Tuesday, 27 January 2009

Friends & The DEC...

Who said the Internet was no good? it sure has many good sides one of which is finding long lost friends and relatives.

2 weeks ago when I was searching Facebook I found a name that seemed familiar so I sent the guy a message:

Hello xxx
are you my cousin?
my mother is xxxx.

Few days later I got this reply:

Yes, I am your cousin.
How did you find me? I just talked to my mom to ask about you and she says hi and sends you her regards.

These relatives moved to the USA nearly 30 years ago and we have lost contact with them, my mother would sure be happy to hear this news :o)

AS if that wasn't enough, I got a message from this Libyan lady that lives in the USA too asking me if I was THE Nasser that is the son of Aunt Aida! instantly I recognised her as our neighbours daughter that I have not seen since 1980 when she was still a young girl, we exchanged messages and updated each other with what has happened in our lives since, afterwards I was left with a good, some times sad feeling with lots of good memories playing in my mind.

Although I was never a fan of facebook as I find it quite childish at the best of times and mainly use it to keep in touch with some people but these recent events made me use it more than usual and now I feel facebook does have a good side :o)


The DEC Gaza appeal banned from broadcasting by the BBC and Sky has been broadcast by other British channels as from today . while there is no surprise that Sky banned it as it is and always has been a supporter and a mouth piece for Israel, on the other hand the BBC used to be proud of being impartial and trying to tell the truth, by refusing to show an appeal which is aimed at helping the civilians in Gaza shows that the BBC is playing in the hands of Israel just like Sky and as for the excuse that the money raised by the appeal might by hijacked by Hamas, well the people running the DEC appeal thought was a ridiculous excuse as they themselves know how and where to distribute the money and they stressed on the point that they are a reputable organization and they assured everyone that the money raised will go to the suffering people of Gaza, the British people have always donated to the needy and they will continue to do so even when some big suits try to stop them by their form of dictatorship.
Here is the appeal as seen by the British public:
Align Centre

Please help them if you can, God bless you


Nasimlibya said...

ya it's good news
حلو التواصل عن بعد وبرغم بعد السنين بس المسافة قربت نهنيك بهذا التواصل اللي اكيد انعش الذاكرة

تحياتي ويارب ديمة نشوفو الجاني الجيد والحسن من الشبكة

Anonymous said...

Salamo 3alekom
How are you Anglo and hows your wonderfull goegouse kids

I'm so sorry for benin away but seriously my study and my finals took me away thats why I deactivated my blog
My regards to your family
fe aman Allah

on the edge said...

I found a few years back one of the guys I went to high school with, in the USA, back in the 60's , who I thought had been killed in the Veit Nam war . And my best friend in high school found me the same way also . We have known one another for over 40 years !It is nice to find long lost family and friends this way huh ?

Shahrazad said...

Good news really happy for you-now you have relatives to visit !

I had a friend who went off to the USA to study and never came back to Libya. I found her 3 years ago ,shes married to an American Libyan and they have 4 kids !
We promised to never lose contact again :-)

Anonymous said...

No wonder why DEC appeal not broadcasted on BBC because the wife of Mark Thompson is Zionist Jewish and she has affected the BBC since the Dyker removal.



may said...


والله عند الحق النت هذا عالم كبير وفيه الحلو ومش حلو

لكن زى الى صار معاك ياكد ان من خلال ها التطور وجلوسنا وراء هذا الجهاز والشاشة المنبسطة تاخدنا الى اماكن وناس بسرعة دقائق فقط

اعجبنى ادراجك


وخيتك مى

وتقبل مرورى

Meme said...

هادي مش اول مره نسمع باصدقاء او معارف تلاقو بعد فتره طويله عن طريق الفيس بوك و هاي وحده من مزايا الانترنت برغم زيك ماهضمتاش الموقع لدرجه اني اشتركت مرتين و سيبت
عموما خليك اتحاول و منو بعرف مرات تلقى ناس تانيين
good luck

HEBA said...

I used to had the same feeling about facebook before , and I have the same feeling of you now.

It keeps me connected :)

abdullah SH said...

wht a surprise wallahy me 2 in previous days same thing happen 2 me `e old friend ,,,,
wll post abt it soon inshallah cuz realy da world so small `e da net

glad 2 meet ur childhood memores


MusicLover said...

Your comment about Facebook reminds me of an article about Twitter



Maybe Facebook is a good place to look for old sweethearts & classmates :-) Technology is great as long it does not take over your life.

Talking about Gaza, The Turkish Prime minister was big news this week.


Richard Nixon plays his Piano Concerto #1

A song from her new Album "The Lovers, The Dreamers And Me"

Jane Monheit

This Girl's In Love With You

Jane Monheit and Michael Buble - I Won't Dance

Andrew Bird

Was mentioned also in a Libyan Blog.

Anglo-Libyan said...

Ameen ya Nasim, thank you :o)

hello CM (crowded mind i think)
all is well thank you.

best of luck with your studies and hope inshaAllah we see you back soon :o)

that is so true Mrs. On the edge
glad you did :o)

ahlan Shahrazad
seems many of us found long lost relatives and friends, good :o)

an English friend of mine told me exactly the same, I wonder!!

salam May
thank you and all the best :o)

shukran ys Meme
yes that is the good side of facebook, I still dont really like it and do not know what to do with most of its silly things :o)

thanks Heba and good luck :o)

I read about your Jordanian friend, nice one :o)

hello Musiclover
I will check your links (I always do) and as for the Turkish prime minister, well he is the MAN at the moment, thank you :o)

Anonymous said...

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