Friday, 28 November 2008

I'm A Celebrity.....!!

For the past 2 weeks or so I have been watching one of my favourite programs on TV, I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! is usually on for about 3 weeks every year, it is a program famous for gathering a bunch of celebrities hasbeens, unheard of so called celebrities and WAGs, they are all put in a jungle in Australia and are left to fend for themselves living in horrible conditions, they have to do what is called a Bush Tucker Trial daily in order to win stars which they can exchange for food items that they have to cook themselves, the less stars they win the less food they have to share.
This year alongside the hasbeens and the WAGs, 2 major stars are taking part, they are Martina Navaratilova and George Takei from the Star Trek fame.
The daily bush tucker trial usually involves one or more of the contestants having to either eat the most disgusting food which can be cockroaches, worms and grubs and delicacies such as certain bits and pieces of animals that you wouldn't eat in your worst nightmares, I don't know what it is but most people (including myself) enjoy watching other people especially if they were annoying minor celebrities being tortured this way, it just makes great TV viewing.
The contestants are then voted out one by one on daily bases by the viewing public until one is left who will be crowned the King or the Queen of the jungle, this years favourite to win is ex-EastEnders actor Joe Swash.
Here is some clips that you might enjoy or might make you run for the bucket!
This first clip shows 2 contestants eating a selection of critters and delicacies, it really was my favourite clip (2 parts) the second part of this clip is even more Yummy :o)

This next clip, called the John Trevolting suite might make you scratch a bit!!

The next clip has David Van Day screaming like a girl :o)

There are many more clips on YouTube, there will be another trial tonight, I wonder who will be doing it!! I hope I didn't spoil your lunch or dinner, it is meant for entertainment, hope you all have a nice day :o)

Remember, all people taking part in these trials, do not have to do any of it, they have the optoion of opting out.

Monday, 24 November 2008

The Camel & The Train!!

The job hunting is still going on, I have now officially received my letter of redundancy from my current employers, I have been in this job for 6 years, I have enjoyed being here and got on with my work colleagues but it is time to move on.
I know I need to start tidying up my desk soon but I just cant be bothered at the moment, there is so much stuff that needs sorting out but it can wait a bit, a lot of it will be binned anyway!

When surfing the Internet, I found this new Luxury Chocolate makers called Al Nassma from Dubai that sell their really nice and delicious looking chocolates online but this chocolate comes with a difference from any chocolate I have ever seen or ate, it is made of Camel milk and supposedly it tastes really nice, I wonder if the big London department stores will be selling it soon, I really would like to try it.


Many people complain about the heavy traffic at rush hours when going to work or school, be it driving, on a bus or a train (I do), it can put us in a bad mood and we start thinking how bad it is for us blah blah blah.... well spare a thought for those people riding on a train in Pakistan, surely our rush hours are never like that :o)

I wonder if any people actually fell off the train and if any one had noticed!!

Monday, 17 November 2008

Job Hunting!

I have been away from blogging for a while due to being a bit busy and due to that annoying phrase, The Credit Crunch! which has affected my work place and it seems job loss is coming sooner rather than later, couple that with the difficulty of finding a new job, any job, really not easy but hopefully inshaAllah things will get better.
Unfortunately at times like this, coming to work becomes stressful and you loose all interest in doing your work and just wait for the day that you have to leave, I really cant wait! and wouldn't mind having some rest but having a family and responsibilities means you can not rest until you find a new job, so its going to be a, New Year No Job or New Year New Job :o)

For something lighter, my kids have told me to watch this new Christmas TV advert by John Lewis Department Store which they find very funny not just for the weird characters but mainly for the baby that appears towards the end of the advert, I watched it and yes I laughed too, what a baby, keep an eye for this mega cuteness with a clump of hair, here it is on YouTube:

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

More Rare Pictures of Libya's former Queen

Last year I posted a rare picture of the former Queen of Libya, Queen Fatima El-Sharif, for that was the first time ever that I saw the Queen, it is a shame that in countries such as Libya they would completely erase parts of our history just because it does not suit somebody, here in Europe many countries used to be kingdoms then they revolted and replaced their kingdoms with republics but they never hide their history, they teach it as it was, with its bad and good, yet in our country they only mention the Sinusi family in a bad disgraceful way when the truth is completely different, no one is perfect but compared to what Libya has at the moment, many can only say please bring on the good old days.

Having the Internet is such a blessing sometimes, it gives us the chance to research information that we do not have or we are not allowed to know anything about. During one of these searches I found some pictures of King Idris & Queen Fatima during a visit to Egypt in 1964, again as with the first picture I published, I saw an elegant lady that by far exceeded in her elegance Egypt's first lady and her daughters, who just could not keep their eyes off the Libyan Queen.

A good friend of mine told me that Queen Fatima was always very down to earth that when ever she came to an event, there would be a luxurious seat set up for her and that she always refused to sit there and chose to sit with the people instead, I bet not many can do that these days!

Here I leave you with some pictures that I am sure many of you have not seen before:

Queen Fatima on the left with the wife and daughters of president Jamal Abdul-Nasser

The following picture was sent to me by a friend and as far as I know it is the most recent picture of Queen Fatima and was taken in the mid 1990s during a Haj trip, may Allah give her long life and the best of health inshaAllah: