Tuesday, 27 May 2008

Bank Holiday Washout!

Another bank holiday washout, it has been rain rain non stop most of the weekend, that of course did not give us a lot of choice of going out so we did the usual in these rainy days, its stay at home and visit the local shopping centre.
I took the kids to watch Nim's Island at the cinema, it was sort of OK, I fell asleep for a bit, the scenery is beautiful but it was a very fluffy film, girlie film as Amir said!
Actually I was surprised at how old Jodie Foster looked! saying that, she is actually the same age as me but being a Hollywood star she has the advantage of looking a lot younger if she chose to.
It is always great when a so so film finishes, we walked for a bit then home, not a very memorable bank holiday but it was a typical British bank holiday, so no complaints.

I just noticed the Betty Boop merchandise behind us :o)


Many have read about the recent earthquake that hit Al-Marj area in the east of Libya, thank Allah no damage or casualties were reported, many people have remembered the earthquake that hit Al-Marj in 1963 which left hundreds dead and destroyed the city, I was a baby then but many years ago my mother told us about that day and how many people living in Benghazi felt the earthquake (we were living in Benghazi at that time) my mother also mentioned how people in Benghazi felt very sad and mourned the deaths of many people.

The Centre For Libyan Studies - Oxford, has published very rare pictures of the 1963 Al-Marj earthquake, amazing pictures that were taken 2 days after the earthquake, I have never seen any of them before, you can view the pictures Here.


In the past 18 months my kids have had some tough time with their schooling, they changed schools 3 times add to that having to go to Arabic school every Saturday which means they have 6 school days a week and double the home work, I am actually very proud of their achievements, they both managed to get The Headteacher's Award this term, MashaAllah, I hope they continue with their success, they are happy in their current school and seem to be popular too.

These were some updates, I will inshaAllah keep up the blog as and when I can, I was in 2 minds whether I should continue blogging about my private and family life, for now I decided to continue then see what happens.