Thursday, 22 January 2009

Feeling Vomitty!!

Few days ago I became yet another victim to the Norovirus or what is commonly called as the vomiting bug! Man talk about feeling vomitty! it lasted for about 2 days, the problem is that sometimes you need to do things but the nausea goes with you everywhere, I even had to take a plastic bag with me in the car just in case. although when you are that sick you hardly eat anything, mainly fluids yet the vomit keeps coming, no idea where from and just makes you feel like going to bed and switching off completely but the tummy will not let go, oh its so disgusting, hope no one is reading this while eating, of course I am much better now AlHamdulellah and back to normal and just keep laughing at how I was running to bathrooms all over the place as the bug kept playing games with me.
The best comfort I found was a bottle of 7 Up constantly by my side, it is highly recommended even if it is supposed to be a junk drink! my friends keep laughing at me for saying that I feel vomitty but I think this is the best way to describe it.

It was the time for me to upgrade my mobile phone (how time flies!!) this is usually a bit of a headache for me as I never know what new handset to get and what are all the new applications in them are for or whether I need them or not! luckily when I went to the Orange shop I was given a choice of the 2 newest handsets they have, one was free, the other was for about £50 extra, I opted for the free handset and I am very happy with it so far, it is the new Samsung Pixon with touch screen.

Nice phone although I am still struggling with some of its features and finding the PC Suite difficult to manage unlike the Nokia PC suite which is straight forward. the touch screen feature is very good and simple to use and the camera quality is great with 8MP, glad I don't have to worry about upgrading for a long time now


A new travel agency opened in London specialising in travel to Libya, it is called Eye Of Libya here is how they describe themselves:

"Eye of Libya Ltd. (EOL) is an inbound tour operator and travel agency that offers all facets of inbound travel and business development consultancy around Libya"

Check their website for more information.


Meme said...

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh soo sorry to hear that!!! i've been through this and i know how bad it is to be sick and "vomitty" all the time..
u know the 7up is very famous here in libya to treat this case
alf salama 3leek

Dave Lucas said...

Sorry to hear about your illness!

I'm looking into getting a HELIO Ocean phone so I can be more PC-free!

Feel better!

naohama said...

Get well!
& mabrouk your new cell phone.

MusicLover said...

Good to hear you are well.

The One-State Solution

and comments :-)

Will make comment about your phone afterwards

Pee-Wee's Bicycle

Kids will love this even adults

on the edge said...

Hope you are all better by now Anglo- Libyan ! I hate that feeling that you have to hurl and don't know WHEN you might have to , lol . A lot like being pregnant ! LOL !

The phone looks cool . I am like to you , I get stuff that has all kinds of bells and whistles on it and then don't know what to do with them all . Or how to work them . Am so totally NOT mechanically inclined .

Shahrazad said...

Oh No! Not you Anglo lol....

For the nausea you should ve taken salty crackers that what we women take when nauseated !

I too am not to fully equipt with all these new mobiles and what they have to offer. Simple and efficient is what I enjoy.

Seven up or GAZOOZA is what my mother calls it -is a fast remedy and the salty crackers ,dont forget if ever you should get sick again ie nauseated !YUCK !

Good youre back .Dont leave us with no blogging even if you throw up :-)

حنان شلبي said...

الف لا باس عليك يا انجلو

وسلامات يارب وما تشوف شر والله بعينك لانو هاد هو المرض الوحيد الي ممكن انا ما اقدر اتحملو وجد جد كتير بكرهو وبخاف منو

ومبروك الموبايل

MusicLover said...

Samsung Pixon

It is a nice phone, as any smartphone there are always something missing and I do not understand why the phone companies do not listen to their customers.

Support of Divx, excellent even Sony PSP does not support it which is stupid from their part.

No Wifi thats was stupid from Samsung, means you can not use Skype through Fring or Truphone, no free calls :-)

Everyphone Smartphone should have

Wi-Fi connectivity
voice-guided GPS navigation
Copy & Paste
Divx Support
SMS with photo
Replacable Battery

Most of the phone manufacturers are in the process of coming out with phones using The Android operating system which is an open source and many applications will come out supporting it.

Anglo, my advice is get an IPOD Touch to supplement your phone as I do, an excellent gadget, you can download tons of free applications "Many Educational" which are great for kids, you have choice of 15000 applications, you never run out of choices. Plus it will stop your kids from taking your phone to play games, it is amazing how the kids with no learning experience can play phone games in a minute.

At last congratulation on the new phone, it is a nice feeling to have a new gadget. Please post photos taken by your phone, so that I can give you my 5 cent comment lol

The Secret of the Grain

Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks Meme
thumps up for 7up :o)

thank you Dave
I looked at the HELIO, seems good :o)

thanks Naohama :o)

thanks for the peewee video, great music :o)
nice review of my new phone, I agree about wi-fi, that did concern me a bit then i thought that i hardly ever used it on my old Nokia 95.
i just found a problem with my new phone, it doesnt support Arabic texts, i get squares instead, that is a shame since i dont think they have software to correct it.
funny that you mentiond the ipod touch, only yesterday i was talking about it to a freind, i woul like one but its still qite pricey here in the UK, the cheapest version is about £160.
I will post some pics soon, I can see that you do enjoy new gadgets, that is good, I like your reviews :o)

I am quite well, thank you Mrs. ontheedge.
I am happy with a phone that has a good camera, the rest is just a bonus :o)

Ahlan Shahrazad
yes crackers and dry toast followed by 7up, you cant beat that :o)
thanks a lot.

Shukran Hanna, good to see you back, Allah bless you :o)

Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better by now, look after yourself.

I guess you got a job? As you upgrading your phone to new version, I myself prefer to pay the extra £50 and own it instead of paying monthly fees, congratulation.


Anglo-Libyan said...

thanks Tarek

no I havent got a job yet, I renewed my contract thats why I got the free phone, the other phone had slightly better specs thats why they charge you extra £50, in both cases the phone is mine to own, I have a stack of old phones now as everytime I renew my contract I get a new phone.

a libyan lady said...

Hope youre getting better .....kind of reminds me of what we women go through when expecting ! Good youre ok .

Just got back from my trip-yeah again -had to go for follow ups blah blah blah.No you arent
rid of me yet lol.

Congrats on your new phone Mabrouk -InshaAllah bel Saha Alleck !
With this so much tech I feel like a robot sometimes .
look at this I do all my activities with headphones, my mobile is also plugged into the available ear-it struck the other day ,maybe ,just maybe are we not overdoing it?? Even our commincating lang has changed that we're using short forms that need a translator lol.

Have a great day !

Not Mother Teresa LOL

dusk till dawn said...

salam A-LY

so sorry to hear that u been under the weather , and felt so ill and u did suffer the vomitty nite mares, u came up with ur own remedy and it did work out, well done, but now for us we are gonna go off 7up ha ha , hows job hunting bro? u got ur new toy boy enjoy it, please u see u getting well a gain, plenty خبزة تنور تخلى المعدة صحية على طول

Anglo-Libyan said...

Libyan lady
thank you and hope inshaAllah all went well :o)
the short form English language used by some people, to be honest sometimes I do feel I need a translator, it must be my age!!

DTD, here you are :o)
Tanoor Bread, yum but where am I to find the real thing? I suppose nan will have to do.
DTD, I got a new toy not a new toy boy lol :oD
good to see you

dusk till dawn said...

sorry bro . ha ha i meant new toy .it must be my dirty mind driffted away , i seem to forget iam a gd married man now ha ha, thanx for reminding me nassar

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