that the boy was crying so he was not dead, they both cheered up a bit, of course then I had to remind them of road safety and how if people do not keep to the road code that accidents could happen, all the time I was thinking of this poor boy's parents who were probably at home or work not knowing what happened, Allah protect us all.
Amir celebrates his 8th birthday today, with many many happy returns inshaAllah

Amir had an early birthday party on Sunday with mainly his cousins attending and a couple of friends, they had a great time with Aida organising a lot of party games for all of them.


Living Away said...

oh my god! i'm so sorry!
last friday i was going to a doctor with 2 friends of mine and just in front of me a car hit "good" a girl in her scooter. she flew in one direction and her helmet in another. both of them were not following the traffic rules what is very normal here in taiwan, unfortunately.
i'm sure she didn't make it!

wow, what a party!
congratulations big boy! you rock!

a libyan lady said...

How devastating !
So sorry your kids had to witness such a tragedy....

Happy Birthday Amir !
A big party it is ...wow !

حنان شلبي said...


آسفة لأنهم شافو متل هيك مشهد وان شاء الله ما بيعلق براسهم

والله يحماهم يارب

وكل سنة والأمير الصغير بخير يارب

MusicLover said...

As a parent always have to remind kids to pay attention when they cross the road.

Were is my piece of cake :-) Congratulations.



Caught in the middle said...

That is so sad for you all to witness, you must have been in shock also. I know it's not the same but I witnessed a kitten getting hit by a car in front of my house and the kids where with me, we where all in shock, your situation is 100 times worse. As much as we try, we will never be able to protect our kids from sights like this, you did good.

Happy Birthday Amir, and well done Ayda for keeping the kids busy. All the best to all the familly for Eid. Have a good one.

Anglo-Libyan said...

that must have been awful for you to witness.
thanks for the wishes, btw Musiclover posted 2 links for the Brazilian singer CeU, beautiful stuff.

thank you Libyan Lady :o)

Thank you Hanan, Allah bless you.

I asked the same question: where is my piece of cake??
I wasnt at the party and got nothing :o)
Thanks for the very beautiful music by CeU, first class.

2 years a go we witnessed 2 dogs being run over, 1 was dead and there was blood and dog bits on the road, the kids were very shocked by that sight.
They are still quiet about what they saw yesterday yet occasionaly I hear them talk about it to eachother.
thanks for the wishes :o)

Meme said...

road accident probably is number one cause of death every where...specially here in libya
come and see what happened today ..it was a rainy day and there was a lot of accidents out there..may allah protect us all

happy birthday amir!!!
انشاء الله العمر كله

a libyan lady said...

My dear friend Al,

HAPPY EID AL AHHA to you and your lovely family!

May you find success in all your endeavors.

May you find happiness
in whatever you do.

May Allah's blessings be always with you!

Best Wishes....

dusk till dawn said...

salam AL
i can see and feel how u felt inside seeing that guy lying in the road, its a tragic and things u do not like to come cross, that will be in the kids mind for a while, u did the right thing by keeping quite and cool,
Amir looks so happy with his birthday pary, happy birth day tiger ,allah safe us all

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you Meme and yes I do read about the terrible road accidents in Libya all the time!

best wishes to you and your family dear Libyan Lady.

yes Amir loved his party, thanks dear DTD :o)

white african said...

so sad about teh road accident, there getting more and more, last week a young 13 year old was run over by bus and sadly didnt survive.

it really is dangerous.

happy belated birthday for amir, hope he had a fantastic time by the looks of things from the photo im sure he did and loads of sweetys as well ;)

Maya M said...

Happy birthday to Amir!
I hope the boy hit by the car survived after all.

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