Monday, 12 January 2009

Shoes & Flowers!!

After a week of freezing weather here in London, the weather has improved a bit, it is now possible to go out for a walk, something that was a bit of an ordeal last week, I really feel proud of the people that attended the Saturday march against the war in Gaza that took place in London, that day was the coldest day here so far with temperature well below zero yet according to the organizers more than a 100,000 people attended, on Sunday another march took place in London, this one was in support of Israel, 4000 people took part, I think this basically shows where support lies in Britain, the British people took the side of justice.
With all the propaganda that Israel is bombarding the world with, their worst enemy has been the Israeli army spokeswoman, I think she is called Major. Libovic or something like that, as a Scottish friend of mine told me that when ever she is on screen, be it BBC, Al-Jazeera or what ever, she just makes him laugh with all the crap and denials of the Israeli crimes that otherwise are confirmed by the UN and other organisations, this woman with the nasty smirk should be fired by the Israeli army, she really is showing them as the murdering criminals that they are, I think she has done more favours to Hamas than the Israeli army!!

After seeing images all over the world of people throwing their shoes at Israeli and Egyptian embassies (this was never directed at the honourable people of Egypt) it was very moving to see pictures of people throwing flowers at the Venezuelan embassy in Amman, Jordon because of their stand by the Palestinian, something not a single Arab country did or even tried to do, it was heart warming and comforting to know that there are countries and people all over the world that are horrified by these crimes and are standing by the people of Palestine but the tragedy is that the Israeli crimes are worse than ever and they do not care about what the world thinks of them yet they were very offended when the Vatican described Gaza as a big concentration camp, how is it that the Israeli army can not see that they are doing exactly what the Nazis did?

Many people from everywhere show their support by any means they can, YouTube is becoming the place for many to air their support for Palestine and anger against Israel, here is a song by Greek singers, there are many more including a song by Michael Heart:

Here is in my opinion the best song by Fairouz dedicated to Palestine, Old Jerusalem فيروز - القدس العتيقة even after all these years it is still as moving as ever, Allah bless the people of Palestine for they have no one else.

This report by Al-Jazeera about the family massacred and the injured left without help for 4 days is heart breaking, how can any one watch 6 year old Abdulla with his horrific injuries and his helpless father without being moved? this boy lay injured for 4 days, his arm and leg rotted while Israeli soldiers stood outside preventing help from treating him, is this Israeli justice, is this what Israel is telling the world it is doing to help the civilians?


may said...

فعلا ما يحدث فاق كل شى ولازلنا كما نحن ,,,,
نحاول ان ندعمهم بما نستطيع ونقدر حتى وان كان باغنية اوقصيدةاو موقف انسانى وهذا اضعف الايمان

ربى يكون فى عونهم...... وصبرا هل غزة فان موعدكم الجنة بعون الله

Abdullah SH said...

we all see how many demo in london its so wonderful view 2 all those ppl allover da wrld ...
we dnt hve mch 2 give except du3a 4 our ppl in gaza ..god `e him


Caught in the middle said...

Thank you for continuing to post, I love readig your views. May allah bless and strengthen the people of Palestine.

Anonymous said...

ليبيا تعلن مجانية الاتصالات الهاتفية الصادرة إلى فلسطين

Anonymous said...

ليبيا تعلن مجانية الاتصالات الهاتفية الصادرة إلى فلسطين

Anonymous said...

MusicLover said...

Few in U.S. See Jazeera’s Coverage of Gaza War

No wonder why Americans are very well informed.

Israel Is Committing War Crimes

It would be nice that Libyans in the Bay area get to know him :-)

Unfortunately again Libya is at the bottom of the Index List.

Freedom Is Still the Winning Formula

The outlook of Libya is very bright in the future.

Erin McCarley

حنان شلبي said...

حسبي الله

يعني بجدانا مو عارفة لوين بدهم يوصلو ؟؟؟ وايش حكامنا الله لا يوفقهم ولا ينجيهم من جهنم في الدنيا وفي الاخرة عم بيستنو !!
لسة بمصر حسني مبارك ووزيره الصهاينة الارهابيين عم بيماطلو الحق وبيوقفو ضد رحمة ربنا مع اخوانهم الصهاينة

وكمان حكامنا الغاليين في السعودية الي المفروض اتكون اشرف ارض وحكامها يراعو هالقيمة الدينية الي الها عم بيماطلو لنجاة الناس الي بيجاهدو في سبيل وطنهم وفي سبيل الله

يعني انا مو عارفة بصراحة ايش هالعار والدناءة الي شايلينها حكامنا العرب على رؤوسهم واكتافهم ومفتخرين فيها
عاملين متل الي عامل معصية بحق ربنا العالي الي ما حد حينجو من عقابو باذنه تعالى وعم بيفتخرو فيها

يااااااااااارب اشهد عليهم يا رب زدهم في عارهم وعصيانهم وتخاذلهم وعدم حفظهم للامانة والرعاية للرعية الي متحملين مسؤوليتها امامك وحاسبهم عليها يوم لا ظل الا ظلك وحاسبهم عليها حسابا عسيرا يا الله

اللهم امين اللهم امين

مو بس لازم يرمو عليهم احذية والله حتى الاحذية خسارة على وجوههم السوداء بسواد اعمالهم

حسبي الله ونعم الوكيل

يارب زلزل الارض من تحت ارجل الصهاينة يارب اعز الاسلام والمسلمين يارب اعز وانصر اهلنا في غزة يا رب قوي شوكة المجاهدين يارب زد ذل الاذلاء والخونة وحاسبهم حسابا عسيرا

يارب ارحمنا برحمتك يا رب ما الهم غيرك يا رب احنا مش موجودين وانت موجود يا رب احنا ما بنقدر وانت القادر على كل شيء
يارب وكلنا امر اهلنا بغزة اليك يا رحيم يا كريم يا ملجأ المظلومين والمستضعفين
يا نصير عبادك الذين ينصرونك يا الله
ارحمهم يا الله انجدهم يا الله استجب لنا يا رب يا الله استجب لنا يارب

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you may, Abdullah & Caught in the middle for the support.

anonymous, the link doesnt work, the page was probably deleted, thank you any way.

thanks musiclover for the links, some of them didnt work! (YouTube links are fine).

what can I say, even Robert Fisk said this morning that Arab leaders are out of the picture and there no hope of them doing anything.
Ameen to your Duaa.

MusicLover said...

These are the correct links

Anglo-Libyan said...

thank you music lover

Anonymous said...

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